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Monday, May 2, 2011 at 957pm
April 29th was a sad day around our household. Our dear little Wisper Kitty joined his sister Minx and Squeekers the Mouse. The three are now playing ghost-kitty and -mousie games, running free and knowing they were so very loved and heartbreakingly missed. Rest in Peace my dearest Mister Wisper. A proper eulogy will be composed once I can stop crying.

The Easter Bunny was very good to Squirmy and also left bickies for all the dogs. We spent the long weekend with the iL's on the Island. Their poor dog, he must have felt invaded - TheGirl is his size, but too bouncy and TheDog is just plain to damn big. Both our dogs behaved well, though TheGirl appeared to enjoy MiL's Christmas cactus. MiL's dog tolerated the invasion, but I'm sure the little duffer breathed a sigh of relief when we left.

We went into town on Easter Saturday - mommy and Squrimy needed glass! - and TheGirl was adored by all. A number of people approached us and asked if they could pet the dogs (nice!) and both dogs lapped up the attention. There is just something about puppies.

The kitchen sink tap has had some issues for awhile - minor and occasional leak, aerator causing small side-streams/sprays, sometimes sticking - so Saturday was designated replacement day. Yeah... getting it out was no joy. Most of the joints were stuck tight and when hubby tried to unscrew the cold supply line, the copper pipe between it and the hook-up on the underside of the tap actually twisted.

Once at the hardware store, the major problem we faced was finding a unit that would fit our three-hole set up. Most of the new units have one central 'post' with all the feed lines, etc running through it. The posts, of course, were much bigger than the central hole we had to use. Hubby didn't want to enlarge the hole too much in case the wood underneath wasn't in decent condition (which, we found out later, it wasn't). We did manage to find a unit (two actually) that would work, but it wasn't the one we really wanted.

Installing the unit was interesting (in a foul-language way). The do-it-yourself hackers to put our kitchen together didn't drill holes in the counter to install the previous kitchen tap unit, they chipped through the arborite. Hubby loved that, since it meant enlarging the center hole was that much more challenging. He informed me after the fact, that it was only the arborite he needed to chip - he could use a spoon to scrape at the wood to enlarge the hole. Not really a surprise, but... crap.

The supply lines that came with the unit were too short (by about eight inches) and that impressed hubby a fair bit. And the cold water shut-off tap is leaking - neither hubby or me is willing to risk leaving it on, or making it worse by turning it on/off for use, so the kitchen has only hot water at the moment. When MrFixIt gets back from his holiday, I'll talk to him about replacing the shut-off.

The X Pen we were given for the dogs has been put to use - not keep the dogs in, but out. Squirmy likes to play with his Lego in the living room (so he can hear his cartoons, plus if he spreads out on the bedroom floor one of us winds up stepping on it) and leave everything set up, but he can't do that with a puppy around. So if an X Pen will keep dogs in, it will also keep them out and thus it has been erected in a corner of the living room. Lego stays inside undisturbed and uneaten

TheGirl is nearly fearless. It took TheDog until he was six months old before he would even attempt an open style stair. TheGirl is up our open style back stairs like there's no tomorrow. Scares the crap outta me, but she's doing it with no hesitation. Going down is another issue, but that applies to all stairs right now... though we can see an improvement in just a week. TheGirl can now sit when given the command and, for the most part, lets us know when she needs to widdle. We strung up bells on all the doors and she does use them, but also plays with them so you really have to listen. Whimpering at or near a door is another way she lets us know. There hasn't been an accident in the house today and only one at work so she is getting house-trained.

Hubby is starting to work on TheDog's American Championship next. TheDog is registered with the AKC, hubby has his new passport... Squirmy, Mommy and TheGirl are not going. Thanks, but no thanks - hubby can do this one by himself.

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