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Monday, December 21, 2009 at 842pm
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Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 849pm
Fics read 11/21 - 12/13

Harry Potter - (The) Logic of Dreams  by frayach
Harry Potter - Finite Incantatum  by Alysian_Fields
Harry Potter - Going Home  by auto
Harry Potter - King Cobra  by megyal
Sentinel - Immunity Factor  by Jane Davitt
Sentinel - Patterns and Possibilities  by Chrys
Sentinel - Crumb of Comfort  by Jane Davitt
Harry Potter - Return to Sender  by cloths_of_heaven_24
Harry Potter - (The) First Time  by lonewhiterose
Friday, December 11, 2009 at 1132am
Oh dear goddess, there are not enough hours in a day. My apologies for not posting sooner.

The roof survived with nary a scratch. Couple little marks on the edge of the metal flashing, but nothing notable on the roof itself. The tree snapped at just the right point - dead-even with our roof line - had a smallish diameter and looks like it 'gently' fell over, landing flat instead of a pointy branch down. We got lucky, damned lucky.

Our neighbour, the one who's tree it is, was nearly a basket case. The next morning she called a few 'tree people' and took the first one who could come out. And she got royally ripped off. The guys got the tree off our roof just fine, but that's all they did. Didn't clean up/take away the broken/chopped stuff ("That'll be another $200 extra.") and didn't take down what was left of the tree ("It'll grow back.").

Hubby decided to clean the bathroom walls, necessitating climbing a ladder... and falling off of it. He managed to bruise himself well (hip, wrist, shoulder) but was okay otherwise. The inner shower wall, however, was not. The hole hubby's shoulder put in the wall was impressive and showed us just how badly the bathroom needs a reno. Previous owners used ordinary gyp-rock behind the tile; it was soaked through and I'm hoping the studs aren't rotten. The hole has been covered with plastic and taped as the reno's can't begin until January.

Squirmy has been to three birthday parties (all girls!) in the last three weeks. TheDog has his last show of the year this weekend. I've actually had something to do at work (hooray for archiving files!). Three web projects are just too damn much, especially when one potenitally involves a lot of graphics and I'm total crap at graphic design. Had three more job interviews; first, no way; second, maybe though I'm lacking PowerPoint skills (bwa?); and the third, possibly but need more info. These were from resumes sent in early to mid November; there's been crap listed so far in December.

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Friday, December 11, 2009 at 1114am
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