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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 922pm
Bathroom Reno

On June six - six months and three days later - the bathroom reno was completed. It is, as I suspected it would be, the nicest room in the house (dammit!). It took forever to complete (hardly a surprise given the number of issues we had) but it's done. Long live the upstairs bathroom, thank you downstairs bathroom for being there and stepping up to the plate when required.

Squirmy's Birthday This year, Squirmy really wanted a party at Crash Crawly's. He's never had a big party, like many of his friends, so we said okay - but only if hubby and SiL manned it. Me and noisy crowds (as well as the high level of stupidity of the adults at these places) tends to push me straight over the edge of what little sanity I have.

Ten invites went out on June 1 for the party on June 12, with an RSVP deadline of June 9. More than enough notice and time. On the fourth, I ran into one of the mothers at the school carnival - she said her daughter would come. By the eighth, I'd heard from two other parents and one more called on the tenth. The day of the party, forty-five minutes into the party, I heard from another parent saying her daughters were coming and would be there soon. They eventually got there an hour-and-a-half after the party had started. The mother's excuse for not calling sooner? She was "soooo busy". Fuck you - I work a full-time job, take care of a house, kid and dog as well as the web work I do at night and I can manage to find the three minutes it takes to call to say my kid will come to a party.

I managed - with the help of Paxil - to make it through the entire party (with a twenty-five minute break to go pick up the cake). Squirmy wasn't expecting mommy to be there at all, so he was very happy I was able to stick around.

Squirmy's Bedroom

Squirmy's bedroom - having been used as the storage and staging area for the reno - was filthy. Layer upon layer of dust (regular, drywall, cement board and plaster) covered everything, including the walls. After removing the worst of the dust, a good washing of the walls was required. Once things were pulled back from said walls and I got up close and personal with them, I determined they needed painting too. this was a task I could do myself while hubby was away fishing. It couldn't possibly be that simple though, could it? As I washed the walls, I kept seeing little grooves, like where drywall meets that hadn't been properly taped and filled. Okay, add some plastering to the task - some nail/screw holes had to be filled anyway. Again, not as simple as it sounds. It wasn't drywall seams but wallpaper seams! The moron who had the house before us simply painted over the existing wall paper (a lovely brown and gold floral pattern!) without any kind of prep work. There's also "drips", near the ceiling and solid as a rock, that I suspect is uncleaned up wallpaper paste (they were also painted over) and numerous assorted lumps and bumps. These need to be removed (may as well do the job fully and right now instead of later) before painting can begin.

And then we get to the valance area. Since curtains are not going up again, I took down the rods. As I'm unscrewing them, I'm getting a really close-up view of the underside of the valance, and it's not looking pretty. There was a brown and painted-over-white plastic-y looking coating on the upper underside. Well, that had to go as it looked like crap and I wasn't going to plaster or paint over plastic. Removing it was a chore - sticky underside pressed against raw, unfinished cedar (or possibly fir) plank (gezzu fucking christ) and for extra security it was stapled with a combination of staple-gun staples and regular household staples. That plastic-y crap was Mactac shelf liner. Holy mother of freaking crap! Now I'm left with raw, unfinished wood that, in some places, the pitch as oozed out. Scraped that crap off best I could, but what a mess. Also, the back-of-the-front of the valance is raw drywall with an exposed edge bead, thus confirming my opinion of the previous owners reno capabilities or complete lack thereof.

Asked MrFixIt to come down to give me advice on what to do about this fucking mess. The plaster job I did on the holes and wallpaper seems was deemed not bad (couple spots not feathered properly, couple spots need more plaster) but it does need a light coat with a wider knife to help blend things better. As for the valance shit, it needs joint tape (between the wall and the raw planks there's a gap, nearly a quarter inch in one spot) and a couple light coats of plaster to give it a more even finish. Not sure what's to be done about the unfinished edge bead on the underside. Nothing is simple in this house.

Paid Web Work A couple of the BoD members have domain e-mail addresses and one has been having issues with mail not getting through. He wondered if filters had been put in place. When I set the accounts up, I didn't put any kind of filters in place apart from the basic Spamassassin set-up. I checked his account and there were no self-made filters or Blacklist settings of any kind. On a whim, I checked the Mail Filtering at the domain level and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!

I was instructed, many years ago, that it's not a good idea to set filtering at the domain level unless it's for known prolific spam domains (in which case, Spamassassin will take care of that these days). There were between five and six HUNDRED filters set on header-subject and subject-body. About half were set for common words such as - "hey", "it's", "it is", "hiya". It's a wonder any mail got through at all! I'd like to go dig up the previous webmaster (he died a couple years ago) and beat his corpse to dust.

Work Still love it. Every time I listen to a traffic or transit report, I thank any deity I can think of I'm not commuting that long distance any more. Haven't heard boo from Boss-man, despite the fact he said he wanted to stay in touch.

A nice thing about the very relaxed and non-public-visiting aspect of my workplace is I was allowed to bring TheDog in last week. Hubby was off on his annual fishing trip with my Dad and TheDog would have to stay at home by himself all day. Since there was a dog, albeit a small wiener dog, at my workplace when I started (she's since passed on unfortunately) I asked R if I could bring mine in. No problem. Took the portable kennel we use for shows and a gate (for the front door area) and TheDog - while very bored - was at least not alone, something he doesn't do well. He did great and was well behaved (starting to mature, hooray!). Never could have done this at the old place.

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