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Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 1031pm
It has been a busy... eventful, week.

Monday saw Dad at the hospital for a pre-surgery check over, which he passed. Tuesday was prep day for the surgery, drinking a vile concoction to clean him out. Wednesday was a day of nerves, more so for Mom and Sis who went to the hospital with Dad. The surgery, for colon cancer, went very well, nearly textbook according to the doctor. Tumors removed cleanly and the margins were clear so no sign of spreading. He's got a temporary ileostomy for three to six months while the colon heals. That won't be any kind of fun, but at least it's temporary.

Between hubby's work schedule, kid care and distance, I wasn't able to get to the hospital until Saturday. Spent most of the day sitting with Dad talking and snoozing when he did. He seemed pretty good, a little dopey and confuzzled at times but that was nothing unexpected. He'll be in, baring complications, until Friday or Saturday. Mom and I took him some food today (broth and jello) as the stuff the hospital is trying to pass off as food is anything but. The broths are disgustingly salty according to Dad (sounded like Sis agrees) and the jello is sickly sweet. Dad was able to eat the stuff we brought down so at least he'll get something into him.

The Squirmy one went trick-or-treating tonight and hauled home two hundred and four pieces of loot. He had a ball and a couple lightsaber battles when we met up with another Anakin Skywalker and a Luke Skywalker. MiL, SiL and DevilChild accompanied us and I think they had as much fun as Squirmy.

TheDog had a very big weekend as this was "big show" weekend in Abby. We now have to address TheDog as "Sir Champion"! He and hubby did it - got the final three point! TheDog got a special rosette saying "New Champion" and hubby had the traditional picture done as well as one including our Breeder (she was there showing one of her girls). Needless to say, TheDog got a bit spoiled tonight.

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Monday, October 18, 2010 at 949pm
TheDog picked up two more points on Thanksgiving weekend, bringing his total to seven. Go ASotH! Next show is at the end of the month.

Hubby got things straightened out with the CKC. They did get the correct results sent to them, despite what BC Dog Shows has posted on their site.

Inherited M&D's old 'puter - WinCrap crapped out and refused to boot any more and rather than me fixing it, they got a newer, faster 'puter. Since it's WinCrap7 there are a couple programs that just won't work on it, won't even install. Not sure what he's going to do about that.

Their old computer is, with a memory upgrade, usable. Maybe a CPU upgrade if I can find the right one and it's not too expensive. Even though memory is a cheap upgrade, it's still more than I can handle right now. Yesterday, I thought I'd come out ahead money-wise. Today, I found out I shouldn't do math on Sunday. Royally screwed the calculations and the 'extra' is gone, along with some of the savings. Fuck me.

Replaced hubby's 'puter this weekend - nice machine, should handle anything he can throw at it. Thought I could use the memory out of his old one in one of the other machines, but no go. That old computer was running on RAMBUS! Oh my god, I haven't seen that type of memory for eons! I'll strip the sound card, NIC and HDD out, but probably junk the rest. My 'puter room looks like a 'puter graveyard again.

A cousin was married on Saturday and if she hadn't been the one in the white dress, I wouldn't have recognized her. Not surprising, since the last time I saw her was probably at her middle sisters' wedding 8 or 9 years ago. The father-of-the-bride (my uncle) is still an ass. The only nice thing about the whole thing was seeing the brides' sisters and the middle sister performing the ceremony - nicely done C, you were great.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 955pm
Oh dear goddess, is it the weekend yet?

Went in on Saturday for five hours to get the new QB2010 up and running. Went fairly smoothly with a few minor (and not unexpected) issues. The "mass entry" was good and balanced, even if two accounts were off where they should have been by an obscene amount. I knew why and how to fix it, but needed to wait until Monday to check with accountant as to the fix. Some costing is out of line a bit, but we know why and how to compensate for it.

When Monday rolled around and the QB2010 went into full use, there were a few more issues - field positioning on invoices was off (hid the postal code when put in an envelope) and someone used the wrong invoice template so I had to manually switch those ones over to the correct template before I could delete the wrong one. And all the comment lines on the invoices are printing 0.00 in the amount column. According to everything I've been able to find/read, this shouldn't be happening.

Tuesday saw the real problem reared its head. With some customers, we e-mail their invoices instead of mailing. My QB2010 refused to e-mail anything and kept saying an Outlook profile could not be found. Bullshit of the nth degree as I have one and if I didn't Outlook wouldn't send/receive mail, nor would QB2007 be able to send e-mail. I spent a good portion of the day - and my evening - searching for answers.

Tried everything I could to fix the problem today - "repairing" QB2010, creating a new profile and making it the default (absolutely could not outright delete the profile in there as I'd no idea if I'd lose all my e-mail), uninstalled and reinstalled - and nothing worked. Only option left open was to call Intuit tech support and pay for service.

I'd like to thank Pardeep for his assistance. Not long into our conversation he seemed to realize I wasn't his average user, even going so far as to say I "sound a little techy" (though, with his obvious Indian accent, it sounded like something different at first). The tone of his assistance changed, making a very frustrating event easier to deal with. Everything he found as a possible solution either didn't work or I'd already tried (but I did it again anyway). After two hours of trying things, I had to delete everything QB2007 and 2010 related, rename any remaining folders and reinstall QB2010... then call back. Because Murphy was sitting on my shoulder, none of that worked. The last thing, I wanted to do was call MS for Outlook so Pardeep had one more thing to try before doing that - update Outlook. Um... no way to do that from within Outlook 2002, but there was a Repair option. Hit that, let it do it's thing and lo and behold, I could e-mail invoices from QB2010. Son-of-a-fucking-whore! It sounded like, if he could, Pardeep would have stood on his chair and dance. He'd never encountered this problem before and it had become a matter of personal pride to solve it. Well Pardeep, you have my gratitude. And when you send the CS survey, expect high marks. I'll see if everything is still working tomorrow since Windows did updates before I left work tonight.

Needless to say, I'm two days behind on my work... the only constructive thing I've managed to do is empty the AR/AP cabinets and enter a handful of bills. And there's a CFIA inspection happening Tuesday so we've got to prepare for that as well.

On the home front, I've been trying to solve the damn video issue on Ubbie3.2. I know I said it was the video card and I was just going to replace the sucker, but the symptoms were still not sitting well with me. Reading the Ubuntu forums I could find very similar problems, mainly revolving around the new Lucid Lynx, but some of things to try could be done on Hardy Heron - like checking certain log files after a freeze. Holy crap, there are more damn log files than you can shake a stick at! None of the common ones listed in the log area offered any clues, however I found a reference in another post about a GDM log. Once I located it, there was a lovely warning/error message about my GART memory. Yeaaaaah... Google is my friend, I love Google, it found Tirdc's LJ post. Though it appears GART memory applies to the AGP interface (I'm running PCIe 1.0), it offered a starting point I didn't have previously. After more searching/reading - and trying to remember how to use Terminal to access the xorg.conf file - a line was added to the Device category to actually "set" the GART size (default is 8MB, which is way too low). I am now running the latest kernel, have FF open with 4 tabs and Amarok is serenading me, something previously undoable with this kernel. The flash games I've been playing actually play properly and there's no colored static at all. Oh, also turned of Compiz (screen effects). So no new vid card for me - it's obvious I do not need one.

Hubby will be conversing with the CKC regarding the show he went to in August on the Island. BC Dog Shows posted the results on their site and they're wrong, even the guy at BCDS said so. For starters, there's no way a Reserve Winner can win Best of Breed; the judge screwed up when writing things down. I guess the results have been submitted to the CKC already, hence the need to involve them in straightening out the situation. It's only two points, but dammit, TheDog earned those points!

TheDog has a show this Thanksgiving weekend and the big show is at the end of October again. Hubby says even if TheDog gets his championship this weekend (AHAHHAHA), he's still going in the Abbotsford show. I think there's a show in November, and for sure there is one in December and that one is a Flattie Booster so there will be lots of Flatties present. That is always fun!

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