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Saturday, Jan 8, 2011 at 1003pm
OMFG... notes... I now have a binder full of notes for Ubuntu. Wanna convert .avi to .m4v for the iPod? Got the program, but it doesn't say anything (and I obviously didn't write it down last time - idiot!) about needing a certain library/codec thing as well. Same with the iPod program! Oh, music files copy across no problem, but video? HA! Some fucking remote library that the no-help files say nada about. And forget the no-help forums, either - an hour-plus trolling through those with little results versus five minutes on Google. Google is my friend... when I grow up, I'm going to marry Google.

For the most part, I like the new LTS version. As with any new version, there's little differences that pick your ass - window controls on the left (fixed by choosing a different 'theme'), no update notice in the top bar and pref/admin programs moved around. Hrm... I can't find a way to adjust the sound volume without opening the entire 'sound preferences' area. Another minor annoyance I'll have to Google for a solution.

Months ago I read about a new 'tool' coming in the next PS-CS release that, it turns out, had been available for GIMP users (under a different name, but the outcome was the same) for a rather long time. Can't remember what it's called in PS, but in GIMP the tool is called "Resynthesize". OMG... this is the coolest, most aggravating tool I've ever used. Oh, and GIMP no longer 'comes with' the newest Ubuntu; it's been deemed to professional for the average user who really doesn't need anything more than photo-retouching software.

There's a lot I want of programs/setting/tweaks I want to play with, but not on this machine. Here's the incentive to get M&D's machine cleaned off since it's probably the next-best machine in my collection of spares.

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