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Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 923pm
More unplanned money spent, on a router of all things. I was blaming the ISP for the intermittent flakiness of the connection (wouldn't be the first time). Basic troubleshooting last night told a different story - when the 'puter is plugged directly into the modem, the connection rocks. Since I wasn't planning on getting the new router until at least the weekend, dug out the old hub and hooked it up... then fought for an hour or so to get the computers talking properly. Ubbie, no problem... WinCrap machines, ARG! Partly my fault as I forgot to use the correct sequence when re-connecting everything. Get to do it all over again tonight since hubby picked up the new router today.

The bathroom chugs along slowly. Rebuilding, with plaster, the wall by the closet and it's nearly there. The crack in the side wall is fixed and as long as we're mudding that area anyway, fixing another small cosmetic issue. Once those areas are done and painted, the baseboards can finish going in and the floor will get one more coat of varathane. Maybe by... June? we'll be using that bathroom.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 949pm
TheDog was in shows Easter weekend (Friday - Monday) and came out with his first three point!! Witnessed by his immediate family (minus TheCat), another extended family member (mom's owner), our breeder and a couple other Flattie-people we've made friends with. Seven more points to go for a Championship designation!

I hate, absolutely and totally, the Specs, Audits and Statements that customers request. It doesn't help that the binders that are supposed to contain the information haven't been updated since 2003; the 'current' stuff was in one of the three large piles that graced my desk when I started. Not that the info would be of much use since the stuff customers are wanting can't be more than twelve to eighteen months old! Geezu! Any of the new crap I get in is being digitized (and backed up). There is no reason to waste hours (yes, it adds up to that!) scanning thirty-plus pages (and that was one Spec/Audit!) over and over.

Need to do something with the PE site, but... what? Core interests remain the same, but specifics have shifted a bit and I'm feeling the need to change, branch out, experiment a bit. It looks like I might be able to create some Flash stuff on Ubuntu. And there's the new, still in development, HTML5. Not sure exactly what use I'd have for it, but it looks intriguing.

I am going to need some new 'puter equipment soon (maybe sooner than I think). The laptop needs a mouse (using the Trackman at work); it's cheaper to buy a new color printer than it is to buy new cartridges for the current one (where's the fucking logic in that !?); Ubbie2 could use a new vid card (though, knock wood, it's been behaving for a couple weeks). I'm hoping the odd restart thing Ubbie2 has been doing will be solved when the new LTS version of Ubuntu is released at the end of the month. If not, the issue is probably hardware related, maybe only the vid card but, with my luck, probably not. Not to say Ubbie2's life would be over, he'd take Ubbie1's place as the testing box. All I need now is the money to do all this (thankfully, Ubuntu does not cost money!)

Did one of god-knows-how-many-we'll-need dump runs. Next run will be the gyproc crap, then the old dryer and dead stove and lastly the cardboard. While there is a lot of cardboard (nearly everything for the bathroom came with some sort of cardboard packaging) it doesn't look as bad now that the boxes are broken down and cut up. Almost a manageable pile, though it would take weeks to get rid of only using the household bin hence taking the whole lot to the dump.

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