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Monday, April 18, 2011 at 953pm
Well, TheGirl arrived on the 10th... along with her brother. Hubby said my face was a mix of horror and promised death (to him) when he hauled both puppies out of the car. Thankfully, the second puppy was with us only for a short time - we were a stop-over on his way to US to live with TheDog's sister and father. But those few days were mighty interesting with three dogs and a very excited boy.

TheGirl has been interesting. She is going to be a counter-surfer (something this breed is known for) as she's already trying to get up on them; she's a thief of slippers, mine of course just like TheDog; and, I think she'll be the dominant dog. At ten weeks she's already shoving TheDog aside to get at whatever she wants that he has... and TheDog just steps aside.

For the first bit, TheGirl is coming to work with me (oh thank you R!) so hubby can get some sleep when he comes home. TheDog has a nap at the same time and doesn't need to get up to piddle like a puppy does. Hubby thinks next week he can manage with both dogs at home, but I'm thinking that's pushing things a bit.

After twelve cancellation requests and a report filed with the BBB in Orlando, eVerity (aka eCrapity) finally stopped sending me payment notices and canceled my account. Absolutely ridiculous and even now, after two months they have not renewed the security certificate. That place is going down and any one who joins up at this point is a fool. No complaints about the new host, though I haven't had time to do much of my own stuff. I really do want to play around with the SQL stuff and MrFixIt gave me a good idea for another project I want to experiment with. Maybe in a few months when the current project has completed.

Since the last post, all I've really done in my spare time is work on the Specialty section (except for now - this is the first break I've had). Incomplete information, changing information or requirements, wrong people put as contacts... and now have proof this woman doesn't really read what is sent to her, just skims through for the gist. She's very sweet, just not very organized. I swear, I've remade one of the forms nine times because she can't the right information to me the first time. From the e-mail chain, it looks like there's a veteran organizer helping the woman out... thank the goddess.

There's been a nasty bug going 'round - one warehouseman and my co-working got it. It's the lovely kind where both ends run, you feel like a truck ran over your entire body and you're praying for death. Sounds like R's younger daughter is working on it too.

I'm now convinced I've developed allergies. One ear was blocked, not completely but just enough to give me a weird echo thing happening with every noise and a wicked ringing in the ear. When the other ear started making noise like it wanted to join in and goop was running down the back of my throat, I called uncle and hit the pharmacy. Instead of decongestants - that I tried last time this happened, thinking it was an old sinus problem flaring up - I bought OTC allergy meds. Two doses and both ears are clear and no more goop either.

Hubby picked us up new cell phones and a new custom contract. Our old contract expired last month and hubby has been shopping around. As he decided to stick with our old provider and they had a workable (but not perfect) package he went in to get the ball rolling... until they wanted to charge him a fee for line set up. Majorly pissed hubby off (more so because the reps in the store wouldn't or couldn't help him and directed hubby to call customer service) so he went shopping around again. The one he was going to go with offered to waive their set up fee (what is this bullshit anyway?), had the phones hubby wanted and they'd twiddle the package(s) a bit. Hubby gave our old provider one last shot, calling customer service. The rep wouldn't or couldn't do anything but when hubby said he was then moving our business suddenly Retentions could do wonders for him. I won't get into the whole scene at the local store (just glad I wasn't there) but hubby walked out with two new phones and two custom plans. He's got an iPhone (oh lord) and I've got a Crackberry. Do I know what I'm doing with it? Hell, no... but I've got it to import my old contact list and I can make calls; the rest will come later.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 1033pm
Where to begin...

We get a new dog - TheGirl - on April 10. Not the dog we were expecting, but when your breeder says "I need a home for this little girl, one where I know she'll be loved and safe", one has a hard time saying no. TheGirl will have our breeders kennel name and she's a first cousin of TheDog - his mother and the father of TheGirl are litter-mates. Puppy-proofing has begun. Spent two hours cleaning the kitchen a couple weekends back - all excess items from the counter removed, lower cupboards secured and anything edible removed. Squirmy is griping (a bit) at not being able to play with his Lego upstairs while watching TV (can do it downstairs, but not up) and he's worried about his stuffies receiving excess "mouth hugs" however we've figured out how to keep everyone safe and still allow the cat access to his favorite napping place (Squirmy's bed).

I have discovered a new way to make myself insane - turn on the logging for the router and the firewall. Gezzu! Port scans up the wazoo, ninety-nine percent (yes, I figured it all out) from China.

The router was giving me a few fits (played with some settings I should have left alone) so in an effort to figure out where I screwed up, I turned on the logging feature. Dumb move! That being said, I have added some really cool tools to Ubbie and some informative/interesting web sites to my bookmarks. Nmap is the most wicked tool, even network tools the latest iteration of the OS came with is interesting to play around with... but Nmap is the neatest. Interpreting the results of all these programs and logs is... daunting. Like what the hell is "tcpwrapped"? The explanation I've found, while I can get the gist, is still over my head. And when you probe for open ports it makes a difference which side of the firewall(s) you probe from. Scared the crap outta myself when I probed this machine and it came back with four "open" ports. Probed it again from the router side and again from an outside-my-network 'puter and both probes came back with nothing open - as it should be - but for about an hour I was in full paranoid mode. The lesson here is - don't go through the logs and, for the love of the goddess, don't set the logs to maximum and record every little burp!

More work for the National Specialty dribbled in this past week. The woman running the show this year is, well... from her e-mails, she appears to be a scatterbrained person. Her e-mails are almost 'stream of consciousness' type things and it can take forever to figure what information should go where. I'll be glad when this years Specialty is done!
Since I'll have more time for the 2012 (and the organizers are better organized!) I'm going to try automating some aspects. There a trophy sponsorship form I'd like to try making into an HTML form, same for the volunteer form. Reading up on how to do forms since it's been so long since I've made anything other than the very basic 'contact-us' type of form. So far, I can see I've forgotten a lot, but at least the tutorials are a thousand times better than they used to be!
No word on the members-only password-protected area yet. I think the BoD moves very slowly, almost glacially.

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