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Friday, October 28, 2011 at 944pm
Last week, Squirmy entered a "guess the weight" contest for a huge pumpkin at the grocery store. He won it, all sixty pounds of it. There's a mutant pumpkin sitting on my deck waiting to be carved... along with another ten sitting under the stairs. A few words of strength for my wrists would be appreciated.

Speaking of the porch, the railings went in Thursday. Hooray! Don't have to worry about dogs or children sliding off any more. Or me, Madam Clumsy, pitching over the edge. There's two minor flaws - one won't be noticed unless you know to look for it, or are very critical about things and the other can be taken care of with a spot of Tremclad. Overall, very happy with the railings. Just a few minor-ish things to do and the deck is done.

Finished transferring files off Main. No more major surprises, but a few "wow, I didn't know I had that" moments and a ton of crap (now I class it as 'crap', but six years ago it was probably classed differently). Going through the CD's now, amalgamating everything on the 1TB Seagate, then burn it off in proper order for longer term storage. Hopefully I can reduce the large pile of CD's down to half the size using DVD's (that and pitching some stuff should help).

Squirmy had his eyes tested over the weekend. Good vision except he's got a bit of color-blindness in the green/blue area. Not enough that would prevent him from any job (such as RCMP, etc) but just enough that shades like teal will never really make sense to him. Interesting.

Hubby had his eyes tested too and he does need glasses. He's far-sighted (whereas I am near-sighted) but the 'script is very mild and he only needs commercial readers for close up work (such as reading recipes). His single vision lenses were just a little under half the price of my progressives *blows raspberry*.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 905pm
OMG!! OM-F-G!!!!! I found it - Interstella 5555!!!!!! I thought I lost it years ago when Blackie died, but it was on Main!! *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 1030 pm
Hubby is taking great joy gloating at my growing dependence on my Crackberry. When he signed the new contract earlier this year, he decided I'd get more use out of a Blackberry than an iPhone and I'd be more comfortable with a real keyboard. Of course I laughed at him - what use would I have for such an elaborate phone?

Let's see... Now that we have a plan that has texting built in, I use texting a lot... the calendar application holds my life (seriously, every appointment and reminder goes in there)... the timer, stopwatch and alarm functions have been beyond useful... the games (few though they are) have gotten me through a some very boring waiting periods... and lastly, the fact I can access e-mail from it is absolutely invaluable.

Work lost its Internet connection Monday afternoon (said it before, will say it again - Telus sux!). We do so much of our work via e-mail that losing the ability to do so screws us up pretty good. I set up my Crackberry to get the mail (both accounts) and R has his permanently set to access his account. We couldn't send any files (CCI's, COA's, etc) but at least we could get the messages and respond by phone or fax documentation. I used the home computer (and a back up of the tech docs) to send the COA's and fill any other documentation requests - worked pretty good.

Tuesday morning, still no Internet access... and not a whole lot to do. Received orders on the Crackberrys, but had to hand-write them (and trying to read tiny print on that screen! Thank the gods I got new glasses!) and requests for documentation were put on hold (with an e-mail explaining why). Net access finally came back around two-thirty-ish. We are seriously dependent on the Internet and I wish there were another option for a provider but since it's a commercial area it's not a high priority area for Shaw.

TheGirl has no respect for gates - of the internal or external variety. Three times she managed to find a way out the old chain-link gate in the back. Finally found the spot she was escaping from and patched it, only to see her try to tunnel under at low spot in the cement (got half her body out before she was discovered), so now the entire area is blocked off. Next project in the new year will be a new fence. She totally disrespects (my mother's description) the baby gates we use between the kitchen and living room and the one at work. TheDog could easily clear the gates, but he knows if the gate is up he's not to go in/out of that area. TheGirl... makes no difference; she hops the gates all the time. Will be altering that behavior asap - 'bad dog corner' each time she does that.

Speaking the 'bad dog corner', TheGirl made a visit to it at work. Her crime? Stealing a chunk of apple off R's desk. She was not happy she lost her treat and had to sit in the corner. Hopefully she'll clue in and learn.

Finished all the 'pod vids I had on Ubbie, and got to wondering where a couple others were. Realized they were most likely on Main, the old Win box, which it looks like I've barely touched in nearly four years except for iTunes and the scanner. As much as I'd like to get rid of Main, there's not another computer set up for my iPod or for the scanner. Even though neither are used very much, when I do need them they're needed NOW. One day, I'd like to get a scanner that works with Linux and have an iPod-like device that works dandy with Linux for everything. Both are probably a long way off.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 1001pm
After procrastinating for over a year, finally got my eyes tested. Picked up the new glasses tonight and it's very nice being able to see clearly again. Wearing progressive lenses now (and we won't talk about the cost of the buggers - ouch) and so far I'm adjusting to them well. True test will be at work tomorrow, staring at itty bitty numbers and poor faxes.

Both dogs were in the Thanksgiving show and did okay - ie: didn't get disqualified. TheDog was beaten once by his brother (who picked up three points at the show) and twice by the other champion. So hard to get points toward the Grand Master title. TheGirl took Best Puppy in Breed and Best of Opposite all three days. She was the only puppy and the only female entered so those were default wins, no points earned. She also took third in Puppy Sweepstakes but, again, no points.

Because both dogs were entered, I was informed I'd probably have to take TheGirl in at some point. I did it, once, and hated doing it. Showing dogs is not for me. Thankfully, H (she owns TheDog's half-sister) showed up and I asked her if she'd take TheGirl in for Sunday and Monday. H has her girl entered in the Abby show at Halloween so this was excellent practice for her. I got to doggy-sit her girl, MissT, who is a beautiful dog. Hubby thinks TheGirl can take MissT at Abby but I'm having doubts about that.

Deck is pretty much done, just railings and gutters to go. Be very glad when the railings are on as TheGirl nearly put herself over the edge by the door, the narrowest part of the deck. There's no real 'grip' on the deck surface and when doggies get going fast, they tend to slide and not stop. Needless to say, I'm now very careful about the ins and outs at the back door.

The garage now has lights that work and we appear to have inherited a shop-vac. MrFixit swore it wasn't his or his partner's and hubby says he didn't buy one. Where the hell did it come from? Will talk to MrFixit again, because it has to be one of theirs... either that or my garage is an annex of Hogwarts.

Rearranged my office last Friday. R's deceased wife, who's office I took over, liked to look out the window. Unfortunately, that puts my back to the door and I've no idea when someone comes in the main door or when someone is standing in my office door. For a variety of reasons, that is not good. The desk was swiveled ninety degrees and, since the computer is in a security cage and bolted to the floor, this meant some of the cabling didn't quite reach anymore. Also, the outlet (phone/fax/network) was now behind the lower desk partition. MrFixit drilled a couple holes for wiring to run through and that solved the majority of the problems. The re-positioning is not perfect, but at least I can see my office door and don't feel like I'm being snuck up upon.

Thanksgiving dinner was at my folks again this year. Dad's looking... tired. He ate well, but you could tell he didn't have a whole lot of energy to do more than carve the turkey and eat it. He's still having random nausea and puking attacks. No idea why, no warning beforehand - goes from okay to find-a-bathroom fast. The anti-nausea meds work decently but are bloody expensive and covered by Pharmacare - of course.

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