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July 19, 2011 at 1002pm
Have I said how much I hate my bathroom? The tub/shower in particular. That "maintenance-free" tile board we put in is crap. It's developed cracks, which means water can get into those spots, which means the frontage peels off and exposes the fiberboard (??) behind it. Trying to find any info on the stuff for repairs (or anything else) is next too impossible. We need to strip it off and replace it with professionally installed tile/grout. Since there's no money to do that, I'm going to do my best with silicone caulk and a lot of sacrificing small animals to whatever bathroom gods there are the crappy stuff can get us through a year or more. The only saving grace is we used the proper cement board behind the tileboard so (hopefully) the wall behind won't be total crap.

The back deck absolutely must get redone this year. TheGirl has dug up the soft spots and there's other issues with it as well. Even though we're getting MrFixIt's company to do it, the project will not be cheap... but we've got no choice. Thankfully, I've managed to secure a low-interest loan - it was either that or use up nearly all our savings, which would leave us screwed six ways from Sunday if anything else happened. Expenses, just the basics, keep going up and up but income stays the same. We're doing better than a lot of folks, but there's still not much (sometimes none) to put into savings at month-end.

Started digging out the family room downstairs. Filled the recycling bin, have another bag started and filled two garbage bags with bits of junk. Squirmy's fort box is gone but I kept part of the puppet theater - the part that says "Mommy sit here" and "I love you mommy". No way in hell I'm getting rid of that! The puppets were also saved.

I dislike a few of the suppliers we deal with, but there's one at the top of my list. They can't get much needed and required paperwork to us in anything approaching a timely fashion. Today was a prime example. A thousand bags of their organic sugar arrived, sans paperwork of any kind. The warehouse guy asked me if I had a breakdown of how many bags/pallets of what lot numbers we were supposed to get. Seems over half the pallets arrived sans pallet tags. Normally, not a problem since the lot numbers are on the bags. For some some reason known only to them, this supplier assigns their own lot numbers to the shipment, one that makes no sense whatsoever (and requests for a lot code interpretation go unanswered). Without breaking down every pallet, it's simply not possible to get a solid count of the bag lot numbers, but we did the best we could for the six hundred bags that have to go out tomorrow. But since we used the bag lot numbers, the COA I will eventually get will not match properly. At least the customer these bags are going to doesn't throw the total bitch-fest some of the others do.

So the six hundred bags going out tomorrow end the contract for one customer. The other contracted customer still has over a thousand bags to go. I've got about two hundred bags with proper documentation set aside for them, but the rest... The "good" organic sugar is still two weeks away.

Another load of Soy Flour came in this week and, again, there were a lot of damaged bags. We cannot figure out why the hell this keeps happening since it's a full trailer-load and it's supposed to be coming direct from the manufacturer. And we're not talking a little damage - fifteen bags, most with great gouges and tears in them. There's no way they were loaded that way so either there's a transfer happening or the load is shifting a lot during the run out here. Whatever the cause, we can't use damaged bags and the supplier we get them from isn't really happy to see our debit memos - tough shit.

Tried to buy more organic sunflower kernels last week but our contract was cancelled due to the fact there are none! Nada, zip in the US. And it sounds like the organic coconut might finally arrive next week. We've had a broker looking everywhere in Canada and the US for this product for weeks. A customer of ours needs some, like yesterday, and keeps demanding it but there hasn't been any to had in North America. It's like she expects us to pull a few hundred kilos out of our ass or something.

Squirmy's cast comes off this week - if the x-rays look okay. Though it's been bugging him (itching and whatnot) at least it hasn't been a hot summer so far. He's been told no monkey bars or heavy climbing for at least a week after it's off and he's taking those instructions overly seriously. To the point where he doesn't even want to go swimming the first cast-free week. Any activity that may bump his arm is completely out. He's paranoid his arm will "go flop" and he'll either be back in a cast or lose his arm altogether. It's funny and awful at the same time.

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July 2, 2011 at 1118pm
The makers of Win7 Anti-whatever 2012 can FOADIAF, followed closely by the entire WinCrap operating system. Fucking piece of shit with gaping bloody holes that allows this kind of shit in.

Hubby's 'puter got smacked (again!) with this pain-in-the-ass thing. Thank the farking goddess he no longer uses an Admin account for day-to-day Inet stuff or the system would have been hooped. I set up two limited user accounts on his machine since he does most of his net stuff when I'm not around. This way, if one user profile is borked by crap he can use the other limited account until I get up or home. Twas after lunch Friday by the time I got the thing cleaned off (and confirmed it was gone) then ran updates to bring everything else up-to-date.

Squirmy got the fiberglass cast Thursday and it's amazing how much lighter it is than the plaster cast. At least it is for me, the one who hasn't experienced casts before - hubby just shrugs and says "duh". Also a little less bulky at the elbow which makes getting him dressed easier - some t-shirts just wouldn't stretch enough in the arm area to get over the plaster cast. Oh, no waterproof cast because of the stitches and pins.

Received MrFixIt's old HP laptop Thursday night. He got rid of it because firstly, he couldn't stand Vista (bend over, now, here it comes without lube!) and secondly he said he couldn't get Vista off. HP likes to put a 'recovery' partition on their machines and MrFixIt couldn't get around it or remove it. I recall him saying he'd spent a lot of time surfing/reading but nothing worked. He even tried installing Ubuntu over top; said it installed but on reboot came right back into Vista (*spit*). Needless to say, I didn't hold out much hope of accomplishing much if MrFixIt couldn't figure it out. Surprise, surprise. Ten minutes on Google (I have the -fu!) showed how to delete/disable the entire recovery partition from within Vista. Thirty minutes later Ubuntu was running on the laptop with no sign of anything MS left over.

Changed from Ubuntu to LinuxMint since I'm just not getting to M&D's old puter to play with it there and the laptop is a better machine than the other anyway. For web work, the usual programs went in, for music my new fav Audacious and a couple system tool things just because they were different from the usual Ubuntu stuff. Then the fun part came - getting MiniMint to communicate with Ubbie.

To avoid having to search for and mount the USB drive each time, the USB should be mounted automatically when MiniMint starts up. I actually had some notes on how auto-mount a USB drive over a network... from Ubuntu 6.x days. Concept is the same, the execution is different and ended up different again when Mint was factored in. The drive should have auto-mounted when plugged into MiniMint directly (good way to check if Mint can handle USB drives and an NTFS file system) - no auto-mount. More reading and experimenting... discovered you actually have to turn off the auto-mount and auto-mount-open in the Nautilus preferences - completely opposite to what it should be. Then to get the drive to mount across the LAN, ended up having to make a shell script file that's executed at start-up. Did this for both the USB drive and the web files directory.

Web work means accessing the files on Ubbie; music requires access to the USB on Ubbie. If I turned off the firewall on Ubbie, the two could talk just fine - not the idea option and, really, I shouldn't have to do that for computers sharing the same damn internal network. The firewall program, that uses IPTables, is supposed to be easily configurable (especially with the UI installed - cuts down on command line shit). Uhuh, maybe if you've been doing network security for a while. A small amount of searching and a lot of reading I figured out how to allow things... by using Terminal and executing command line instructions. So it was all figured out in the end (and written down!) and now there's no problem accessing the web files when the firewall is on.

While Squirmy was at a birthday party, hubby and me took the dogs for a walk on the nature trail. More like TheGirl took me for a drag. I'm not the most stable when hiking over rocks, trees and roots and at one point I had trouble with my footing - TheGirl didn't and damn near pulled me over as she pelted down the small incline. TheDog also found a lovely, mucky mud patch and went barreling around a corner and skidded to a stop through the huge patch. Thankfully, it wasn't watery enough for him to stuff his face into, something I've been told he likes to do on these walks.

Joined the birthday party as the kids were leaving for a local park... where Squirmy proceeded to climb up and down the playground set up. Gotta let him be a kid, but I flinched more than once as he hauled himself up a monkeybar-like thing. The kids had a ball and three moms became five, then a couple hours later just two. Went back to the birthday girl's condo and chatted with her mom for four hours while the kids played with hamsters, ate pizza and painted water bottles and themselves (looked like Squirmy was trying to paint the inside of his nose purple).

Daycare, for July at least, could be challenging. Swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays is out. He can go along and picnic in the park with them, but can't go in the pool. Martial Arts and Crash Crawly's are out though he might be able to do something at the former and, while he'll be out of cast in time for the latter, Squirmy can't get that physical with at arm that soon. Bowling and movie he should be okay to do. Crap... also can't do Bike Friday so he'll have to watch the other kids.

Also for the month of July, the daycare is temporarily moving up the hill and into one of the elementary schools. The land the daycare building (two portables joined together) sits on is to become part of the new school being built to replace the school currently lower down on the grounds. The daycare buildings are being relocated down the hill by the driveway to the teacher parking area. The estimate to move and reconnect everything is a month. Any votes for longer?

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