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Monday, February 15, 2010 at 851pm
The next time I hear the word 'renovation" I'm running for the hills.

Due to a plumbing issue, one of the walls in the bathroom had to be torn apart. Fixed the issue, insert new piece of cement board, quick plaster job, put up the new shower board... which refused to stick properly so it took a lot of holding in place time. Installed the tub accessories, discovering along the way the strap holding the pipe for the shower head had worked loose during the tear-apart. Mickey-moused it so it doesn't move as much (still has some give, but it's acceptable). Went to install the brushed nickel drain hubby wanted and... fuck me. The new drain would not go in (maybe due to a small shifting of the tub since it was installed) no matter what. Threading the same, diameter the same but it's a quarter- to a half-inch longer. Shouldn't be a problem, but with the way our luck has been running I'm willing to bet it is. Put the old, shiny, drain back in (not without a fair bit of work), threw on the brushed overflow and used the brushed push-plug portion of the new drain. So far hubby hasn't noticed and I'm not saying a damn word.

We measured exactly for the width of the cabinets/vanity, allowing no room for unsquare walls or any wiggle room. Since there was a minuscule gap between the first cabinet and the wall (the unsquare one) it meant the hole left for the second cabinet was too small by about a quarter inch (maybe a bit less, I didn't measure). With no way to insert the cabinet, the wall had to come down. The hole has been 'repaired' using quarter-inch plywood and a boat-load of plaster so it slopes gently inward thus allowing the cabinet to slide in - tightly, but it should work... at least that's the plan.

Hubby wanted shower doors (as opposed to a plastic curtain) however the tub is not designed to accommodate shower doors. So strips of drywall (and, of course, more tape/plaster) have been added along the walls so the side rails can fit in properly and hold the bottom track.

There is some sort of piping issue with the sink but I've no idea what it is. Frankly, I'm staying the hell away and letting hubby deal with that one. I got the tub, he can have the sink.

The area around the light switches had to be patched. When the cover plate went on, there was a gap that just look awful... so more plaster.

The two completed items are - the closet (ready for doors) and the granite counter went in (looks gorgeous). Oh, and the covers for the ventilation fan and pot lights were installed.

Work continues to go good. Well, except for the part where I have to dig up nutritionals, guarantees and product specs. That is just one small part of the job but I absolutely despise it.

A big welcome back hug to Garibaldis Cat. Missed ya, pal. Now start writing in your LJ again!

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