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Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 902pm
Fics read 4/04 - 8/19

Harry Potter - Adrenaline Rush  by crystallekil
Harry Potter - What He Wants  by delicatetruth
Harry Potter - Hogsmen, The  by jamie2109
Sentinel - Taste of TimeFinding Their Way  by Legion
Harry Potter - Rising From the Ashes  by oldenuf2nobetter
Harry Potter - Who Can Stand &nbps;by oldenuf2nobetter
Harry Potter - Who Fell As Beautifully As Their Ballads Tell  by LiteraryBeauty
Harry Potter - Scratching the Itch and StI - Part 2  by Samayel
Harry Potter - Nature of Guilt Need Desire, The  by Calanthe
Harry Potter - Darken Many Virtues  by Addictedkitten
Harry Potter - (The) Argument  by Flutesong
Harry Potter - Moonlight  by Aylin
Harry Potter - Heat Lightening  by Chiya
Harry Potter - Bond  by Anna Fugazzi
Harry Potter - Blue Vase  by Ivyblossom
Harry Potter - Choices  by Chiya (h/d)
Harry Potter - Just Like This  byJackson Rayne
Harry Potter - Disintegrate  by rurounihime
Harry Potter - Disturbing the Peace  by MoonflowerRose
Weiss Kreuz - As Good as a Drink  by VR2LBast
Weiss Kreuz - Worst of Evils, The  by writingrose (rosaleendhu)
Weiss Kreuz - Stripped  by Viridian5
Weiss Kreuz - Half-Life  by Viridian5
Weiss Kreuz - Walking on Hell  by scribblemoose
Firefly - Way Things Turn, The  by evilmaniclaugh

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Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 944pm
Squirmy's room is done. Got the ceiling painted August 2. What a shitty job - thank the gods I put on a shower cap or my hair would have been as covered as the rest of me.

Hubby and Squirmy went to a dog show the following weekend and I stayed home to work on, hopefully, finishing up the room. Picked up the paint Friday night and had the first coat done by midnight (too much talking on the phone when I first got home). Did discover that when I paint for three-plus hours, I develop all the symptoms of a major allergy attack. My nose was running and I could barely see through swollen, itchy, burning eyes to finish the final wall.

Worked in shorter stints Saturday - did the valance and underside in the morning, followed by some small jobs, then painted two walls, took another break, painted the last two, showered and had a nap. Around dinner-time, painted the second coat onto the valance and underside. leaning the floor (since I forgot to cover it when doing the plaster and undercoating) took a good three-and-a-half hours. Thankfully, it is hardwood and not carpet - a little water and elbow grease is all it took to clean it.

Moved the furniture in Sunday afternoon and got it all arranged (different configuration) then let the room sit for a week for the paint to cure.

This weekend, Squirmy and I went through all his toys and books before putting them back in the room and was able to get rid of about two garbage bags worth of stuff. Washed the new sheets, made a trip up to Metrotown Mall (kill me) to get a couple Star Wars posters. The room theme is Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Dinosaurs. The room was ready to go last night, but it was too damn hot to sleep upstairs.

The dog show was successful. TheDog picked up two more points, bringing him up to five total - half way to a championship title. Since the show was in Saanichton, everyone stayed with MiL and FiL. Squirmy got in a few hours at the beach in Sidney to gather glass and the beach near MiL had to dead bull seals on it. In between shows, Hubby helped FiL repair the sprinker system.

Squirmy is off camping with SiL's family this week, home for a week, then off to stay with MiL and FiL. August has been a busy month for my boy.

The heat has been stupid around here for the last couple days. Too hot to much more than die on the couch. The large floor fan bit the dust today. Lousy timing, but it was getting on and has been used pretty heavily through it's ten years of service. Due to finances and lack of availability, we'll wait for a bit before replacing it.

Discovered a spot in the new shower that we hadn't caulked well enough - where the base of the shower board meets the tub water has been getting in and the shower board is slightly swollen and discoloured. Back to using the downstairs shower (which isn't in great shape) while the upstairs is caulked and cured. Should be ready to use again by tomorrow night. Pity we can't do any more reno-type stuff, I'm getting good at it.

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