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Monday, October 26, 2009 at 115pm
Fics read 9/21 - 10/26

Harry Potter - Alohomora Society: A Young Wizardís Guide to Etiquette  by kestrelsparhawk
Harry Potter - Cupid's Choice: Snake Bite and Black  by rospberry
Harry Potter - After the Fall  by celandineb
Harry Potter - With This Ring  by bemygoodday
Harry Potter - Renaissance  by dysonrules
Harry Potter - Turning Back  by acromantular
Harry Potter - Friends Old and New  by khateh
Harry Potter - Lessons Learned  by alaana_fair
Harry Potter - Twelve Seemingly Insignificant Moments That Change Everything  by snottygrrl
Harry Potter - Once Upon a Time, Yesterday  by femmequixotic
Harry Potter - 101 Ways to Heal Your Wizarding Woes  by who_la_hoop
Harry Potter - Fade to Silver  by furiosity
Harry Potter - Reparations &nbps;by Saras_Girl
Harry Potter - Happily Ever After?  by morganmuffle
Harry Potter - (A) Hero All The Same  by kayladie
Harry Potter - Artic Fox  by scrtkpr
Harry Potter - As Long As You Mean It  by dreamyraynbo
Harry Potter - What We Could Become  by alaana_fair
Harry Potter - Duration of Emptiness  by fireelemental79
Harry Potter - (The) Most Unlikely of Places  by scarlet_malfoy
Harry Potter - Three Septembers and a January  by mizbean
Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 833am
Unofficially, I'm working on the dog site. It's 'unofficial' as the BoD hasn't okayed it yet, but I get the impression that if anyone objects then they better be prepared to lose their head. I gather finding someone willing to take the job (unpaid) has been a bit of an issue.

Spent (more than) a couple hours playing around with designs, colors and code this weekend. Nailed the menu down (really sweet accordion menu) and I think the base-color will do. Things do need a bit more 'pop', probably in terms of color, but I might be able to take care of that when (or if) I get some decent quality/size pictures. And, for reference of future site creators/designers - links should be clearly indicated and visitors should not have to embark on a major expedition to find information!

In between site-work my Lego skills were honed building tanks, planes and bulldozers for the duck armies (my ducks were small and 'bad', Squirmy's big and 'good'). Need more ducks, more gold, more tanks! We need more Lego! TheDog was not happy being barred from the computer room, but as Lego is 'crunchy' there was no choice.

MrFixIt is dumping his desktop and passing it on to me (oh thankyouthankyou!). Since they all have laptops now (SiL's is a very sweet, very light Mac) there's no need for the desktop and the space it's taking up. Plus, WinDoze borked an update and now the OS thinks it's an illegal copy and has locked the system to an almost unusable point. Not that the OS matters since I'm gonna nuke it and install Ubuntu anyway. This will give me a very decent Ubbie, one I can really go to town with (like seriously look at that flash-creation stuff I saw for Linux!). And current-Ubbie can be used for the iPod experimentation stuff. MrFixIt, if you're reading this, I WUVS U!!

The trailer is back in our garage for the winter. Glad I cleaned that place out as that made maneuvering the utility trailer to the other side much easier this year. Still have crap in the garage, just less of it. Also discovered another break-in attempt at the side door of the garage. I'd like to electrify the door so when the idiots stick their metal pry bar in between the door and the jam they're nicely crisped.

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Monday, October 19, 2009 at 1014am
F-locked post

Tags: job hunt, rant
Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 1133am
Big weekend for TheDog. He won two "Best Puppy in Breed" ribbons, but lost out (twice) to his cousin for "Best of Breed"; the second time was really close though. After Sunday's show, TheDog got to have a run and play with his mother and brother (in addition to the earlier semi-romp he had with his cousins). Hubby learned some more grooming tips (mainly ears) and showing tips (pop the head, don't pull). Me and Squirmy went on Sunday (decent start time), hubby only on Monday.

Monday, hubby was talking with our breeder (and past prez of the Canadian Society). Long story short, the webmaster up and quit and they desperately need a new one. It would be a volunteer gig, however as I am a member of the group too (hubby insisted) I don't mind volunteering at all. Of course, the site is in a bit of disarray and the coding sucks... and I'm not overly impressed with the hosting site either. Think I'll shop that one around.

Hubby picked up a replacement for his dying computer monitor - a loverly flat-screen with acres of viewing area. He also picked one up for me (huge sale!) but mine had to go back. The optimal resolution was way over what any of my computers (or Squirmy's) would do and hubby's just made it (last option). Hubby's suggestion of getting a new computer for me (since I'm the one that does all the "computer work") is a good one and I found one that's really not that much, but I just can't (don't) want to spend that kind of money right now.

Second interview yesterday afternoon at the place close to home. Meant I had to drive to work in the morning, which really sucked. No accidents (thank the goddess) but it was dark and rainy (blech!). [Edit] Went okay, down to me and two others. Should know something today or tomorrow.

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Monday, October 5, 2009 at 817pm
I am behind on my TV watching - so far behind I'm just now finishing off the last season of House - and that will explain this temper-tantrum...

Goddammit!!! Why Kutner? Whywhywhy!? I loved that character, everything about him... damn you!

Now back in the real world...

Hubby made a thrilling discovery Friday. That nest of renters in the front yard tree? It wasn't the only one! There were two other hornet nests in the lilac bushes across the yard. Couldn't see them for all leaves, but now that the leaves are starting to drop... holy crap! I am really surprised no one was stung this year. Took the nests down on Sunday (after giving them all a really good shake), gave one to the neighbour kids and the other two are in a bin in our garage. Going to see if I can cut away some of the outside layer(s) to expose the combing inside. Squirmy thinks that would be cool to see, and so do I.

Got another interview on Wednesday morning. This one is really close to home, so here's hoping!

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