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Friday, November 20, 2009 at 838pm
So we're sitting in the kitchen, just finished dinner, when there's a great bloody boom/crack sound outside the back door. The wind was howling, rain pelting down (hooray for storm season!) but couldn't see anything. Ran into the neighbours when Hubby and I went out for a look-see and they were wondering what the hell happened too. Turns out, one of the neighbours trees split and toppled onto our roof. That's right, there is a tree on my roof. No damage on the outside that we can tell right now (dark and rainy means ya can't see much) and hubby crawled into the attic and said there's nothing obvious there - slight bowing, but nothing cracked or leaking. I'm hoping this takes care of my "tree falling on the house" premonitions - really do not want one of the monster-trees in our back yard falling on us.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at916am
Ubbie3.2 officially went into service a week ago Sunday. Compared it and Ubbie, installed what was left to install, transferred files across... hot damn. Even figured out how to find the config file for the FTP (thus saving mucho time trying to remember address and passwords) and how to backup/install all the FF presets and bookmarks. Apart from configuring Apache and Samba, which are a bit of pain to get up and running despite my notes, everything else was a bloody breeze. Plug a device in and let 'er rip. Even the printer! Hadn't got around to installing the file from HP but hubby printed from Ubbie3.2 just fine. The one thing I have not checked is PHP, or even if I installed it. Have to get on that since I'll need it for one of the projects.

Speaking of printing... Squirmy can now print and boy is he happy about that! I've got three new dinosaur pictures decorating the 'puter room.

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Friday, November 20, 2009 at 812pm
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Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 921pm
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 214pm
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 1133 am
Picked up MrFixIt's desktop two Thursday evenings ago. Wanted to work on it while keeping Ubbie intact to ensure I installed the right packages and recreated the correct settings. Good idea, but no way to execute it without rearranging and cleaning the 'puter room. Most of a Saturday was spent cleaning out that pig-sty. Squirmy's computer is now hooked up the KVM with MainXP, 'cause I still need that stupid bugger. Squirmy has access to a printer now (or will, once I get it 'installed') and won't be bugging me to 'move my stuff' so he can use 'puter. Ubbie and Ubbie3.2 reside on the now neatened and cleaned table.

Ubbie3.2 (so named for the CPU speed; original I know) should be a definite improvement over Ubbie. Two processors and a gig of RAM... sweet. She's configured and tested as far as Apache and Samba go (the two biggest pain-in-the-ass things to install/configure) so now it's a matter of installing the other, easier, things. Oh, and figuring out the fucking permissions, users and groups! I did something on Ubbie and failed to write it down, so now I'm trying to figure this crap out blind!

With everyone out of town last week (annual meeting time), the office was DEAD. Rather than waste another day sitting around playing games (there was, approximately two-and-a-half total hours of actual work) I took Friday off. Of course, that had to be one day the phone went nuts - there were ten messages waiting on the voice-mail.

Halloween weekend was a busy one. TheDog had a big show Saturday/Sunday, so while hubby and MiL did that, Squirmy and I got to the grocery and mall shopping. Everyone home by four-ish, then dinner and trick-treat prep. Up to SiL's place (her area is rather closed in so no traffic concerns) for nearly two hours of candy gathering (Oy!). Squirmy's candy count at the end was one hundred and eighty-four. This does not include the bits MiL, SiL, Devil-Child and me snuck out of overflow bag I was carrying.

Sunday saw all of us out at the dog show. Ollie (TheDog's cousin/uncle/whatever) had won the day before and if he won on Sunday he'd get his championship. And get it he did!! Ollie is now an official CKC Champion - HOORAY OLLIE!

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