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Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 812am
Still working on Squirmy's room *sigh*. Between still being a beginner and the amount of plaster/sanding work that was needed, it took about three weeks to get Squirmy's room up to a paintable standard. Doing under the valance was a total pain-in-the-ass. It is not perfect and never will be unless I tear everything out and start from scratch.

Primed everything (two coats with 3 over some) and picked out a color (more by the elimination method than a choice method) and now waiting for the weather to cool down so I can paint again. Ceiling has to be done, there is no getting around it. It's a textured (popcorn) ceiling and, for added fun, there's a ceiling fan. Shoot me now.

Really hasn't been a whole lot happening the last month. Weather too hot, Squirmy having a blast at daycare, playing more on the Wii...

Ah, the Wii. Hooked up the Fit portion of it for something to do one night. Some excercise is better than none and it looked interesting when hubby and Squirmy were playing around with it. Lot of interesting and different games and I figured I could get the high score on one of them (I rarely get to keep a high score with the other two around). Tried the ski jumping and hit a hot streak so I played for an hour. Big mistake for someone who isn't very physical to begin with. Ended up screwing up my back and visiting the Chiro for a week. Have since learned to stretch first (the Yoga portion is good for that) and to hold myself differently. Oh, and I do have the high score on that, and three other games!

New neighbours to the left of us but haven't seen much of them. He's been working on the yard a lot, really cleaning it up. She's been working on the inside I assume, since we haven't seen much of her. So far, they're nice and quiet.

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