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Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 958pm
Wow, some people are bloody impatient. Yes, there was a mistake on the marked catalogue in the Altered Male section. Since I wasn't there and I am not about to post information that hasn't been verified by the show secretary and/or the event organizer, the 'correction' sent on Thursday had to be passed on for verification. That came Friday, but real life - I do have a life outside dog shows and web sites - took priority over changing the results in a class that's not even an official class! The messages Friday, Saturday and Sunday were fucking overkill. And for that, there will be a penalty of a day - it will be Monday night before I post the corrected score sheets. One message, maybe two is enough; grow up and learn some fucking patience. This is a volunteer job and real life comes first.

TheGirl did good at the show this weekend. She was up against TheDog's brother... and that was it. TheGirl got best of opposite both days and TheDog's brother picked up his first two points. Hubby had TheGirl in Puppy Sweepstakes on Saturday and she won second place which is better than TheDog ever did. Next show is at Thanksgiving and he's got both dogs entered in that one, and the big one at Halloween.

Our breeder has decided both dogs need to do get their WC designation. I'm not clear whether she meant "at the Nationals" or before so they can be entered in "Beauty & Brains" at the Nationals next year. Which ever, hubby is keen on it and M&A are going to run him and another bitch through the training. They are good - both their dogs (TheDog's mother and brother) are waaaaay up there in the field work area (Grand and National Master hunters) - but I'm concerned with time. Right now, most field training takes place on Fridays, something that just won't work with hubby's schedule. If it can be a Saturday or Sunday, then things might work out. Wait and see.

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Friday, September 23, 2011 at 946pm
F-locked - ranting about work 'cause it's good to get idiocy in the open and laugh at it
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 918pm
Gotta get this out and it has to stay locked for the time being...*major laughter warning*
Friday, September 9, 2011 at 904pm
On this weeks' edition of "How fucked up is that" we have my estranged uncle, BS (appropriate initials). Many moons ago, connections between us (my immediate family) and them (uncle's family) were severed. Bunch of bullshit, yadda yadda. Know the details, not surprised by any of it... don't really care anymore.

Sis and crew apparently live up the road and around the bend from BS and his family - they'd moved years ago, but no one knew where to. Sis knows they're close because a) she and her hubby have seen BS around the area walking his dog b) BS has been seen picking up a young child (not his) at my nieces' elementary school and c) the wife of BS has run (probably still is) a daycare in the general area.

A few years ago our great aunt (on mom's side) passed away. Sis, being the type of person she is, saw BS, approached him and told him. He feigned not knowing who Sis was (give it up, except for a few pounds and some wrinkles Sis has hardly changed since high school) and Sis just said "thought you might want to know" and left it at that.

Sis, and her eldest daughter, are on Facebook. I gather the son of BS - RWS - found them, friended them and casual, infrequent communication was begun. As far as I know, neither Sis or BigNiece have ever met RWS in person.

A few weeks ago, Sis got an e-mail from RWS wanting to know why she was harassing his father. Sis was boxing him in parking lots, that sort of shit. Yeah... that is so not Sis, not now or ever in her life. Sis is not a vindictive person (that honor falls to our mother and me), she does not hold grudges (maybe a bit but, again, it's our mother and me who tend to do that). Sis has not encountered BS in a very long time and she certainly has not gone out of her way to contact him. Sis ignored the "plea" from RWS. Then he sent one to BigNiece... who asked her mother "what the hell?" Sis told her to ignore it, don't respond.

Not wanting to be ignored, brushed aside, whatever, RWS goes to BigNiece's place of work and attempts to talk to her there. After being told to go away, twice, he makes a third attempt at which time BigNiece's manager talks to RWS, telling him it is inappropriate to seek someone out like this at their place of work. Not to be deterred, RWS makes a fourth attempt. Manager and BigNiece went to the local police detachment to file a report (for harassment I'm hoping). An officer was to pay RWS a visit on Wednesday. Wonder what kind of tales were spun at that meeting.

The way we - mom, Sis and me - have it figured, RWS probably asked why his family does not associate with Sis' since they live so close. RWS has no other living relatives except for us (unless his mother's parents are still alive) and he's probably curious. BS, in an effort to "protect" his mildly mentally challenged son (mildly autistic is what Sis said) probably tried to discourage contact by painting Sis (and who knows what else he's said about his sister and me) as some kind of nut-job who's out to torment them. Wow, just amazing... and so like my Grandmother. Apple didn't fall far from the tree with that one!

An earthquake hit the province today - 6.4 magnitude - by Port Hardy on the Island. Felt for a good distance; the LM, into the interior and down Seattle way. The doomsayers are active, calling it the prequel to The Big One. Hard not to roll the eyes at these "proclamations". Anyway, no damage, deaths or injuries reported, just shaken people and buildings. At work, the huge steel racks had a bit of a wibble but that was the only sign an earthquake had occurred - in the office we felt nothing.

Work on the deck has stalled. More of the waterproofing material is needed and the distributor is awaiting stock from back east. Some is supposed to arrive Tuesday, but MrFixit said the distributor is making noises like he's not going to release any to independent contractors. Nevermind said independent contractor has a half-finished job, the product is reserved for his own contractors. We are not impressed.

Squirmy "started" school this week. I put that in quotes as they don't even know who their teacher is yet never mind actually doing any fucking work! How bloody useless is this?! If Squirmy is put in a two/three split I'll be paying a visit to the school. His reading, math and spelling were above average (nearly grade three level) last year and a two/three split will not be much of a challenge for him. I will live with (if I have to) a split teacher arrangement but not the lower grade split.

Has been hot in the LM the last bit. Too hot for me (my co-workers love it and cuss at me for wishing for snow). Sitting in my office has been like being slow roasted. How is it the one person who despises the heat ends up in the hottest office?? Hiya Murphy, I despise you. Of course the computer room at home is also disgustingly hot and even if I could sit on the deck, I couldn't use Minty out there; TheGirl chewed through my long network cable. Thanks ever so. However, she's still destroyed less items than TheDog did in his first year. TheGirl also needed minor surgery to remove her two upper baby canines; the adult ones are pretty much in all the way and the babies weren't even loose. When they were drawn out, the roots were still full size so they might never have come out on their own.

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