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Saturday, December 31, 2011 at 1149pm
What an interesting (:P) three weeks it's been since the last entry.

TheGirl passed through her first heat relatively easily, with only a handful of days where TheDog was going fucking nuts unless he was in the same room as her. She was entered in the Booster and won Best Puppy. TheDog's brother didn't get any points but did get "Reserve Winners Male". Best of Breed was won by the 2012 National co-chair from the Island.

Hubby worked his usual shift, but for 7 days straight since December 2. By the time he got home the morning of the twenty-fourth, the word 'exhausted' is just not adequate to describe how tired he was. Thank the gods he managed to get Xmas week off and doesn't go back until January 2.

Barely saw R during the last two weeks before Xmas - he was out and about doing customer calls and other work-related things. Unfortunately, this meant he had a lot to deal with for the few hours he was in the office. Customer orders for corn flour and meal came in fast and furious... and our orders of the product were delayed due to production issues, lack of shipping containers or just plain missing connections. We had one shipment, coming out of Fargo, held hostage by the trucking company - not due to anything we had done or not done, but due to something the Logistics company had or hadn't done. Last I heard, the Sheriffs office was going in along with the lawyers and company execs. It could be weeks before we see the much needed product on that load.

Dad went into the hospital December 14 due to excess fluid retention and celulitus. In the first week, he'd lost over twelve pounds of fluid. The original thought was that he'd be released before Xmas but that wasn't the case. The fluid was draining too fast and taking with it too much Potassium and Magnesium, and pushing the creatinine levels up meaning the kidneys were drying out. Dad was let out on a 'day pass' Xmas Day around mid-afternoon so he got to have dinner with all of us which was very nice as this will probably be his last Xmas (the Oncologist said he's probably got a little less than a year at the most). Sis and I took him back and he was given a full release December 29 (more on that further along).

Getting around - walking, climbing stairs - is also becoming an issue for Dad. Since the computer is downstairs it's becoming more difficult for him to work on and research the family history (that, and fighting Mom for computer time!). The plan is to get him a laptop and set up wireless internet, thus solving both issues.

Boxing Day, Hubby and Squirmy hit the mall. We were having SiL and family over for dinner, but even if we weren't there was no way I was going near any retail establishment on Boxing Day.

Wednesday saw us packing up kid and dogs and heading out to our Breeder's. Squirmy spent three hours in the puppy-pen with the little cuties. They were five weeks old and absolutely adorable. Looking at them, it's hard to believe our dogs were ever that small. On the way home, we tried to go up to Hemlock Resort, but we'd left the Breeder's too late and were only half way up the mountain when we had to turn back on account of darkness. Frankly, I'm glad we did - the road scared the crap out of both me and Squirmy and it was raining very hard as well.

On Thursday, Hubby and MrFixIt went off rifle shopping while Squirmy and I visited Dad in the hospital. After paying thirteen dollars in the hospital lot for two hours parking on Tuesday, there was no way I cared to repeat that! Parked in the lot under my old workplace, walked the two blocks to the hospital and saved five dollars. So stupid - hospital parking should not rob you fucking blind. I shudder to think how much Mom paid as she went up nearly every day.

So Friday, when Dad came home, we discovered he had not only brought uninvited guests home with him then, but also on Xmas Day. Yes indeed, the hospital has bedbugs. It is only the sleep chair at the house that is infested (yes, infested is the word as the sheets on it were absolutely crawling with bugs of all sizes) and only Dad sits in it. The bugs were not there prior to Xmas Day (not a chance as the bedsheets and blankets had been washed and Mom would have noticed any bugs then) so where else could they have come from? Needless to say, Mom is furious and does not need this kind of stress and upset on top of everything else. Sis freaked out and has been sterilizing her house all day today, we're on alert but not freaking out yet. Stripped the beds, examined all the nooks and crannies, and vacuumed the crap out them and the immediate area (didn't see any sign of bugs). On Squirmy's bed, Hubby's put double-sided tape along the mattress edges and where they meet the head/foot boards. If there are any bedbugs present, some will end up on the tape and then we can go into full clean/sterilize mode. Sterilizing this house would take for-fucking-ever and would entail us moving out for a few days (at least), something we cannot afford to do right now.

Squirmy has decided he is staying up this year until the new year arrives. He found the last of the jumbo sparklers to light off (fireworks are banned in our municipality) and has been scrounging through the junk drawer looking any more. Guess I've forgotten what a thrill New Year's can be when you're eight (well that and he gets to stay up late!).

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December 31, 2011 at 11:40pm
Fics Read 2/06 - 12/31 2011

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Harry Potter - Volunteers & Ember to Ember  by Anna Fugazzi
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Harry Potter - Tree House Truce  by wendypops
Harry Potter - Heat  by Alaana Fair
PotC - Once in a Blue Moon  by Webcrowmancer
PotC - After the Storm  by The Dala
PotC - Comfort Me With Apples  by The Dala
PotC - Lessons Learned at the Helm  by FandomFan
PotC - Persistence of Memory  by Webcrowmancer
Firefly - Five Crew Members That Have Caught Jayne and Simon in the Act, and One Who is Still Blissfully Unaware  by silverfoxflower
Harry Potter - (The) Re-education of Draco Malfoy  by Veritas03
Harry Potter - Discovered Truths  by Merin
Harry Potter - Desire  by MarrieSue
Harry Potter - (A) Tale of Two Tuxedos  by Alaana Fair
Harry Potter - (The) Birthday Gift  by Alaana Fair
Harry Potter - Father of the Groom  by Alaana Fair
Harry Potter - Patience is a Virtue  by SilveryMoon34
Harry Potter - (Of) Prophecies and Potions  by Alaana Fair
Harry Potter - Angels and Dementors  by lafillesauvage
Harry Potter - Where the Dawn Breaks  by simeysgirl
NCIS - Frozen  by Xanthe
NCIS - Louder Than Words  by Xanthe
NCIS - (My) Big, Fat, Slashy Story of Gibbs and Tony  by Xanthe
NCIS - "Andy"  by Xanthe
NCIS - Context  by Xanthe
NCIS - Crazy for You  by norbert
Harry Potter - Special Edition  by Leela
Harry Potter - Bel-Fire  by Leela
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Harry Potter - Excuses, Excuses &nbps;by Leela
Harry Potter - Heliomancy  by Leela
Harry Potter - For the Soul  by lafillesauvage
Harry Potter - Fickle Fate, A  by jadzialove

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Friday, December 9, 2011 at 1006pm
My brain hasn't quite cottoned on to the fact the body is not as young as it used to be. Managed to lock-up my lower back quite nicely over the weekend and I'm not quite sure how... had to be something stupid though.

Office Xmas party last Friday night at a dinner theatre place a short walk from the house. Xmas themed show (of course) that was hilarious! Last time I'd been to this place was fifteen years ago (yikes!) and, amazingly, at least one of the performers is still there, and still just as good. None of us really thought our senior warehouseman would show but he amazed us all. He might have even had a good time. R was dragged back stage (this place is big on audience participation), stuffed in a dress and wig then put on stage (with three other gents) to play little girls visiting Santa. We nearly busted a gut laughing so hard.

TheGirl entered phase two of her heat this week just ending and TheDog has been going nuts. Couldn't have them in the same room as each other at all so we had to get creative and co-ordinated at keeping them apart but still allowing access to the kitchen for food and outside for bathroom breaks. If TheGirl wasn't in the same room TheDog whined almost constantly. At dinner time, she's fed in the kitchen, he's fed in my 'puter room then TheDog was taken to his kennel and locked in so we could eat dinner in peace. At night, they were both secured in their kennels in the same room and that wasn't a problem - TheDog didn't fuss or whine one bit. As of Thursday night, TheDog was hardly fussing at all when he was in separated from TheGirl. Hubby's let them roam together in the house today and, apart from some moderate interest, TheDog has made no attempt to mount TheGirl. The panties are staying on for another few days, just to be safe.

Since it appears TheGirl's hormones are winding down, she'll be in the booster on Saturday. She won't be hanging around with the other dogs and we'll do our best to keep her as separate as possible from the others (she'll still smell 'kinda good' to the males) but this should be workable. Our breeder would really like to see TheGirl, check out her development, etc. And TheGirl can have a little play with her cousins when the whole thing is over.

Squirmy put up his bedroom tree December 4 and has been bugging us about when the big tree will go up. Only time we have to do it is the weekend before Xmas so Squirmy has been counting down the days (along with Christmas eve and day count downs).

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Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 936pm
Bit of catch-up...

Couple weeks ago, Mom drove over to Sis'. When she started the car, she noticed an odd, exhausty smell. She opened the windows a bit, thinking the aroma would dissipate as she drove, and off she went. Half way into her journey, the smell had not gone away and had taken on more of a gassy smell. People began to honk at her and gesture wildly at her car. She was leaving a trail of gas behind her! Turns out mice had gotten into the engine area and had chewed their way through the gas line. As the fuel was pumped up and around the system, it flowed out the hole. Mom was not impressed with the repair bill or losing a full tank of gas.

TheGirl has come into season - oh joy. So far, week one of three (or four) is not too bad. She has special doggie panties (complete with sanitary napkins) to wear around the house and office and TheDog is showing a bit more interest in her. From what I've been told and read, the next two weeks will be more 'interesting'. TheGirl was supposed to go in the booster next weekend but hubby has pulled her out (too late to get the fee refunded, of course). We've been up against females in heat/just finishing and it's totally unfair to other competitors, especially those with male dogs - TheDog once dragged hubby across a ring to get to the girls on the other side.

The show last weekend was good for TheGirl (since she was just starting heat hubby felt it was okay to enter her and it was; the males had no interest in her at all). The mystery female was a beautiful bitch from the US. She took Best Bitch and Best of Opposite both days, TheGirl's cousin took Reserve Bitch one day and TheGirl took it the next day. TheDog's brother picked up another two points bringing him to eight - two more points and he's a champion!

Our breeder's in-residence female had her puppies last week. Five girls, three boys, one lost at birth. Mom and puppies are doing fine. They should be about five weeks old when we go visit Xmas week.

Started playing around with OSCommerce this week. Want some kind of website online for work (number one question I'm asked - "are you online?"). I could whip something up pretty easy, but R wouldn't be able to maintain it very easily. Looked at a couple CMS's but a stripped down shopping cart system seems like it fits the bill better. Things can be modified - by the CM system or by hand - but knowledge of PHP is required. I've got a smattering, enough to know what I'm looking at and get an overall feeling for what the bits are doing, but not enough to know the hows or whys of changing the bits. And the logo graphic keeps bloody disappearing! Upload it (either through the CM or by FTP), confirm it's there (type URL into the browser) see it on the page, press reload/refresh and poof! it's gone. Cannot figure out what the issue is.

The pay website has been keeping me busy with a fairly major change to one section. Just waiting on an English-to-French translation so the project can be completed. I find it amazing (as well as stupid) that they are paying someone to do the translations. With all the French-speaking members they have (enough to warrant a separate website) not one of those members can do the translations?

Xmas shopping for Squirmy is done; hubby did it all last weekend. The big gift - a new bike - is being stored at my office and the rest have been squirreled away downstairs somewhere. I'll pick up the remaining little things for the rest of the family in the next couple weeks.

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