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Sunday, May 23, 2010 at 1101pm
Squirmy's 'puter has been giving me minor fits. When it was first set up, I installed No-Script but I suspect hubby has been 'allowing all' when he uses Squirmy's 'puter. Rather defeats the purpose. Plus, it took too much fiddling for me to get some of the online game crap working. Removing it would probably would have meant more risk of drive-by crap (thanks, WinCrap) so between that and the PSU fan sounding like it was gonna go tits-up any day, why not put together a new machine for Squirmy and a Linux one at that?

The plan was to nuke-and-pave Squirmy's WinCrap box and install Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx). Good plan, except my old Ubbie machine actually has a better CPU. Swapped the memory around (Ubbie, Ubbie2 and Squirmy's box all have the same memory) and bam, a new 'puter is born. Lucid went in great and hardly took any time. Had to change a couple things (like the window controls on the left - what moron came up with that idea?), add a 'desktop' user (no sudo for Squirmy!), stick Ad-Block Plus on FF and refind the precious Clone Wars wallpaper. All in all, took a little under ninety minutes and the thing worked great. Until I moved it over to Squirmy's 'puter area and hooked it up to his monitor. The best, and only, resolution I could get was 800 x 600. After an hour of reading and experimenting, I could get two other resolutions, both worse. When it the computer was hooked up to my spare monitor, it would pull a 1024 x 768 resolution - granted, that was the max I could get, but more workable than 800 x 600.

After much (much!) reading, I've figured out that Squirmy's monitor is just too damn old. It's over ten years old (CRT) and, while it still works, it's not going to cut it any more. I should have clued in the first night when I ran a dccprobe and the monitor was not recognized at all. As Lucid will work decently with my current monitor, I'll get the new one (my god! that will be the first new-new computer thing (router doesn't count since we all use it) just for me in a bloody long time. Anyway, got the monitor picked out so it's a matter of when the money is saved or it goes on sale.

For the long weekend, since we're not going anywhere, my project has been to work on PE, starting with the 'webbie' section. The menu section hasn't been checked or updated in... crap, 3 years at a minimum. And I know the ficlinks are full of dead stuff since Geocities went down.

A small pause here for Geocities eulogy...

Way back in 1995/96, I discovered Geocites through a chat-buddy on WB's B5 chat site (hey Vicar!). My first site was built with Geocities' site builder tool (a primitive one in comparison to the last tool I saw on Geocities) and I learned what each of the HTML tags did by playing around in the builder. I cut my HTML teeth on Geocities. Way back when, Geocities had "neighbourhoods"; I was in Area51, along with a few of my chat-mates, at www.geocities.com/Area51/Orion/4594/. As I got more proficient at site building, without the builder tool, I'd help out in the "help chat". Many hours were spent helping beginners figure out how to get their own sites working properly.

Things were not always rosy and, as my quest for 'features' grew, resources were limited and I moved off Geocites, never to host another site with them. Not so say I never went back, as there were many sites there I visited on a regular basis. But, as the years passed and Yahoo bought up Geocities, my visits dwindled. Geocities was never the same after the Yahoo takeover. Gone were the neighbourhoods, the help chat, and other little things, but time marches on and things must change.

In October 2009, Yahoo shut down Geocities. Rest in Peace, Geocities - I owe you a debt of gratitude for being there, neighbourhoods open wide and you will always hold a place in my heart.

Anyway, with Geocities gone so are some fics. Alot I've been able to find archived elsewhere, but so many (especially the original fiction) are just gone. When I have the time, I'll do a concentrated hunt for the ones I really miss. That will probably come after something (WHAT?!) is done with the rest of PE. I've got three different plans drawn up for the site and can't make a decision to save my soul (just as well, after all the porn I've read, Satan probably owns it). I really need to learn MySQL (or whatever the database thing is on my hosting site) or something similar. I need a few days, with more than two hours available per day, to read and play. I might get that come the end of August when Squirmy shoves off to Gramma's for the week. *sigh* So much I want to do, so damn little time.

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Monday, May 10, 2010 at 933pm
Final varathane coating went down on the bathroom floor today. No walking on it until next Monday, so it'll be the twenty-second before anything more happens in that room. What's left... shave the door a bit (catches at the top now), finish installing the baseboards, install the transition strips and that should be about it (ohpleaseohplease!)

Annual area fair was the past weekend. Squirmy and I watched Grandpa march with the colour party then came home to do chores and rest. Once hubby got up (he's back on the Tuesday to Saturday shift) everyone, minus the cat, walked over to the rides. TheDog lasted all of five minutes (if that, and what a surprise - not!) so mommy got to go on the rides with Squirmy (what fun - not!). For the first time in three years, Squirmy was not sick or just getting over something so he enjoyed every single ride he could go on (which was most of them, dammit). Home for dinner, a nap for hubby and waiting until it got dark, then back to the rides. Squirmy had to be dragged away at ten when we finally called it a night.

The vid card on Ubbie3.2 is getting worse and will need replacement, probably sooner rather than later. Hubby's machine, the slowest in the house, could also use replacing. It would make a decent Linux box, but he needs WinCrap due to the games he likes to play. At least WinCrap 7 is out now; refuse to buy that abomination called Vista (aka Fista or ME2). So we're looking at two new machines (maybe). I think I have an old video card kicking around I could use in Ubbie3.2 or steal the one from hubby's if/when he gets a new machine. Frankly, I think I can get away just replacing his. Hubby hates it that I never get the 'new' machine, but I don't need new and faster to do most of what I regularly do on a computer.

I've taken a look at LucidLynx (the latest Ubuntu LTS release) and... well, I don't find it as visually appealing as HardyHeron and I despise the window control buttons (minimize, expand, close) being shift to the left. When you alternate between OS's, little things like standard button placement can really screw you up. Thankfully, there's a 'patch' (for lack of a better word I'm too lazy to look up) to shift thing back to the right (where they belong). Apart from the cosmetic (really, that's all my complaints are) issues, there's a lot I'm looking forward to exploring. And, after plowing through the forums, I will not do an upgrade but a full install. This means making sure everything is backed-up - the /home folder included even though it's on a separate drive - in a couple places, since losing the web-stuff would be disastrous times ten. I'll install Lucid first on Ubbie (the back-up machine) to see how the new installer works.

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