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June 28, 2011 at 927pm
Where to begin...

TheDog didn't get any points at his first US show. He and hubby were up against stiff competition and more senior dogs - TheDog's issues will be solved (mainly) with time, hubby's problems with some one-on-one handling classes.

Since our breeder was also at the show, hubby took TheGirl on second day. SF drooled over TheGirl saying if she keeps developing the way she's going this will one beautiful bitch. No doubt - TheGirl has a perfect Retriever head and though I find her rather "leggy" SF says she will grow into them. I do find TheGirl more whiny than TheDog was, and she moans and groans all the time, even in her sleep!

R's daughter left the company in early May. More accurate to say she stormed out saying she didn't need this shit. Okay then. Left me doing both jobs and while they're not difficult, it's a lot to do and some things (like requests) weren't followed up the usual timely manner.

It took a while for R to decide what he wanted to do (was she coming back or not? Did he want her back?) but once the man makes a decision he moves. Amazingly, he asked what my thoughts were and what I thought of the two options he was considering - get someone who could handle some of the purchasing/transport as well as order entry or simply an order entry person. Since R is frequently out of the office, I opted for the first choice and R made the phone call to his selected person (whom I totally love). For a week it looked good, looked like T was coming on board but, alas, it was not to be (for now). With no other viable candidates for purchaser, we wrote a job posting for the order entry position but before it was posted I asked both adult nieces if they knew anyone looking for a full-time job. Could have knocked me over with a feather when DemonChild expressed serious interest in it.

F-locked portion

So DemonChild was hired and has been doing very well. There's finicky details to remember about certain customer orders but she's doing well. So far R is pleased and both of them appear comfortable with each other. Best of all, I don't have to prod DemonGirl the way I did R's daughter.

Squirmy has had a busy June. His birthday party was at Crash Crawly's again (oh goddess, let it be somewhere else next year!) and he loved every minute of it. Mommy didn't lose her mind (as was feared) and I had SiL and DemonChild to keep me company. SiL was trying to show me how to use the PIN function on the phone... must find manual and read that.

The middle of the month Squirmy and hubby, along with both dogs, took off to the Island for a Booster in Nanaimo. They stayed with MiL and FiL and I got the house to myself for three glorious nights. Wow, there's other things on TV besides cartoons - who knew?

At this show there was a special class called Baby Puppy (three to six months) Class. This is apparently quite common in the UKC but rare in the CK or AK Clubs. TheGirl took best in Group the first day but was beaten in the Best BP in Show by a barking rat (Chihuahua). The second day, TheGirl was not in top form and lost in Group. She ended up with two ribbons, a rosette and a Group win, something TheDog has yet to achieve.

TheDog did... okay. His competition in the Specials class were all mature dogs and most we've been up against before, notably Coby. Yea... mature, invited three times to Westminster... TheDog (and hubby) have a way to go before they're serious competition for that dog. But the point for hubby is to have fun and he did just that. Had a good talk with our breeder, SF, and the other co-chair for 2012. Picked up a couple good tips from her as well.

Vicious and I finally got our shopping/dining out trip scheduled for the Saturday everyone was at the dog show. We realized we hadn't been shopping since just before I started the new job last year (yikes!). It showed on my bill at VV, but I really needed the clothes. Squirmy, hubby and the dogs got home just as Vicious and I hit the restaurant for dinner.

The next big for Squirmy was to be his own day. Instead of buying him a birthday present (like he needs more anything) we decided to let him pick everything he wanted to do and eat for a day. Playland (weather permitting), movie (Pirates IV) and whatever he wanted for all three meals and snacks (the 'mommy' in me had trouble accepting that one). Unfortunately, that was not to be.

Wednesday, June 21, Squirmy was playing on his swing/slide apparatus in the back yard and fell off the slide (probably standing on the top again goofing around). He said he called out for Daddy, but hubby was in the house with only the back door cracked a bit and didn't hear him. So Squirmy picked himself up, walked across the yard, along the side of the house, up the stairs, let himself in, sat in the comfy chair and turned on the TV. When I came home (this all couldn't have happened very long before I got home) he didn't say hello (not unusual) or anything else until I'd changed and came upstairs. He looked a little off so I asked what was wrong and he simply said "my arm hurts". The elbow area was grotesquely deformed looking and all he said was it hurts - no tears, nothing you'd expect from a kid with - what we thought at the time - a dislocated elbow.

Up to the local emergency room we went (fastest I've ever been taken in!) and we spent the next four hours seeing doctors, getting x-rays, etc. Turned out Squirmy had broken the humerus bone just above the elbow - the bones were actually displaced about two inches (hubby saw the x-rays, I couldn't look at them). They couldn't set the bones properly in emergency so a temporary cast was put in place with instructions to hit the bigger hospital the next morning. Hubby took that night and the next off and hustled Squirmy to the Cast Clinic early the next morning. Didn't take long to be seen (thank the goddess) and Squirmy was scheduled in for ten-thirty. Because of the location and severity of the break, Squirmy required three pins. They'd hoped to insert them without cutting in, but no such luck. So eight hours, three pins and a new cast later they were back home.

Thursday, Squirmy didn't have a lot of pain (he has definitely inherited the high pain tolerance of his father and MiL) but he did sleep a lot. Friday, he was doing much better and hubby was home early so I could head to work on time. By Saturday and Sunday, Squirmy was back to his joking and sarcastic self. Bored out of his mind, but definitely improved. By his own choice, 'Squirmy Day' has been rescheduled to the first weekend out of the cast.

It was off to school (what's left of it) Monday (June 27) until Wednesday, then Squirmy has to return to the Cast Clinic this Thursday to have the after-surgery plaster cast replaced with a fiberglass one. Hubby is going to see if Squirmy can have the waterproof liner or not. He's guessing 'not' since there will still be exposed pins and stitches from the surgery. Regardless, the cast will be less weight than the plaster one Squirmy's in now. He'll be in the fiberglass cast for about three weeks then it and the pins are gone - hopefully. I'm told it will be another few weeks before Squirmy's arm will be back up to pre-break condition.

He is terrified of falling again, off anything. To wash his hair, we had to lay him out on the kitchen counter by the sink. While hubby got the towels, padding and shampoo I was undressing Squirmy and he was shaking like a leaf and crying; poor kid was terrified he was going to fall off the counter. Once up on the counter, every time hubby moved Squirmy would grab onto him and plead with him not to let go (not that hubby had any intention of letting go or leaving). It was just awful to see and hear. I suspect it will be a long time before Squirmy goes near the slide or even climbs the tree out front again.

Though the mail delivery folks (and apparently the maintenance workers too) have been on strike for a couple weeks, hubby has had to go in. What does he do in a warehouse with no parcel mail? The online training modules, napping and web surfing. Asked him how many of the modules he'd done and he said "all of them" including the electrical and welding ones since they were there and he had nothing else to do. Ooookay... The strike did make taking the time off to deal with Squirmy easier so, for once, I can say I'm somewhat glad of a postal strike. Really, we haven't been very affected either at home or work. I can get most of the major bills online (the one I can't is a set payment every month anyway) and at work a lot of companies have taken to faxing or e-mailing invoices. The only thing that's been a bit of pain is payments (incoming and outgoing), but no longer since the strike is over.

It has been my experience that people in big companies, even in the same departments(!) don't communicate and share information. Case in point is ML Foods. A request for a certain bit of paperwork was originally made last August. The matter was discussed, explained and otherwise beaten to death with the result (in October) that ML Foods would conduct the required inspection to obtain the paperwork they wanted. Fast forward to yesterday when I was asked for the very same paperwork. Hello? Thank the stars I've started keeping all the requests - complete with dates and notes of conversations - in a binder; gave the requestee a synopsis of the previous discussion with a woman from the same bloody department and basically tossed the ball back in the lap of ML Foods. Just bite me.

We finally got some organic sugar in, but not the brand I can send to the big players since our supplier has major issues getting ALL the required paperwork to us. Pain-in-the ass (both the sugar and our supplier), but it's all we could get for the moment. The 'good' stuff was supposed to be on the water from Argentina two weeks ago but turns out it hasn't been loaded into the container yet. And the other 'good' brand... oh lord, who knows when it'll arrive. And there's NONE anywhere in town or back east we can get - completely out of stock all 'round. The Organic Coconut situation is worse. R has been contacting everyone and anyone for as little as three hundred and fifty kilos one of our customers needs by next week. There is simply none to be had anywhere in the US or Canada, but our customer expects us to pull the stuff out our ass because she needs it. Suck it up, Princess - there ain't none!

Dad is still hanging in there, though Sis and I agree that there probably won't be another Father's Day with him. He's been sleeping in the chair in the living room as he can't lay flat in the bed any more - probably bloody bored in there too. Since he won't have a hospital bed, Dad is getting a Lazy Boy that does everything but bake bread; raises up to assist getting in and out and reclines in a multitude of positions so he can sleep in it more comfortably. No word on the ileostomy reversal yet, but that's not surprising since the hospitals routinely shut down operating rooms in the summer. Dad does appear to be getting tired more than normal and we're concerned but not overly so. No pain (except for the pulled intercostal muscle a couple weeks back) so that's good news. And his kidneys are still holding on - the last blood work showed a small dip but nothing our Doc is overly concerned about at this point.

Warmer weather finally arrived and made the office and house muggy and stuffy. Joy. I wish it would snow!

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