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Monday, September 27, 2010 at 1043pm
Fuck you. You've further proved I made the right choice.
Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 832pm
After much tearing things apart and reconfiguring, an old Athlon 900 mhz is in service as the LinuxMint 'puter. Installed slick-as-snot (love that saying) and it really is as easy to use as I thought. Downloaded some extra packages (primarily web-related) but haven't configured them yet. There a couple pain-in-the-ass differences between Mint and Ubuntu, but I'm sure it's because I'm so used to Ubuntu now. Mint really does have a WinDoze feel to it. Oh, and its default is window control icons on the RIGHT... where they belong.

The time has come for new 'puters for both hubby and me. His desperately needs replacing and Ubbie3.2 is in need of a new video card. While a vid card is cheaper than a whole new 'puter, I haven't had anything new (as opposed to new-to-me) in over ten years. The vid card still works, but it is failing and I really can't do much at the same time without freezing the system, but Ubbie3.2 will still work fine as a test machine. I've found the system(s) I want now it's just a matter of putting aside a couple more dollars and ordering the suckers.

Managed to get rid of more junk - old and dead TV, computer, monitor, cable box and routers. Two more bags of clothing got the heave too. There are three rooms I really need to go through - my 'puter room (can do that any time), the closet in Squirmy's room (can only do that on weekends) and the tool room downstairs (only when hubby isn't home). The latter room is... oh my god, if the freezer weren't so large I'm sure it would be lost in there. If I can get the tool room organized, I might be able to shuffle in some stuff from the family room. That's another room that needs a good weeding out, but there's no room to shuffle anything to.

Squirmy was assigned a class and a teacher last week. Single teacher, a grade one/two split. I didn't mind that, but everyone else (except Squirmy) seemed to. While I could understand their reasons, the resounding "oh, that's too bad" rather picked me. At least Squirmy wasn't assigned the class where there were two teachers splitting the week - that I would not accept under any circumstances. I don't feel that works, especially when the two teachers have very different styles of teaching. But any concerns are moot now. The school has obtained another teacher so most of the grade one's and two's are being shuffled around, Squirmy being one of them. He'll be in a solely grade 2 class with a brand new teacher on Monday. Squirmy's only concern is that his "Kilometer Club" points won't transfer with him when he changes classes/teachers.

Next week the push will be on at work. Fiscal year-end is September 30 and on top of a full physical inventory, we're firing up the new QuickBooks. Spent most of last Friday talking with the Accountant (can't wait to see that bill!) going over what I'd already done, what I still had to do and how to manage some aspects. I think October 1 will be a full day of importing all the lists, reconciling the bank, AR and AP accounts and double-checking the TB. If that part goes smoothly, then I should be able to get the opening balances plugged into QB2010. If not, then the latter gets done Saturday. I would like to have the last half of Saturday to test the PO, PS and invoicing, but can also do that on the Sunday if I have to. What I don't want is to come in Monday - when we're back in full operation - and discover something doesn't work right.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 928pm
Inherited an Acer LCD monitor (thank you R!) and, dear goddess!, I have screen real estate! Compared to my old CRT monitor, this thing is massive screen-wise.

Along with the monitor were two oldish 'puters of similar age. Figured between the two, I could make one 'puter for playing around and have some slightly more up-to-date parts for the others. The one I could get the most memory into, memory I happen to have a fair bit of, has a slagged mobo. R thought it was the power supply, but I swapped that one out for a known good one. No post, no beeps, no nothing! The other 'puter I don't have enough memory for (R was running both machines with a stick of 256 - I wonder how long it took WinCrap to load!). Murphy showed up as both computers use different memory - one uses PC133 and the other PC2100 (the former I have tons of, the latter I don't). So no new-to-me 'puter, but I've got some nice parts: two AGP 8x vid cards, USB 2.0 expansion card, sound card, two NIC's and two very decent PSU's. Also unearthed a couple HDD's from another carcas that was tucked in a corner. A trip to the electronics recycling center is needed as I'm fast running out of room to move.

Now that I have a new monitor, the older one can be relocated on Squirmy's desk. The one he's using is old, so old Ubuntu barely recognizes it. Once that's done, Squirmy is moving off WinCrap and over to Linux. His Ubuntu 10.04 machine is ready to go, however I've also been reading about LinuxMint. It's based on Ubuntu, so I won't have to learn something totally new, but it looks better organized, slicker, more Win-like (hrm... might work for my folks then...). It looks very interesting, so interesting I'm going to wipe Ubuntu and install LinuxMint on Squirmy's 'puter. Really, it takes no time to install and configure the basics and if I like it better than Ubuntu, I'll use Mint myself.

Hubby tried to slice off his finger on Sunday. Was cutting up a fish into meal-sized portions and got himself; bled like a stuck pig until he got a crap-load of steri-strips on it. Should have gone to the hospital for a couple stitches (yes, that deep and if it were me I would have been forced to go) but he nixed that idea and has been changing the outer bandaging (gauze and tape) daily, checking for infection. So far, so good.

Squirmy is back in school... sorta. The first week is so damn useless. The kids aren't assigned a teacher/class until next Monday, after all the kids have been counted and sorted. For now, they have their teacher from the previous year and do-nothing kind of work.

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