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March 3, 2013
Thank the goddess for spare computers! The old laptop I got from MrFixIt is now acting as my main 'puter as the video card on the desktop is on it's last chip/circuit/whatever, displaying lovely multicoloured lines and dots. As well, after being totally powered down for the last 5 days, when I turned the desktop on tonight the hard drives had switched boot priority in the BIOS. I'd love to know how and why that happened; the heart attack from a GRUB Error 15 was not what I wanted to experiencen again.

A new 'puter has been picked out, for me and Squirmy since his is almost laughable, and they will be ready to pick up next weekend. Squirmy's will be see-spot-run since it'll have Win7 pre-installed and should be just a matter of installing AV and transfering bookmarks. My 'puter will be getting Ubuntu 64 bit, if it passes the LiveCD tests - no idea if it'll work or not but I'll figure something out if there's problems.

FiL is becoming a Deacon in his church (CoE) so we'll be heading to the Island with SiL and her family; BiL (and family) will not be going due to some pretty serious health issues. For the last few years, BiL has been experiencing atrial fibrillation so sever he's been cardioverted a number of times, most of which have only mildly helped for short periods, and put on warfrin to help protect him from strokes. He's also undergone a procedure that not usually done on someone so young and which doesn't look like it's working. BiL is only forty years old.

Vacation this year will probably be spent in Victoria. Hubby didn't get the week that co-ordinated with SiL so the houseboat is out. Instead, we'll do a dog show in Nanaimo (Hubby and Squirmy) and I'll spend time in the BC Archives researching long dead family members. Bit the bullet and got the "world" subscription for Ancestry and haven't regretted it (okay, a little bit since I had to rearrange funds). My great-grandmother was illegitimate, as was my great-uncle; discovered a new branch of the family tree; made contact with a distant cousin in France. Some of the info I've gathered may not be popular but those who would rememeber for certain are all dead. Dad made notes on his chats with relatives and gathered everything into binders (that I"ve got now) but there were still large holes of missing and unproven information. I'd love to get my hands on all the birth/death/marriage certificates, but that would take a small fortune since virtually all must come from old parish records in England and New Zealand.

TheGirl picked up two more points, bringing her to four. Triunity is up to nine and, while we'd all like to see her finish, it'd be nice if she stayed at nine for a while more as Triunity is the only competition, and chance of points, TheGirl has right now. Once Triunity moves up to the Specials group, TheGirl would have to beat champions and her chances of that go down considerably.

TheDog has healed nicely after having his toe amputated. In fact, unless you pick up the foot and examine it, you'd never know an entire toe is missing and with some careful grooming, TheDog will be able to compete quite nicely. I think Hubby has both dogs entered over Easter weekend.

My car has finally dried out. No more scraping the inside of the windows on frosty mornings, or using a squeegie to remove the excess moisture. Carpet is still a bit damp, but that will dry out as the weather warms up and once the rain stops I can crack the windows at work to let more out.

Because my car still has all it's "free" trips over the new Port Mann bridge, Hubby has been using my car to go to dog shows. With just TheGirl with him this works nicely... except Hubby feels like his ass is dragging on the ground, he can't see as far ahead and the seats are not comfortable. All that is fine since I don't much for driving his SUV. A couple of weeks ago was the first time I'd driven it since the first week we got the vehicles. Thank goodness the errands I had to run were close by 'cause it felt like piloting a big silver boat... with no real concept where my nose was or the sides. I stayed on back routes and parked way down the back in all parking lots. Yes, it's comfortable and it seems like you can see for miles ahead due to the height, but I'll take my little car any day.

Digging out continues around the house, with my office the latest target. Two boxes and a garbage bag worth of old 'puter equipment is awaiting a trip to the recycling depot. I'm still trying to figure out why one person would ever need nearly a dozen spare CD drives, some of which were just read-capable. Or how 'bout eight floppy drives... or seven network cards... fifteen video cards, four which were one of the first PCI cards on the market. There's still more that could go but I'm having enough of an anxiety attack tossing out what I am.

Come the late spring/early summer area we are renting a bin - one of those big things one sees at constructions sites and the like. There's probably enough crap for a good dozen trips to the transfer station and I know we will never make that many trips due to time and gas. A bin would let us load everything in and have someone else dispose of it. It may be a bit more expensive doing it that way, but not when the time is factored in... and time is something we do not have enough of on the weekends. Once the major crap is gone then I can start sorting through what is left and disposing of that crap will be much easier and probably only require the recycling depots for disposal. I am a hoarder but I do have an 'enough' level.

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