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Sunday, March 22, 2010 at 929pm
Fics read 1/02 - 3/28

Harry Potter - (The) List  by tari_sue
Harry Potter - Behind the Green Door and Salt in Our Wounds (pt7, tbc)  by thewickednix
Harry Potter - Special Gifts  by oldenuf2nobetter
Harry Potter - (The) Great Bottom Battle of 2009  by Alaana Fair
Harry Potter - Grey Dawning  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Promises to Keep and Worth Keeping  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - War Wounds  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - (The) One Where Ron and Hermione Find Out  by EruditeWitch
Harry Potter - (The) Long Way Home  by MadEyeMax and Loony4Lupin

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Sunday, March 27, 2010 at 922pm
The floor is down and varathaned (x3); outer edges need silicone; transition strips required. Covers for the holes; one is being painted, the other waiting hear about from MrFixIt. Baseboards stained and ready to be cut; door trim received final coat tonight. Once those (covers and trim) are in, then Mr. Toilet can be introduced to his new home and the bathroom will be open for business.

TheDog had a close encounter with a skunk Friday night. He got nose-to-nose with the thing before we could back him off. Luckily, TheDog (and us) escaped unsprayed. Despite that, the skunk was a cute little thing.

In an effort to reduce the amount of paper at work (holy crap, do we go through a lot!) I'm moving as much as possible to a digital format.

There's a bunch of certificates I need on a regular basis and that I get new versions of each time something is ordered. Currently, they're kept in a multitude of binders and it's a pain-in-the-ass to get them out since I need one from here, one from there, etc. Since I get most of these certificates in a digital format anyway, why print and store them? There is a bit of fiddling to do with some of the certificates (one .pdf file with numerous different certs in it) but it's nothing too elaborate (so far). I'm not totally happy with the format I have to save some of them in, but there's a couple different things I'm going to try next week. And, since there's going to be a few of these things (understatement!) I've added an external drive to store them all on. And since R picked up one that was bigger than I expected, I'm going to dump all of the types of certificates and spec-sheets on there too.

It's looking like Host Sentry is back. Hooray!

There is the possibility of a new web project down the road. A friend needs a site for her business; nothing elaborate, primarily informative, but it would be a nice feather in my cap. Cobbled together one framework that appears to work well, though I'm going to run up a couple other formats so there's a selection to run with.

And before I could post this... edges siliconed, baseboards nearly all installed, towel and toilet-paper racks up, one hole covered (needs paint), toilet in (not a drop and go, of course) and - get ready for it - a piece of wall removed! Dammit to fucking hell! Something warped and when the closet door was installed it wouldn't close. Have I said how much I hate renos?

However, the laundry room now has flooring. After the hot water tank blew (nine-and-a-half years ago) and carpet down there was destroyed (thank god!) we just left it as the plywood sub-floor. The flooring we didn't use on the bathroom (hubby hated it for that room) works very well for a laundry room. Of course another box was needed and the roller thing to press it down. Some baseboard stuff - just the cheap plastic stuff - and a couple transition strips and that area is done. Good thing, 'cause there isn't any more money!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 926pm
The bathroom progresses. The vanity and cabinets are in; just need silicone around the one edge. If you look moderately hard, the wall is not perfect. But who the hell looks that freaking closely at a wall?

Shower doors went in pretty good, no major problems there. The side frames are not flush to the wall (they sit on those drywall strips), we're covering/sealing them with the same moulding used around the bathtub. Looks good and SiL likes the moulding so much, she wants it around their tub, too. Once the silicone dries, and I do a bit of clean up, the shower boards need a coat of wax (car wax, believe it or not) as it's supposed to help keep water stains down.

Somehow, all four of us missed filling the gap under the toilet pipe. Didn't even notice it until last week. Should be ready for sanding, priming and painting this weekend.

Hubby picked up the baseboards and I think the plan is to stain them this weekend.

Hubby switches back to Tuesday to Saturday at the end of the month. He bid for the shift and temporary position he's been doing for the last couple months, but didn't get it. There is another Monday to Friday shift open, but the hours are different. He thought about bidding on it but decided against it. While that shift does have some good points, the graveyard shift actually works better at the present time. Besides, he's coming up being able to apply for a transfer... hopefully to a depot closer to home.

The dishwasher is on its last legs. The water pump works when it feels like it, and that's becoming less often lately. Sometimes it takes six tries before the water drains. I'm not using it any more; I don't trust it not to either give up totally (leaving a big bailing job behind) or disintegrate and flood the kitchen and hubby's computer room. Maybe by July we can afford a new dishwasher.

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