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Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 905pm
Well, Dad is home from yet another trip to the hospital. Went nearly twenty-four hours with no output from his stoma and incredible abdomen pain. No idea if was twist in the bowel or blockage of some kind, but it cleared up without surgical intervention. He was expecting to be released Sunday but ended up going home yesterday.

Had another case of "wave the chicken and pray to electronics gods". M&D's Firefox and Thunderbird kept crapping out, as in randomly freezing (Not Responding) for particular reason. Since Exploder still worked just fine, an Internet connection issue was ruled out, leaving a software issue. Took a couple tries, but FF and TB were eventually beaten into submission (for now) and Mom reports there's been no more freezing.

At work, one of the monitors has a nasty case of "ghosting". This is the third time it's pulled this stunt. Fixed it the last time, and the only thing that's changed is a WinCrap update that happened last week. Brought the monitor home and stuck it on Minty - works fine, no ghosting whatsoever so the monitor is not dying. Will hook it back up at work and fiddle with drivers again (joy - NOT!).

The LM received some early snow last week, much to the delight of Squirmy. It started snowing before he went to bed Thursday and the kid was practically vibrating with excitement. By the time I walked the dogs just before ten, the temperature had started to rise and the snow was turning to slush - made walking the dogs very enjoyable. In the morning, Squirmy was disappointed there wasn't much snow, but there was still enough on the front lawn to eat and throw at me. At school, there was enough that the boys made a "huge" snowball and the "girls" a slightly smaller one. The way snow attracts kids you'd think it had magnets in it.

The deck has gutters again. Not perfectly positioned (one end is a touch too high) but they'll get us through the winter and we'll adjust them come the spring. Thanks to the gutters, the "pond" outside the garage has been reduced in size but not eliminated. Hubby says he needs to dig down in one spot and check the drain tile. There will definitely be some other work in the yard come the spring.

Next weekend is a dog show weekend. Only TheGirl is entered and she's up against her two cousins and another unknown female. It's also hubby's last days off until Xmas since he'll be going to seven days starting that Sunday. Oh goodie.

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