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Thursday, November 25, 2010 at
The biopsy on Dad's lymph nodes came back. Six of twelve show signs of cancer; that puts him as a T3 N2a M0 if I read everything right, even if I didn't he's still at least a "stage 2.5". Waiting to hear when he starts chemo. Not holding my breath it'll do much good. I love you Daddy.
Monday, November 22, 2010 at 951pm
Dad made a trip to hospital (not the same one) last Monday - severe chest pain that three shots of Nitro didn't touch.

The ambulance arrived, paramedics gave another shot of Nitro and again no affect; put him on oxygen and out to the ambulance. By the time Dad was settled in the ambulance, the pain (which had been a ten) was down to a three and when he got to the hospital (I'm gonna assume the ambulance went code three because of a potential cardiac issue) the pain was gone.

Three-and-a-half days later Dad was released with no indication what had happened. No clots issues, no sign of a stroke or full out heart attack, nothing. Very odd.

On Tuesday PE's web host was hacked. They took down everyone hosted on that particular server and have caused quite the mess. Though PE's homepage currently displays a "hacked by" notice it hasn't been, specifically, compromised. The host site crew are working long and hard to restore the sites, but there's a lot of them and it's slow going - I gather they recovered everything, however all the files are set to 'root' so they're not accessible to the outside world. Since they don't have a clear idea when everything will be fixed, an offer has been made to open a new account on a different server. Not sure very many web hosts would offer that option. I'm not running anything really critical on PE right now so I can wait a bit longer before submitting a ticket for that.

Winter has hit the LM - snow Friday (hardly any where I am) and freezing temps (with wind! yay?) today. Whatever level comes after 'fucking freezing cold', that's how I'd classify it right now. The lights have flickered six times and Ubbie has rebooted once; I fully expect to lose power tonight if this keeps up.

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Friday, November 12, 2010 at 957pm
Dad is going to be released from the hospital tomorrow. He's been in longer than initially expected but, I think, mainly because the system is quite aggressive in trying to keep stays as short as possible. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Had to tech hubby's new computer this week - barely a month old and he'd been hit with some kind of crap, probably the AntiVirus-whatever shit that's still floating around. At least he wasn't smacked to hard (YAY for running in a restricted mode!) but it did alter the registry, making it look like the computer couldn't get online. Since the other profiles could get online just fine, it was a matter of going through the registry of the one profile and deleting the bad pointers. I found it rather interesting that each profile in Win 7 appears to have its own registry. When I logged into the admin profile, or the other profile set up, the registries aren't the same and neither showed the alterations the whatever-virus did in the infected profile.

Ubbie really needs to have his OS upgraded. Have been trying for weeks to either get Flash 10 installed or find out what I'm doing wrong. Turns out Hardy is too old to take it. I have Lucid on disc already, /home is on a separate drive... just have to back up the web files to both drives before beginning. Yeah, I'm going to stick with Ubuntu. Once I get M&D's old computer hooked up, I'll put Mint on that, transfer a bunch of files and put Mint through the paces. But I'm not sure I want to trust everything right away on an untried OS.

I've decided R is walking around with too much in his head. Had to take care of a couple things while he was out today and really had to hunt/dig for phone numbers and e-mail address. I should make a big directory with all the contacts in it, especially since he's going away just before Xmas and I'll have to deal with anything odd that comes up.

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