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March 13, 2011 at 919pm
I've barely left the computer and the BBC feeds. Dear goddess... I can't find words to adequately convey the depth of my sorrow for the people of Japan.

From a quasi-science point of view, the quake and tsunami have been fascinating (when I can separate the "science" side from the "human" side). I've learned more about tsunamis than I ever knew before - how they're formed, why they're formed and - dear goddess above - their awesome power. There are some incredible first hand videos of the tsunami hitting various areas and you can understand how so many buildings fell and why surviving one is so bloody miraculous.

Learning more about nuclear reactors, at least the type in Japan... I'm not sure I ever really wanted to know. I've long had almost a paranoia regarding nuclear material - there must have been a key moment in my growing up years but I can't pinpoint it. However, the science around the reactors, the how/why they work and the how/why they fail is fascinating.

The devastation on the coast is unreal, like something out an end-of-the-world story. When I look at the scenes of destruction, it's hard to grasp the enormity of it all - there's nothing for me, a non-resident non-visitor, to compare it to in my minds eye. It all becomes more understandable, graspable, when you look at some of the amazing before/after photos. Picasa Web Albums has an amazing set of photos - ABC News has an incredible set of interactive photos (these ones are the best) - the New York Times also has a good set of interactive photos.

Apart from the BBC , I managed to find a newsfeed from Japan, NHK World. It is in Japanese but translated (thank the goddess, my Japanese is limited to a few common phrases) and offers different information than the out-of-country news feeds do. For example, the tsunami reached approximately five kilometers inland - haven't heard that on any of the other news feeds.

NASA's Terra satellite has an interesting before/after shots showing the extent of the flooding. This site is interesting to read through.

We who have not been through something like this can never fully understand, but please know our hearts and thoughts are with you all. Be strong, prevail.

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Friday, March 11, 2011 at 910pm
OMG... all day, been watching the Japan earthquake on the BBC. My thoughts and heart are with everyone in Japan.

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