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Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 915pm
Here I sit, in the comfy chair with the laptop (we'll ignore the ice pack on my back and neck) with a movie (Serenity - *squee*) playing. How is it possible? Why is Teletoon not on? No Squirmy! The Squirmy one is on the Island with the iL's.

The plan, while Squirmy was gone, was to dig out his bedroom. Unfortunately, hubby is sleeping right below it - forgot that fact when I made the grand plan. Been able to do a wee bit between the end of dinner and hubby crashing. Squirmy has enough Lego to choke a horse and books galore. Well, the Lego stays, but some of the books are going (and some into storage), but what to do with some of the others (like McD toys)?

The deck... progresses. New stairs are up (but a bit wobbly at this point). The bin, the very full bin, left tonight. While we were able to get some junk in it, the majority of the bin was taken up with dead deck bits. A couple beams have been patched and there are buckets of what I assume is the deck coating in the garage. And lots of sawdust and bits. Clean up is gonna take a bit, but will be worth it - garage needs a good clean anyway.

Hubby has been stocking the boat with the basic safety stuff that's required (now) by law. Had no idea there were so many different type of anchors and other crap, but the marine store in Steveston was interest. So many things, toys, so little money. Boat-related crap ain't cheap either.

Finally starting to see sugar at work. Load of regular white and a container of organic arrived today - hooray! Have all the paperwork for the organic but, as usual, not the regular white. Can't send the product to a couple (desperate) customers as they require the paperwork prior to delivery and the woman who handles the paperwork (the only one who can apparently) is on vacation. According to someone else at the company, we're their only customer that asks for this paperwork. I call bullshit on that as I'm getting more and more request on a weekly basis asking for more and more regulatory paperwork.

How many times have I seen Serenity - a dozen? I still cannot watch the scene where Wash dies. Seeing that once - and on the big screen - was quite enough, even hearing the scene makes me cry. But I still adore and worship the movie. Go River!!

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Monday, August 22, 2011 at 950pm
This past weekend, and probably for the next few weeks, I'm playing at being Harry Potter and living under my stairs. Well, more like drinking tea and watching videos while under the stairs - also don't have the luxury of walls and a door like Harry did. Why? The rebuilding of the back deck began on Saturday. For now, until the crew moves around to the side of the house, I've got a space cleared under the back stairs. There's just enough room for a chair and a small, falling apart table we've had since the apartment days. It's not pretty and sometimes there's a lovely aroma (if the wind blows right and the lid isn't completely closed on the garbage) but it's dry. Which is important right now as it bloody poured today. Even though we tarped the deck (as best we could) I'm sure some rain got in through the holes.

Dad went back into the hospital (VGH this time; I swear he's touring the region one hospital at a time). He's got a lovely case of pneumonia, only a few steps away from pleurisy. Not a surprise though. The cancer in the lungs has grown (more tumors showing on the x-rays) so the lungs are irritated. He's being treated (loaded with antibiotics) and monitored and should be released in another forty-eight hours if he continues to improve. There's also a DNR on his chart just in case he backslides or something else goes wrong. While the DNR makes the heart clench, it's what he wants and I agree with it; Dad has always been about quality of life, not quantity and he's terminal anyway so why prolong things?

As of tonight, I have a boat parked in my driveway. It will move down the side of the house once the old railing is cleared out, but for now... the driveway. MrFixIt found, and bought, said boat - the pinks are running this year and he and hubby are bound and determined they are catching some (we'll see about that *snicker*). Some minor repairs are needed, but it could be dropped in the water as is and be just fine. Hubby wants to take Dad out on it since this would be the last opportunity Dad will have to fish and he so loves to do that.

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Monday, August 15, 2011 at 944pm
The latest non-cartoon TV show Squirmy has taken a shine to is "A Thousand Ways to Die". It's a 'learning' show, it 'teaches' him. Yes, yes it does - it's teaching him when you do stupid things, you die. One of tonight's 'lessons' was not to shove a grenade up your ass; when a non-doctor person tries to remove it (after you've had no luck shitting it out) said non-doctor will probably grab only the pin and the resulting explosion will kill the non-doctor and blow your ass completely apart. A valuable life lesson indeed!

Tomorrow is my consult appointment with the doctor that's going to shove a camera up my ass. I am sooooo looking forward to this proceedure - NOT. But I promised my Dad I'd do it so I'm committed (or probably should be). That said, I'm not playing the waiting game if the doctor is running too far behind. It takes nearly an hour to get this office and I have to return to work - R is out and DemonChild doesn't know how to do a couple things and cannot lock up.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 1145pm
Last week, hubby told me to keep the following Saturday clear between certain hours. He was taking Squirmy and I somewhere and it was a surprise. Well, it was sort of a surprise - a cat show. He's been talking/threatening to go to one for a while but they don't happen often in the LM. If hubby had said "this is going on, let's go" I'd have probably nixed it... which is why, he said, he didn't tell us what he had planned. Glad we went, but I don't think I'd go again. Very small (compared to dog shows) and not as active as dog shows. Not as... engaging, I guess is the word.

First table on the left had a bunch of cats from an 'adopt-a-cat' outfit. Fourth cat in was a lovely orange/white boy... and I lost it. Reminded me so much of Wisper and how much I'm truly missing having a cat around. Wanted to scoop the kitty up and run away with him... along with all the others in that booth.

Once I'd pulled myself together (thank you, hubby), we toured the rest of the benched kitties. Hubby's main purpose, I found out later, was to talk to any Maine Coon owners/breeders and see the breed up close. After today, he's decided our next cat should be a Maine Coon. The ones we saw ranged from just out of kitten stage up to five years old. They can grow HUGE. There was one that's a few months shy of two years and this thing was just a bit smaller than TheGirl is right now at six months. Holy Crap! But they're home bodies, intensely curious and if you don't involve them in what you are doing they will join in, invited or not. They are, hubby said after previous investigation and talking to owners/breeders today, the Flat Coat's of the cat world. There are no breeders in the LM and only one I could find on the lower Island (in Victoria, thankfully). The three we spoke to at the show were from WA state and I really do not want to cross the border for a cat (or dog, for that matter).

Also saw a Norwegian Forest Cat. We'd never been able to pin down what breed Minx-kitty (rest her soul) was. I knew she'd 'escaped' from a house where cats were bred (long story) and suspect she might have been a pure-bred. I saw a TV show on cats years ago that described the markings, personality and traits of a cat that was identical to Minx, but I missed the name of the breed. Well, I'd place a rather large bet that Minx was a Norwegian Forest Cat. The cat we saw was nearly identical in the pattern of markings and body shape - from the triagular head with distinctive white triangle of fur, to the over abundance of fur between the pads of the feet. The personality of the cat(s) and the traits the man told us about were Minx down to the last whisker. This is also a breed hubby has been considering, though after today I think he's leaning more toward the Maine Coons.

Work on the deck started today with the footing for the new stairs being poured. A rubbish bin and the materials will be delivered next week, the deck itself will be stripped bare Saturday (I think). Once that's done, we'll get a better look at what kind of damage has been done. Here's hoping it's not too bad under there.

When he goes to bed, Squirmy arms himself with every sword, saber and Nerf gun he owns. If he hears a noise (like if someone breaks in), he's ready to defend himself and his house with a plastic battle axe, hard foam pirate sword, two plastic light sabers, and four Nerf guns. Since he's such a mover when he sleeps, half his arsenal ends up falling off the bed, onto the hardwood floor and scaring the crap out me in the bedroom below.

Started doing serious work on the Specialty site for next year. Still not happy with the menu design and there's something about the colors that's sitting well with me. I'm not expecting more info for it this month or next - Specialty for this year taking place in less than a month - so I think I'll hunt around for some different CSS menus. Found a great picture-pop code that is completely javascript-free. It has a couple quirks, but it's easy to follow and adjust. Haven't tested it on a Craposoft 'puter yet, so we'll see how it holds together on one of those. Also need to pick up Chrome for Ubbie and Minty for testing purposes, maybe toss it on Squirmy's machine too since Opera and Safari are on there for testing purposes.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 959pm
While TheGirl didn't get any points this show, she did get experience. Hubby said she did better in the ring than TheDog did at this age (six months); she acted well, moved well, and stacked most excellently. TheGirl was even well-behaved enough she was allowed free-run in the iL's house! Couldn't do that with TheDog until he was nearly two.

TheDog was overjoyed to 'master' return on Saturday, and to see TheGirl. Hubby said it was looking like TheGirl was developing an ear infection similar to what TheDog had last year. We probably didn't get the ears dry enough last time we went to the river and all the licking TheDog has been doing probably hasn't helped matters any. Both dogs got ear cleans this morning and TheGirl had medicated drops put in hers. You'd think the taste of the medicated drops would deter TheDog from licking away - nope, doesn't affect a thing. Each time TheDog goes after TheGirl's ears, we've been telling him "no" and giving his nose a swat. After the thirtieth time, TheDog still hasn't got the message. Now, he's just flat kept out of the kitchen (the only room we can really seal off) and sits outside the gate whining. It's also possible TheGirl is starting to come into season - our breeder said six months is early, but not unheard of. Heat could still be a month or so off, but the hormones start well before that. Hubby said no other dogs at the show displayed any signs of 'interest', but since TheDog lives with TheGirl, he may be picking up the really subtle changes already.

It looks like daycare will be at the alternate place at least another week, though I wouldn't be surprised if it was the rest of August. The portables have been moved, the grounds and access areas installed, electricity hooked up... but not turned on. Apparently it takes ten to fifteen business days for Hydro to flip a switch and come out for a look-see. Christ on a fucking cracker - they'll shut off power at the drop of a hat, but can't turn it on any faster than this? And everyone has to accept this because they are the only supplier in the entire Province.

And speaking of Hydro... Hydro says "use less power during peak periods". I ask "How?". No, seriously, how? I should be doing laundry after ten at night? Vacuuming at two in the morning? Running the fans between midnight and six? How am I supposed to 'consume' outside 'peak hours'? I work a nine-to-five job, my child attends school during those hours, my husband works graveyards. How are we supposed to sleep/eat/function outside 'peak hours'? It's not like I can change my work hours, nor the hours the school is open and we need to sleep during 'non-peak hours' in order to function the next day. It's all very well and good to say 'consume during non-peak periods' but there's no practical way to do that... and no one at Hydro can give me any usable answers.

I don't care if this earns me enemies or not... giving free crack pipes to addicts (shit, supplying any drug addict with 'product') is so fucking stupid and an insult to those with medical issues who are forced to buy their own 'drugs' and/or supplies. Here's a thought - give free insulin and diabetes supplies to those who need them instead. At least these are functional, contributing members of society unlike the crack-head who is nothing but a fucking drain on social services and the rest of society. Last I checked, a diabetic didn't go out and choose to become a diabetic, but a crack addict certainly had a choice in becoming an addict.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 749pm
For some reason I'm having difficulty remembering what week this is - I know it's the fourth, but mentally I'm already on next week. My brain hates me sometimes.

Got the stuff-to-save off the deck.... mostly. The big table is down (and cleaned) along with other odds-and-ends, but the chairs remain. Dug out an old card table to use until the deck is off limits. Just the right size for Minty, the light and my tea.

The office is slow, which is rather nice since it's becoming stinking hot in there. If it wouldn't look like crap and cost a fortune, I'd foil the windows to keep the sun out. Could actually feel the temperature drop as I went from my office to DemonChild's. I admitted defeat to the heat and wore shorts today - advised DemonChild to do the same and so did R. He was visiting customers today so he didn't wear shorts and forgot to bring a pair for wearing around the office. Sounded like he'll be finding a pair and keeping them at work now - he was roasting when he came back.

My dear boss has a great sense of humor. Yesterday he parked a bit close to my car - I could still get in, but it was a tight squeeze. I jokingly asked "could you get any closer" and he just grinned. Well today, even Twiggy wouldn't have been able to get in my car. Little bastard, I'll find a way to get him back *grin*.

My boys (minus TheDog) and TheGirl made the ferry they wanted this morning. By now, TheGirl will have been bathed and groomed for tomorrow. Hubby has been given strict instructions to send me a text after each round. TheDog was bored at the office and just as much tonight. When we got home, TheDog ran around the house looking for Hubby - funny but sad at the same time. Not going to close the kennel door tonight - too warm and this way he can come on the bed for company.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 1002pm
Another month has passed and I've no bloody idea where it went.

Squirmy got his cast off July 21. Didn't get to keep the cast (too much blood and gunk from the incision/stitches) but he did get to keep the pins. They look like Allen keys, but with razor-sharp ends - very cool. He can't straighten the arm all the way so he has exercises to do. Hubby said it'll probably be about Xmas time before he's got full usage and range of motion back.

Since Squirmy broke his arm four days before "Squirmy Day" the Playland trip was postponed until the cast was gone. I took a vacation day (hubby was already on 'vacation' since that week was supposed to be our camping time) and the three of us hit the rides. Squirmy did nearly everything he could - some rides he just wasn't big enough for, much to my delight. The big roller coaster made him a little pale and shaky (he got off and clung to me) but he was fine on the Corkscrew. Mommy went on neither of those, nor did I partake in the Enterprise or the second go-round on the Jaguar (it's been renamed now, but it'll always be that to me). Had to practically shove food down Squirmy's throat, but no problems scarfing down the mini donuts or cotton candy. Games were not played as they've gotten stupidly expensive. Five dollars - a person - to play Wack-a-Mole... to win a fifty-cent stuffed bear - fuck that shit! In all, we spent about five hours going on rides (and standing in lines, which got longer as the day progressed). The parents were bagged, but Squirmy was still ready to rock. Kids!

My grandparents old summer home at Crescent Beach is up for sale again. Sis and crew must have been down there (at the beach or taking a cruise) and stopped by. They tried to get in but the agent no-showed. From what the pictures online show, there's been some major renovations. The old outside clean up area and lawn chair storage has been turned into an ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom and the back of the house expanded right across. The kitchen has been totally redesigned, closing in the doorway leading to the laundry/pantry area. The back yard - that was primarily a huge tiered patio, garden and shed - has been landscaped and fenced. What can't be seen in the pictures is the ten-foot high religious cross in the back yard. As Sis said - "OMG". No idea if the forest area we used to play in is still there, but I rather doubt it.

Deconstruction/reconstruction of our patio should start next week. Was supposed to be this weekend, but there's some scheduling conflicts. Just as well as I'll have the entire weekend to get 'to save' stuff off, cleaned and stored away. If things had started this week, I'd have had one day to do it all - not impossible, but rushed.

The last of my decent bras finally crapped out so I gave the place Sis and her eldest gal recommended a try. Spent more than I usually do on bras - expected this to happen - but finally have bras that actually fit properly. That is taking some getting used to but worth it as, besides fitting right, they're beautiful.

And speaking of bras... If the soap is not all washed clear that can cause a rash (especially true if the bra has extra padding). Additionally, if the weather is warm (as it has been) and/or you're moving around in a warmish environment (such as a fast food restaurant) the material of the bra combined with your sweat can cause a rash. Even if it hasn't happened before, it can and does happen. I had a bra like that - fine in cooler conditions but when I worked up a sweat, a rash would appear on one or both boob. A rash on a boob does not mean one should say "bras don't do that - who have you been with?" to their daughter. Honest to fucking pete - where is your damn brain????

Today I learned a possible symptom of a dying LCD monitor. The monitor on DemonChild's computer has been displaying blurry, ghosted text for quite awhile (back to when R's daughter was still with us). I've played with every damn setting I could, which improved legibility somewhat, but the problem came back. When the tech was last in (this computer also likes to reboot itself for no apparent reason) he was able to make things better again. That was a week ago. Today, DemonChild said the text is blurred again, so bad trying to read it is giving her fits. Improved things a bit, enough she could work but it didn't hold and the second time there was nothing I could tweak (including reinstalling drivers) that would improve things. Of course there's no spare monitors at work (R does not like clutter) so I came home and grabbed one of my old CRT monitors. Plugged in, turned on... text is crystal clear. Let the tech know and he'll pick up a new monitor when he has a chance, but at least neither R or I will lose use of our computers in the meantime.

TheGirl has her first official (for points) show this weekend. Hubby, Squirmy and TheGirl are headed over to the Island Thursday for showing Friday and Saturday. There's two other dogs entered - one non-Champion male and one Champion. The former could be one of TheGirl's brothers or even Nelson (if he hasn't got his points yet) who is so sweet and gorgeous. The latter is probably Owen, who TheDog has been up against. He's a handsome, well-proportioned dog. Unless TheGirl acts up badly (like not letting the judge check her teeth, etc) she should come home with at least three ribbons each day. More if she can beat the non-Champion. TheDog and I will be anxiously awaiting the daily results.

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