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Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 1027pm
So... mudding is still going on, but just very minor bits and pieces. After the first coat of primer went on, some not-so-nice areas were revealed and could not be left. I was 'warned' and fully expected to find defective areas. Fill, let dry, sand, prime... it's becoming a way of life!

By Saturday, some area had two coats of primer so we could roll on our three test colors (in small patches!). This was Squirmy's job (with some assistance) and he loved it. Once the test colors were on we realized how inadequate those small test strips are; they do not do a full patch of color justice, not by any means!

SiL and I ran around Saturday looking for edging for the shower board. Found some (and corner edging for around the window area) eventually, but the stuff is becoming hard as hell to find. By the time we got home (also had to drop/pick-up Squirmy from a birthday party), the day was pretty much done.

Sunday saw me (Hubby had TheDog at a show) running to different home improvement stores as well as the usual grocery store visit. That edging SiL I bought the day before? Wouldn't fit the shower board, not even if it was heated a bit. Hit the HD near the grocery store (okay, sorta-nearish) to get the paint and new edging. Got the paint, forget the edging; this place had nothing! Stopped at the little local place, but they had even less.

Unloaded groceries, grabbed the edging that wouldn't fit and hit the other big home improvement store. Couldn't return the too-small edging there as they don't stock it; have to go back to the Vancouver store where I got it but not today. Checked to see if this store had anything I could use but they were on par with the local place. The guy in the warehouse suggested a place up the road as they might have something I could make work.

WP did indeed have something. The shower board fit inside the little pocket, the edging was white and vinyl (exactly what we wanted) but there was an extra sticky-out piece that would prevent the edging from sitting flush on the wall. I think this particular edging was made for corners. I bought the stuff anyway, thinking that extra bit could be cut off and if it couldn't, I'd return the untouched pieces. Lo and behold, it worked. Trimmed off the piece (not me, no way I'm using an exacto blade - I'd cut myself, the rug, anything but the part I'm supposed to cut), shoved it on the shower board and it sits nice and flush on the wall.

Putting the shower board up was... not a chore I'd care to repeat. The adhesive part was messy (I know, DUH) and the boards had difficulty sticking in a couple spots. Due to not having perfectly smooth, even walls (how the hell could we with all the unevenness we started with!), we had to stand or kneel and push at the spots until the they finally sealed to the adhesive fully. But that part is done except for the caulking and window edging. Thank the gods.

TheDog was registered for both Saturday and Sunday; he only got to perform Sunday though. Saturday, hubby and TheDog arrived in plenty of time, brushed down, did some practicing then headed to the ring area. The judging was already going on! The judge (a woman whom I have made a very large not of) was whipping through the dogs at double-speed. There were thirty-seven dogs ahead of our breed and standard judging time is about (if I'm remembering right) about twenty-five dogs an hour. Hubby should have had to hang around for at least ten to fifteen minutes before our breed was called. It's unlikely a high number of the dogs ahead of him were no-shows so this judge had probably cut the standard time per dog in half (to get out early for a hot date? do the least amount of work for the most amount of money?). Pissed hubby right off. Sunday was better (in that they got to go in the ring this time) but TheDog lost first place to the Senior Puppy.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 1017pm
The mudding might finally be finished. What a pain in the fucking arse! Sanded out what feels like the ten-millionth touch-up and wiped everything down. I'll do that twice more tomorrow, then maybe we can start priming on Thursday. Dear goddess I hope so.

Squirmy has been a prince (to date) through the reno's. He's been cheated out of a few bedtime stories and playing with mommy after dinner, but he's taking it well and appears to understand. He so badly to help, but there's not much a small child can do at this point. He tried helping me dust down the walls, but the plaster dust was just too much for him. Once the room is primed we'll paint a couple test areas and that task should be good for Squirmy.

The pay web job may be moving into a maintenance area. The person designated as webmaster has picked up his toys and left the playground in a huff and the group is having a bitch of a time finding someone else to take on the position.

The volunteer web job is holding steady. I'm waiting on info for one area and trying to develop content in another. Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot of spare time to devote to the latter.

Work continues to go well. Getting the hang of more stuff now, though there are a few things I'm not really clear on - mainly the Foreign Exchange crap. I'll have a better idea how to handle one of the items once I see January's bank statements. The other items will just take time and more exposure. I am starting to recognise suppliers and product code - can't always remember what the code is for a particular product, but at least I get the right class.

The paperwork is unbelievable! Product specs, analyses, nutritional breakdowns, organic and kosher certificates... the list just keeps growing! I pared down two large filing cabinets and one of them is refilling at an alarming rate. It seems for every piece I get rid of, two more take its place. And somewhere in the next two weeks, I need to figure out how to do T4 slips. I think I've got payroll sussed out now, but T4's... thank the stars this program has a community forum!

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Monday, January 18, 2010 at 926pm
If I ever have to mud and tape more than one seam again, I'm hiring someone to do it. Fuck, that is one job I seriously hate. SiL appears to like it and I tip my hat to her... luvs ya!

The vanity and cabinets have been assembled (in Squirmy's room) in preparation for the guy coming tomorrow to measure for the granite countertop. I'd be happy with man-made granite (it's gorgeous!) but hubby is insisting on real granite. I am also paying for the company to deliver and install - no bloody way are the four of us transporting, carrying and maneuvering a four-by-two slab!

Also hoping our hard-to-find sink will fit into countertop too. If we've measured right, there should be an inch-and-a-half to a couple inches at the back and front. If it won't work (hubby will be asking the guy coming tomorrow), then we've got to go with an undermount sink instead of the drop-in we found. It was a bitch to find a drop-in sink with eight-inch centers. From a couple places I could order one, that would arrive on the twenty-fifth. We managed to find one and only because it was a return. The template was cut and there was a bit of silicone still clinging to the underside of the rim, but the sink itself is in pristine condition.

Squirmy is loving sleeping in my bed while the reno is going on. He has to as his room has been used as a staging/cutting/set-up area. The room will require serious cleaning when the reno is done; dusting, edging, washing... right down to the stuffies. Squirmy was concerned that all the stuffies in his room would have to be thrown out because they're all so dusty. He missed hearing 'wash them' after I said 'take them out'. Poor little guy.

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Monday, January 11, 2010 at 930pm
Two weeks into a new year and it's been mighty interesting.

The stove was replaced on January 2nd; my Visa whimpered.

January 3rd saw the long needed reno begin on the bathroom. My Visa and Debit card are cowering in the corner.

Hubby and I started picking up parts on Saturday and the destruction began on Sunday. What we found, in some places, behind the gyproc can only be described as horror. A supporting wall with two 2x4's cut to make room for a medicine cabinet; wiring directly behind copper pipes; a fan that vented into the insulation; a vent pipe with a hole drilled through it; sodden wood and 'squishy' drywall. We're in week two and the green board and cement board only started going in yesterday. If you're interested in following along, see this link - Bathroom Reno 2010.

The new job is going well. I've got the gross details, now working on the finer ones. There's a shit-load of accounting and data entry, and I'm enjoying every part of it so far. I have my own office, complete with two-foot high stacks of paper on a corner of my desk and two bulging filing cabinets. A couple things I dearly enjoy and have never had before - fridge (one without chemicals inside), microwave, toaster oven, kettle, china and cutlery. Joy of joys, I'm not restricted to warm food that should be cold and cold food that should be warmed up. Staff is friendly, boss is personable and willing to help and, when I get time, I'll be taught how to drive the loader and forklift (shhhhh! hubby doesn't know those two yet!).

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Friday, January 1, 2010 at 921pm
Happy New Year everyone! Here's to 2010 being a great year.

My new year started off with a wee fire. The plug on the stove (which has been questionable for a while) finally crapped out. A small electrical storm came spitting out of the socket (why it didn't totally melt the plug that was in it I don't know), then flames running up and down the inside of the casing. Nothing damaged (how???) unless you count the stove. It rather worries me that the circuit on the main board was not tripped and the fuse in the stove wasn't tripped either. Needless to say, a new stove is needed and now... guess what tomorrow's chore is.

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Friday, January 1, 2010 at 912pm
Fics read 12/14 - 1/01

Harry Potter - Of Owls, Horcruxes and Snakes  by kabal42
Harry Potter - More Than A Photograph  by cluelesschase
Harry Potter - Echo  by emerald_dragon8
Harry Potter - All That Glitters  by graylor
Harry Potter - Once in a Blue Moon (A Family is Born)  by okydoky
Harry Potter - Berry Red  olimakiella
Harry Potter - Unsung Hero  by sesheta_66
Harry Potter - Finding Love in the Depths of a Cauldron  by ennyousai
Harry Potter - And An Owl Named Romeo  by Rickey A
Harry Potter - All's Fair in Love and Wards  by Rickey A
Harry Potter - Eight Days In November  by Emma Grant
Harry Potter - In The Bleak Midwinter  by oldenuf2nobetter
Harry Potter - Pour Faire un Choix To Make a Choice  by oldenuf2nobetter
Harry Potter - It Figures  by Rickey A
Harry Potter - Notice Him Fading  by marksykins
Harry Potter - Research and Development   by sassy_cissa
Harry Potter - (The) Majestic Art of Self Preservation  by Rickey_A
Harry Potter - (The) Reckoning  by anthimaeria
Harry Potter (RPF)Insensible  by veuki
Harry Potter - After Eden  by Rickey_A
Harry Potter - Harry Potter and the Green Carnation  by NotMollyWeasley
Harry Potter (RPF) - M25 and Flogging a Dead Horse  by charlottesometimes
Harry Potter - Sealed With a Kiss  by faithwood
Harry Potter - Making It Work  by faithwood
Harry Potter - Never Trust a Gryffindor  by faithwood
   *snort ::: giggle ::: fans self* HP tentacle sex... now I've seen/read everything. Go, read - you won't regret it.
Harry Potter - Founder's Ball  by Rickey_A
Harry Potter - (A) Certain Shade of Grey  by thewickednix

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Friday, January 1, 2010 at 858pm
Xmas eve... dinner at my folks house... M and D both smashed (Mai Tai's are not 5 ounces of booze and 1 ounce lime juice!), Mom tries to remove part of her finger whist cutting carrots (hubby said it looked like she'd taken a melon baller to the finger). Sis recruits my assistance and Mom is kicked out of the kitchen. Dinner was non-traditional (Maui Ribs, S&S chicken with pineapple), hubby disappeared soon after (twelve days straight plus not much sleep equal exhausted), presents opened, desert inhaled, then home. No snow this year - good in that I had to drive home, bad in that Xmas without snow is less 'magical'.

Xmas day... Squirmy was not up at the crack of dawn, I beat him and had time for coffee before present time. Santa even left presents under Squirmy's little bedroom tree. M and D arrived, D slightly hung over (no surprise there). Brunch was so late it may as well have been called lunch. Dinner up at SiL's... so quiet compared to dinner at my folks.

Hubby braved Boxing Day madness and hit TheBrick for their six-in-the-morning opening. He was third in line (when he arrived just after five-ish) and was in and out of the store in ten minutes with a home theatre package. Unfortunately, he had to go to FS in the afternoon to grab brackets for the speakers (didn't know if I wanted them wall or ceiling mounted). Took thirty minutes just to find a parking spot (at the furthest possible point that was still considered in the parking lot), five minutes to find the brackets and then forty-five minutes standing in line to pay. He was not impressed. Oh, also scored a couple new eight-gig USB keys since FS had a great price on them.

Managed to find some new (new and new-to-me) clothes for work. Hadn't realized how pathetic my wardrobe had become until I had to rearrange everything. It will be nice to dress for work in the morning, as opposed to dressing for transit travel then changing when I get to work.

Speaking of transit... I'm done relying on it for work! No more loud crap-music blaring out earbuds, no more people who can't figure the difference between inside and outside voices, no more stink, no more fucking morons who can't figure out that people have to get off the bus or train before they can get on! Can you tell I've had enough?

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