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January 30, 2012
Rest in Peace, Daddy. You were the voice of reason, of compassion, in my life. From the first moment I can remember, your words and actions were my guide, helping me discover and learn throughout my life - I may have married and moved out, but I never stopped listening to you or learning from you.

c I meant it when I told you, that last full day of your life, that were the best Daddy. I love you, more than words could ever say.

Good-bye, Daddy... I miss you.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 907pm
Hubby's grandmother died January 25, 2012 at 2:00 am.

She was a grand old gal, full of spirit and opinions. Granny's mind was her own right to the end, never wavering like so many of her peers did. She could be terribly demanding of her children but she loved them dearly. Granny's seven grandchildren (and their spouses) were the apples of her eye and her thirteen great-grandchildren had to have been the icing on the cake for her. As someone who married into her family, she never made and 'outsider' feel unwelcome, loving all the spouses just as much as her natural grandchildren.

Godspeed, Granny. You were loved and are missed by all. Love you.

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Monday, January 16, 2012 at 956pm
Two weeks into the New Year and it feels like a month has passed.

Hubby took advantage of a couple sales and replaced the TV downstairs. The Wii was moved downstairs, which frees up a fair bit of space in the living room. Putting all that in the TV room downstairs meant having to clean it out first. My cleaned out garage is no longer cleaned out *sigh*. Need to find the exacto knife to chop up more boxes and crap.

Dad is back in the hospital; I'm putting my money on permanently. Right now, he's being assessed for palliative care readiness. If they decide he can/should go home it had better be with help as Mom can't help him up and down, or even support his weight for walking to the bathroom.

Just before he went back in, I'd gotten Dad set up with a laptop so he could continue to work on the family tree info. Unfortunately, it sounds like he was having difficulty with the touch-pad mouse (it does take some getting used to) and it's unlikely he'll have a chance to get used to it now. If he does come home, I'll find some sort of table (preferably like those rolling trays one finds in hospitals) and hook up a 'real' mouse. I'm not cashing their cheque until either Dad or Mom decide they can use the laptop and want to keep it. If they don't, I guess I'll own another laptop. Which might be good as the only modern computer in my house is hubby's and there are times I could one upstairs... just didn't really have that much money to blow on something I don't really need.

Today was my colonoscopy. The procedure itself is, well, I don't remember it at all. Had an IV started, wheeled in and given sleepy meds and the next thing I knew I was awake and my arsehole was slick with lube. One polyp found and removed, go back in five years for the next check. Hopefully over those five years there will be an improvement to the clean-out procedure. "Fucking nasty" is a good description.

Saturday dinner was the last food I was allowed to eat, which made Sunday morning grocery shopping utter torture. Around one on Sunday I took the first package of Pico-Salax (the human Drano). You're supposed to drink at least a litre of water (more is preferable) as the P-S draws water out of other parts of your body to flood the intestines and clear all the crap (literally) out. One recommendation was a litre an hour for the first three hours. Now I don't mind water, but not that farking much. In the first hour I could barely choke down a bottle-and-a-half. Then the cramping hit - when the instructions say "don't get out of sight of a toilet" they mean it! I added a little twist noted in any of the instructions - nearly passed out. Luckily I felt something coming on (growing nausea and light-headedness) and got hubby by my side quick before I collapsed completely, but I did become unresponsive (I could hear him yelling my name but couldn't answer him at all) to the point where hubby was ready to pack me off to the hospital. Thankfully, the period passed and I spent the rest of the afternoon mostly asleep on the couch. The second batch of "Drano" was still not fun, but at least I didn't have the same reaction.

The promised snow arrived Friday night, leaving behind about two inches in our general area. Squirmy was delighted and would have flown out the door in his jammies if I hadn't stopped him. Squirmy had a dental appointment Saturday morning so we decided to walk to it. Ran into MrFixIt, who'd been out plowing since three in the morning (ouch), and he kindly gave us ride the rest of the way. Coming home took what seemed like forever as Squirmy rolled and slid in the white stuff every chance he got. Snow is magnetic to small children... okay, to adults too *grin*. I discovered, when we got to the dentist, Squirmy had worn clear through the heels of his boots, so when we got home it was off the store to get new ones. He's been told if he doesn't start picking up his feet when he walks (he drags his heels, which is why the heels wore through) he's buying the next pair. Hopefully that will help correct his ways - he's saving up for one of the large Star Wars Lego ships and he won't be getting it if he has to fork out his own cash for boots!

More snow is expected tonight and through until Thursday. I haven't driven in snow in Blueberry yet. I only hope the door doesn't do its 'frozen open' trick as holding the door shut and driving one-handed down the snow-packed street does not thrill me one bit (actually, that scares the crap outta me). I've tried spraying WD-40 into the lock area but that hasn't worked. She needs a regular servicing anyway so I will definitely mention this when I take her in... but for now, it's a farking pain.

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