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December 31, 2012
Nine months without writing anything in my journal... gotta be close to a record. Frankly, haven't been inspired, compelled, or otherwise desiring to write much. Not that life hasn't been going on and things happening, but a game addiction, swimming lessons and a major dog show have, and had, taken over my life this year.

April saw the family gather for what would have been Dad's seventy-fourth birthday on the mountain The House faces. We had dinner at the restaurant (not a place I'd ever go again, thank you very much) and scattered some of Dad's ashes around the tree that can be seen from the back porch. Sis and me both took some ashes - Sis got a proper "keepsake urn", I used a small glass vial and have stored it in the vase I got with my first ever flowers that my Dad had delivered to me. The rest of the ashes came home with me for further scattering.

In May we had the house trim and garage painted. I ended up getting stuck on the roof when trimming back the trees so the painters could get to the trim. Thankfully, Squirmy heard me calling and got Hubby out of bed. Yes, I got a bit of a lecture about my stunt and I rightfully deserved one.

Hubby went fishing in June and scattered some of Dad's ashes at one of his favorite lakes.

Field training started in earnest for TheGirl and TheDog's half-sister, MsTriunity. Hubby bought some Dokkens ( http://www.deadfowltrainer.com/largeducks.htm ) and MsH got her hands on a couple ducks. We "trained" at an old gravel quarry near MsH's house, tossing thawed ducks and dokkens into the lake for the dogs to bring back. TheGirl would retrieve bumpers in the yard, and sorta-retrieve them in the park, but really hadn't had much experience with ducks. At first, she wasn't really thrilled with them and wouldn't retrieve a duck on land, but in water she'd grab on and bring it back to shore no problem.

TheDog would have nothing to do it with getting wet past the bottom of his tummy. Frolic along the shore, fine... go up to the tummy hairs to retrieve, sure... but past that? No way in hell.

Mid-July was the National Specialty for the Flat-coated Retriever Society of Canada, held in Abbotsford this year. The two co-chairs, one of whom was our breeder, were organized and put on a wonderful Specialty. Unfortunately, it appeared a number of volunteers jammed out and the Specialty was desperate for any help they could get. We, including Squirmy, stepped up to the plate and we put in long hours setting and cleaning up, greeting and cooking. It was fun and Squirmy made out like a bandit as he was nearly the only young kid present and certainly the one helping out.

TheDog, TheGirl and their siblings didn't win anything but they showed well. A couple of the biggest awards were won by the co-chair from the Island. Squirmy and I were the official tossers for the Scurry and Hubby entered both our dogs in the "for fun" competition. TheDog ran past the bumpers, had a pee on the hill and then came over to visit Squirmy and me; TheGirl took one look at the nearest pond and bee-lined for that instead of the bumpers. A number of dogs veered over to the ponds and either totally ignored the tossed bumpers or grabbed them on the way back.

As usual, Squirmy spent the last week of August over on the Island with the MiL and FiL, and MrFixIt, SiL and I joined him for the last couple days.

The local Zellers started their close-out sales so I finally got some new clothes, new area rugs for the front/back doors and more than a few DVD's.

DevilChild was offered a managerial-type position at her other job, so she ended working with me around the middle of the month. A posting to Craigslist for the job resulted in a fair number of responses, most of them never making it to the to-be-considered pile. Seriously, at least half the responses couldn't follow instructions (resume and cover letter) or spell - ridiculous! The person hired was an older woman with solid customer service and sales experience.

Sometime between the end of August and mid-October, Squirmy had a major growth spurt. Damn kid put my socks on one morning and they fit him! He also grew out of damn near every long-sleeved shirt he owned and his Halloween costume from last year. The new costume for this year (which should be good for another year, barring another big growth spurt) was a Ninja complete with katana and throwing star. Murphy, the bastard, was alive and well Halloween night as it rained the entire time. There were hardly any kids so Squirmy made out like a bandit.

On Halloween night, FiL went into BGH for removal of a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). It was in the stomach, near the opening leading to the intestines... considered, apparently, a bad place to operate on. FiL came through the surgery fine and has recovered very well for a man in his late seventies.

Squirmy started swimming, level five on Thursday nights.
Thanksgiving dinner was at The House and was the first time since April Mom, Sis (and family) and me (and family) were all together.

TheDog got an infection in his toe that resulted in the loss of his toe nail. He was a pretty sad puppy for a couple weeks, but at least he wasn't limping and whimpering any more.

Viscous finished her chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer. The tumor detached from the muscle, but hadn't shrunk as much as was hoped. And her chest scan showed no sign the cancer had spread to the bone. As of December twenty-seventh, she was waiting to hear when her surgery has been scheduled for.

In November I had words with Squirmy's daycare. Due to a "staffing issue", the kids for Squirmy's school had to walk up the hill to the other school first, then down to their own school. It's not the walk I had issue with, and it was only two days a week, but no alternate arrangements had been made/considered for when the inclement weather (mucho rain and snow) hit. I didn't want Squirmy, or any other kids, walking in the pouring rain for any longer than they had to - why should they? The woman who runs the daycare said she was "working on it, but hadn't come up with anyone" or a plan for when the weather got bad. Really pissed me off. I left word that on crappy days, I would either take Squirmy to school myself or the daycare was to call me and I would come get Squirmy.

As a special treat one night, Squirmy slept downstairs with me one night when Hubby was working. He really, really wanted the dogs to sleep on the bed with him, but they won't sleep in his room (it's not their sleeping place). As a result, TheGirl decided she would no longer sleep in her crate and became quite upset when she was locked in the next night. So since mid-November, I've had a TheGirl on the bed every night - TheDog prefers to sleep in his crate.

We expected TheGirl to come into season about the second or third week of November. The time came and passed with no sign of anything happening, nor did MsTriunity come into season when she was expected. It meant we could safely enter the girls in the December FCRSC Booster at the beginning of December but a late season was particularly perplexing. Our breeder said her bitch was also late and it was nothing to worry about and TheDog would let us know when TheGirl was getting close. Well, he let us know and on the thirty-first TheGirl officially came into season, ten days after MsTriunity.

MiL went for more tests to figure out why she's short of breath and suddenly passes out with no warning - she did that once while Squirmy was visiting in August and wound up cracking a couple ribs and bruising damn near the entire right side of her body. Her breathing and lungs were tested and turned out to be okay. Next was a scan of cartoids, which were also fine. She also, I think, had a stress test of heart done. After much data was collected and analyzed, the end result is she got a dual pacemaker on the thirty-first.

MiL made a request, back in October, that she'd like her whole family together for Xmas dinner. BiL and his family did not join the rest of us. His wife, MadameSlobbette, had already made plans. Probably true, but MadameSlobbette really doesn't appear to consider MiL and FiL of any importance unless she wants something (read as childcare) from them. MiL was terribly disappointed.

TheDog had another surgery a week before Xmas, this time to remove part of his toe. He started whimpering a bit when I'd get in between his toes to dry them and when he stepped just-so, he'd favor the paw a bit. Since this was the same paw that had the infection back in October, Hubby took no chances and took TheDog to our local vet. The x-rays showed a difference in the bone colour since October - either the bone had become infected or was there was something malignant present. Either way, the toe had to be amputated. Poor puppy. So far, the tests have come back negative for any form of cancer.

Our breeder had to put down her oldest girl a week before Xmas. She was twelve-and-a-half.

Since I'm off work for the week, both my car and Hubby's were taken in for long overdue servicing. Hubby's bill was shocking, but not entirely unexpected given how much he drives (it's nearly an hours drive from our house to his work) and thankfully mine was lower than I expected. Except, my car has to go back in and be torn apart to find a leak. Oh joy.

On my last day of work, a half-day on Xmas Eve, I managed to lock my office and car keys in my office. Boss-man was out of town on holiday and I could not reach the Senior Warehouseman, the only other person with keys, as I didn't have his number in my cell phone. Only thing to do was break down my office door - thank the goddess it was hollow door. Hubby and I went down on the thirty-first and he started step-one of fixing it.

On December eighth, Trafalga's sister passed away. She had a by-pass in July and had been in-and-out of the hospital since then due, primarily, screw-ups like sending her home with surgical sites open (no bandaging) and an infection that should never have happened and wasn't taken care of properly. Rest in peace, my friend, you are missed by many.

I've lost three people I care deeply for this year - I'm done with 2012. Here's hoping 2013 is better for all my family and friends.

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