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February 26, 2011 at 1100pm
DNS propagation has reached the western side of Canada - hooray.

After inexcusable customer service (more on that to follow), I've jumped to a new host. Uploaded everything last night, changed the name servers this morning. I hate moving hosts.

For over a week, I've been trying to contact my old hosting service. Since they'd restructured their plans, I wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting upon renewal (plan expires Feb 28) and I was looking at moving a site I work on to my host since I'd been rather impressed with them. This was last weekend. No reply Saturday or Sunday, which is fine since they weren't really high priority questions. After going through the stats, I decided to stick with them even if I ended up the lower package and I'd save a couple bucks. Hit the main site to log into my account and renew... only to be greeted with an expired security certificate and no way of logging in. Logged into the hosting side of things, since I remembered seeing a 'contact support' type thing there; filed a ticket. Ticket bounced back to me. Next step - dig through old e-mails to find a direct address. The address for the billing department is not read by humans and is for outgoing, not incoming communications. Dig some more, find the address for the owner (and many hat person), e-mail him direct - no response at all.

By Friday morning, I'm pissed - hosting is going to run out in a couple days and PE will drop off the 'Net. Dig through ''Whois" records and find phone numbers - the toll-free line is disconnected, the regular line is out of service. The only way to contact this company is via the online ticket system, that I can't log into because the security cert has expired and the entire client log in area is gone. A good sign this is not.

Everity had a great reputation, excelling in customer service. Their handling of the attack on the Carpathia server was excellent and they went so far as to offer some nice 'compensation' perks to clients who stuck it out. So what the hell happened? At this point, that's all I really want to know.

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February 25, 2011 at 731pm
F-locked post
Sunday, February 20, 2011 at 850pm
I now own a 1TB drive... sweet! They were so well priced, hubby overruled all my objections and got it. I've got a bunch of stuff on discs that I'd like to hear/watch but I'm too damn lazy to go get the discs each time; now there's room to dump it all on the drive and access it at my leisure.

Having a bitch of a time reloading the music files from the CD's. Ubbie will read some files, but not others; Squirmy's machine will read some of those, but not others. I need to get everything I can into one place then re-burn the entire collection before I lose everything.

And I just discovered a huge directory of unlabeled mp3's. These must have come from Squirmy's machine as I recall removing a shit-ton of files when I was given the computer that's now his. Oh dear god...

Finally got some more info for one of the sub-site jobs... info from 2001! The 'event' for 2011 is being held in the same place as it was in 2001 so rather than provide new information for posting on the web site for members, the co-chair scanned in the old info and said to use that. Nevermind that half the names of the hotels/campgrounds had changed, the e-mail addresses listed were out of date but I'm pretty damn sure the same seminar is not being given this year nor are any of the quoted prices remotely the same. What should have been a thirty to forty-five minute update took nearly two hours because I"ll be damned if I am posting obviously incorrect information. My Google-fu was tested and shone once again.

Interestingly, I heard from the co-chair for the 2012 'event'; she need to confirm my e-mail address since they've got stuff ready to start posting. The 2012 'event' team is organized (!), far moreso than 2011.

As he "is need of a break from gravvies", Hubby applied to temp-posting for 3-shift (four to midnight). Since he was the only one to apply, he got the posting... which has made management utter a groan. Seems they didn't think anyone would apply and were merely waiting for the internal posting time to run out then they (management) could hire from the outside. Now they have to fill hubby's spot, which will be harder to do as graveyard shift is unpopular (for obvious reasons) despite some of the perks that it comes with. Best part is, if something full time comes up at a depot closer to home, or hubby wants to go back on gravvies, he's not locked in.

Making some progress cleaning up the 'puter room. Cleared out a bunch of crap I'd either forgotten I have or haven't touched in four to five years. There's still more to do and clean, but at least I've made a start and can find a few more files. Also added to the electronics dump pile... omg, such a pack-rat! Things have really gotten out of hand - not just in the 'puter room, but all over. Squirmy and I filled the recycling bin twice yesterday when we cleaned up his room and the dining room. Once the weather warms up, we are going to tackle the TV room downstairs - as cluttered as the 'puter room is, the TV room is worse! Since we really only use the room in the summer (cooler downstairs) it hasn't mattered much... until I went looking for something. Yeah, that room has got to be dug out.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 1154pm
Doctor visit for Squirmy and me today. Squirmy checked out fine - fiftieth percentile for height, just under for weight (not a surprise). I got the full exam, complete with "open wide" and notified that I will be having a colonoscopy as soon as it can be arranged. Joy.

Finally found a nice little home finance program - KMyMoney. Pretty straight forward and I wish the budgeting feature could be customized a bit more, but this program will probably do ninety-five percent of what I need. I think it would work for Dad, too, but it's not a WinCrap program. Hrm... could be the incentive needed to set him up with a separate Linux box in the TV room. Anyway, spent Thurs night getting used to the way things need to be set up and entered then got everything from Jan 1 forward entered on Friday. One major complaint - when you select your 'country', the Canada option is French *spit* only.

Might be delving into a "members only" set up for one of the web sites (not the pay one, unfortunately). It's been quite a while since paid much attention to anything other than gross-protecting development directories, so it made for interesting reading on how to set up individual users and passwords. If the Board decides that is what they want, it should be fairly straight forward to implement. Frankly, I hope the Board does go in the direction they're thinking of - the site could be a great communication tool for the membership.

Speaking of sites... now that PE has had its face lift, one of the sub-sites is going to get has had a minor retooling. Been tossing around a new design for it as well, but the three possibles are so widely different I've got to play around some more first.

TheDog has his last beginners agility class tomorrow; in two weeks he'll start the next level. From the quick search I did, there are a number of Trials around the LM. No idea if hubby will enter TheDog in any, or when.

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Monday, February 7, 2011 at 1004pm
The greeter log for Ubbie still shows a bunch of crap - failed this, pager needs to be fixed, something else "shouldn't happen!". No closer to figuring out why and right now I don't care. The machine still works and does what I need it to. Note to self: keep waving the chicken.

Squirmy is coming down with something so he went to bed early tonight. Put the extra couple hours to good use - fixed up M&D's old machine. Not without some headaches (literally, when I fell of one chair and hit my head on the other) but Mint is currently installing on the machine. Unfortunately, not from the DVD but the CD. The burn seemed to go okay, so did the verification (at least, there were no errors noted) so it could be the DVD's themselves. I think the ones I have here are the crap ones - the good ones I took to M&D's to burn off the required recovery disks for their new beast (that I still haven't done).

Anyway, the goal is to make Minty a mirror of Ubbie. The only differences (besides the OS) will be some hardware; Minty's CPU is slower but she's got a gig of memory (found a stick of DDR400 I'd forgotten I had). Since I wrote down (for a change) what programs I need for Ubbie, I'll install the same ones on Minty and do a some side by side comparisons... hopefully in a couple days since I've been ignoring the budget and some other work while I redid PE and dug through Ubbies logs.

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Saturday, February 4, 2011 at 1145pm
Have I said how much I "love" computers lately? Fucking hell.

Trying to figure out why Amarok keeps partially takes out the audio - as in, toasts itself, won't allow another music player to use sound, but sound for anything else works just fine - resulted in digging through the logs (holy crap are there a lot) and making all sorts of discoveries that I didn't want to know about.

Oh! And then it started taking for fucking-ever to bring up a log-in upon a reboot, then there was an odd message about the Power Management daemon and unless you made the "right" selection the damn machine would fucking hang! And lets not forget the USB hub that suddenly went bad (wtf?), but it could be just the cable instead (huh?).

Today I've learned (besides that I "love" computers) that I have no idea why Ubbie3 is still running. Really. Given the error messages I've been seeing (ones that included the words 'this shouldn't happen!') I don't know why I can still see anything on the screen, or why programs are still running. I would like a new / new-to-me system that is on par with Ubbie3 so I could reload the OS completely from scratch (including the /home directory) and see if the problems can be reproduced. The one good thing I learned today was how to set the DEBUG for X on and off. Can I interpret the messages? Maybe, if I'm lucky, and eighth of them. Thank the farking gods for Google!

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Friday, February 3, 2011 at 1042pm
So I've been hiding from myself and my thoughts by keeping myself occupied with overhauling PE (see the f-locked post). For the most part, it's done and will be going online asap. Not totally happy with it, but I never am. I've been forced to go through everything (omg - pack rat city!), clean up and toss out a lot of crap that should have gone years ago.

Screwed up my back - probably from lifting Squirmy - and have spent the last week seeing the Chiro every couple days. The first truly bad day (conveniently the day before my regular Chiro appointment) was hell and I walked like someone who'd taken a dump in their pants (or so R said). Every time I got up, Squirmy was right there asking if I needed help and putting my arm over his shoulders for support. Very sweet.

The driver's door on my car has a small issue when it's cold - it doesn't like to close. Which, needless to say, makes driving interesting.

When it's cold enough that the windows need scraping, the door handle sticks - it may or may not latch closed, with no real rhyme or reason. Going from the house to daycare, it won't latch properly and I have to hold the door closed as we drive the block-and-a-half. Once at daycare, it may latch when I take Squirmy inside... or it may not. Driving from daycare to work, it usually latches though one morning I had to spend five minutes fiddling with the door and handle before it would latch. It's a pain, one I haven't told hubby about, but it only happens when it gets really cold out.

Still haven't done anything about setting up one of the other 'puters to play around on. I did find two more oldies sitting in a closet downstairs, thus the total number of 'puters (working and not) is up to ten desktops and two laptops. Next project - whittle that down! The two downstairs can go straight to recycling; two, possibly three upstairs can go after having a couple parts stripped; I'll try a new power supply on Blackie and see if that revives him, if not he's outta here too; and the old Fujitsu laptop gets the HDD pulled, smashed and then off to recycling. I've already been through the boxes of spare parts and pitched a lot (ISA cards? when were those last used?).

Squirmy has grown out of his current shoes before he destroyed them. Pants he continues to blow the knees out of before he's grown out of them. And sox... omg... I've tossed about half his sox in the last month because he's blown the toes and/or heels. He is just going to make it through this winter with his current winter jacket, so I'll start looking to replace it now as winter sales should be gearing up soon. Given the way Squirmy has grown over the last few months, I'm suspecting that very little of his spring/summer clothing is going to fit.

His majesty came to work with me for a few hours (I love being able to do this) and played with Reb's little poodle. Squirmy got his face thoroughly tongue-washed and was most upset when daddy arrived to take him home. Dog and boy were absolutely adorable together.

Work continues well, though not without a complication here and there. For some reason, vacation time isn't showing up on the paystubs correctly. At first, I thought it was because one employee had a number of carry-over hours when we made the program switch in October, but it's all employees displaying this problem. I couldn't figure out the number of hours available for anyone and had to call the accountant for help. She had a bitch of a time, too - the YTD totals we entered for each employee weren't showing up correctly on the reports and she had to hand create a spreadsheet so we knew where each employee stood. Thank the gods there's only three employees who need vacation time tracked. Given the whatever going on with the YTD entries, I'm concerned about how this will affect the T4's I've got to do this month. You can be sure I'll be checking and cross-checking the numbers very carefully.

Getting product the last month or so has been interesting. Weather complications have made getting the products into our warehouse a pain-in-the-ass. Manufacturing plants don't operate if workers can't get in, product doesn't reach our warehouse if the trucks can't move. When the foul, snowy weather hits, there's not much anyone can do. It's amazing how many people/places can't grasp these facts and expect one to pull fifty bags of corn flour out of thin air (or their ass).

TheDog had his two-year x-rays (a requirement from our breeder) and some minor surgery on the same day. It took our breeder (who's also a vet with her own clinic) five tries before she was happy with the hip x-rays. TheDog had to be sedated for the x-rays and eventually knocked right out for the removal of a sebaceous cyst (which was so cool to watch!). I can't look at TheDog's face when he's out cold - the tongue lolling out of the mouth makes me think he's dead. While all this was happening, Squirmy was in the back playing with the breeder's dogs and getting so many licks I wondered why he showered that morning. That kid has really taken to dogs.

Hubby found out, quite by accident, that the CKC will no longer track points for non-members. Previously, if you entered your dog in a CKC show (which all the shows we've entered have been) the CKC kept track of how many points your dog earned. Now, unless you join the CKC the points won't be tracked so if you're on your way to earning a Championship, and you're not a CKC member, your points aren't recorded even if you are keeping count yourself. TheDog already has his Championship, but hubby is going to make a stab at a Grand Championship so he had to join the CKC. He was considering doing it, eventually, so this just pushed him to do it now.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 930pm
F-locked post
February 3, 2011
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