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Monday, September 28, 2009 at 219pm
Desperate enough at work for something to do, I've been working on the database. Nothing major, fine-tuning some features, trying to implement a couple make-life-easier ideas (IF-THEN-ELSE and other such expressions are so easy to screw up if one is not paying attention).

TheDog may like love deep-fried fish and chips, but they do not love him... as evidenced at his show on Sunday (at least the explosion wasn't in the ring this time), and again Sunday night.

Turned on Main computer yesterday for the first time in months; still haven't played around with Ubbie to get non-music files on the Nano. Ran updates and, for the most part, things were fine until I checked on the Podcasts and found there were no new ones where there should have been. iTunes (gods I hate that thing!) wouldn't/couldn't make a net connection. Appeared fine, though when I logged into the admin account, error messages (from a very old copy of Zone Labs) indicated there might be an issue. Deleting something that requires root certificates is not easy or fun. But ZA has been removed (don't surf from that machine any more) and the AV changed and updated. Did Squirmy's 'puter while I was at it, so now he is up-to-date again.

Squirmy has decided what to be for Halloween this year (and there will be no changing his mind or there will be no trick-or-treating). The skeleton was cool, the Transformer was cooler, the zombie was 'more cooler' but Anakin Skywalker was 'the bestest ever!' (for cost of the damn thing, it had better be the bestest). And no Jedi costume is complete without a lightsaber (which was cheaper than the costume!). Add a spider-web of lights, cool skeleton head lights and scary finger puppets and Squirmy is one delighted boy. So delighted is he that I've had two finger puppet shows that included all the scary lights and bugs. Sweet!

As I was cutting the front grass (hubby at dog show, grass needed doing... *sigh*) I kept watch on the renters in the tree. No movement, no sign(s) of life at all. Went so far as to wiggle it with a long stick, even stuck said stick into the entrance hole. Nada, no one home. Thinking I'd leave it alone until Thanksgiving weekend and, if there is still no sign of life, take it down then. Should make a great show-and-tell item for Squirmy.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, I still can't let my mother know if we're coming for dinner at all or at what time we can be at the house. That is a dog show weekend and the ruddy schedule has still not been posted. The two schedules for the specialties have been, but not the main show. Idjits.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 926am
Another Boring (the capital is intentional) day at work. Christ-on-a-cracker, just give me something to do!

In the local news...

Nearly no accommodation left for Olympic tourists AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Is this coming as a surprise? This was forecast eons ago!

Vancouver Humane Society calls for boycott of Petcetera stores I'm boycotting for a different reason - (from Service Canada's Job Bank web site) Payroll Clerk, $28000/yr, 45 hours a week. Shove it, and a fistful of sharp objects up your ass!

Crown won't pursue prosecution of Abbotsford dad who left kids in car. Abbotsford Police already decided not to recommend charges I just... why?? ASSHOLES!

Blueberry is at the doctor. The check engine light came on yesterday (when hubby was driving her, thank the gods!) and it won't go away. There was a problem with last years model of this car, wherein the wires for the oxygen sensors (a car has this??) were faulty and would register a false-positive check engine condition. Here's hoping it's that, or some other false-positive thing. Blueberry hasn't been driven enough to warrent anything serious.

ETA (forgot to post this last night): The light was a false positive; they could find nothing wrong. It might have been the seal on the gas tank, so it was replaced just in case.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009 at 914pm
This evening I have sewn two buttons back on, fixed the hem of a blouse, ironed five blouses, sewn up holes in three dog beds, the face of a bunny and the ass-end of a fish. I'm done!

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Friday, September 18, 2009 at 800pm
Fics read 8/30 - 9/18

Harry Potter - (The) Honeymoon  by Dracosoftie
Harry Potter - Times of Bright  by Vaysh
Harry Potter - Fools Rush In  by oldenuf2nobetter
Harry Potter - All Dressed Up, Somewhere to Go  by oldenuf2nobetter
Harry Potter - Them Pesky Muggles... Revisited  by Rehsipus
Harry Potter - Love: A Chronicle by lingering_nomad (F/G)
  Eye of the Beholder
  Morning Musings
Harry Potter - My Brother's Keeper  by fatal_human (F/G)
Harry Potter - Not as Simple as All That  by maxwrite(DJ) / madeyemax (LJ)
Harry Potter - Noises in the Night  by k8matty
Harry Potter - Leaving Me To Wonder   by k8matty
  Leaving Me To Wonder
  Watching in Horror
  Never Leaving You
  Loose Lips
  Sticky Situations
Friday, September 18, 2009 at 854am
Job interview yesterday morning, located in my old stomping grounds, went well. Rather different from what I do now, but with some similarities. Learning new stuff does not daunt me in the least - a day without learning something new is a wasted day. The hours aren't the best (I'd prefer an earlier start/end time), but they will work. Pay-wise, I'd be losing a bit (once the year-end bonus here is factored in) but for what I'd be gaining (seeing more of Squirmy, shorter commute) I think it would both workable and worth it in the long run.

Yellow jackets were seen congregating around the back porch light this morning. I'm hoping the light and heat of the bulb were a passing attractant and they're not setting up a nest.

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Friday, September 11, 2009 at 807pm
After running a full blood panel, and various other tests, the conclusion on MrFixIt has "something viral". Nothing like a specific diagnosis.

The 'fridge just might survive after all. The faulty relay was replaced, 'fridge plugged in and it fired right up. Hubby stuck an ice cube tray in the freezer and it froze up nicely. The 'fridge part didn't seem as cold as it was, but it hadn't been twenty-four hours (the recommended waiting time) yet. We'll how it's working when I get home tonight. ETA: It lives!!

The job interview Wednesday was... I'll say interesting. The job itself would be a piece of cake, but no financial stuff except for some very minor AR parts. Everything else is handled at head office. Fair enough, but I'd like to keep a hand in financial work. Starting pay - acceptable, to start with. But the job tops out at a dollar less than I make now. And, while the commute wouldn't be as long as now, there's still enough of a commute that the money is not good enough for me. LOL - another case of being over-qualified!

Better than the interview though was the interviewee that came out while I was waiting my turn. Her manner of dress was three-inch spiked, swirly blue/white faux snake shoes (no stockings), cling-fit jeans and a baggy sweater. In all honesty, she looked like a hooker in training seeking a day job. Call me old fashioned, but for a job interview - no matter what the job! - you dress professionally. Jeans are never to be worn to a job interview.

Ever since it came out, Hubby has wanted Rock Band for the Wii but the price has been too much. With the release of Rock Band 2, the price of the original Rock Band has dropped significantly. Finding one though, that has been almost impossible. On a whim, hubby stopped by a Walmart he passes on the way home from work. He'd tried that particular store last week and there wasn't any RB for Wii. They either got a shipment of RB along with RB2 or cleaned out the back as there was RB for XBox and PlayStation gaming systems on the high shelves. He got a clerk to check for a Wii one, which she found and handed down to him. Hubby looked at the price on the side and it said $99 and in smaller print... Rock Band 2. After consulting with a supervisor and a manager, hubby walked out of Walmart with a $160 game for $99. I'm guessing the rest of the RB2 games were checked immediately.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 845pm
Well... MrFixIt is in the 'not too well' category. For good or bad, that will change once he's seen at the hospital. I get to pick up DevilChild from work in an hour. I'm hoping to have something to tell her besides "Mom took Dad to the hospital."

Talked to the 'fridge repair guys, who are coming tomorrow. If the recalled relay (the one that can make your 'fridge catch fire) simply quit (as opposed to catching fire) then replacing it will cure the 'fridge. If that doesn't do the trick, then the problem is most likely the compressor. Which this company can't fix, nor is it worth fixing. *sigh* Here's hoping the compressor is NOT the problem.

At ten tomorrow morning I have a job interview. The location is not the greatest, but it's workable... I think. If the pay is right, I'll make it work. Due to the fact most companies don't seem to include their name in CL job listings, I've no idea which ad it was and, consequently, can't look up the details. Annoying as hell. And, given the time and location, I'll have drive into work after the interview. That means driving home after work... in full rush hour now that school is back in session. Fark.

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Monday, September 7, 20009 at 855pm
The 'fridge is dead. The camping cooler - the monstrosity we bought last year - is now holding everything that absolutely needs to stay cold. Things that aren't critical to keep cold - jams, koolaid, some fruits/veggies - remain in the 'fridge. Some of the other jarred items... well, if they don't survive a couple days then there's a legit excuse for pitching them.

Squirmy got a new lunch box (hubby said something about a 'rotation' and 'easier'), one with green skulls and a hair cut. Only nine weeks between cuts this time; a big improvement over the fifteen weeks it was last time. Hubby, of course, thinks it's too short but Squirmy does not (nor do I).

Put some of the accumulated and saved-for-who-knows-why stuff on Craigslist. Squirmy's old bikes, stroller, too small clothes, etc. I am going to reclaim some of the space in this house! I will never stop being a pack-rat (nor will hubby), but the stuff there is no use for has got to go. Next up will be the big closet upstairs and my dresser downstairs - I've finally admitted I will never be back in a size small. *sigh*

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Saturday, September 5, 2009 at 935pm
The Squirmy one is home from his time at the iL's. He's got a baggie full of money - amongst real chores/tasks, MiL was paying him to fold his pj's and get dressed - a new hat, and is one tired boy.

After much searching, I found some hair sticks. Nothing fancy, just frosted, white plastic, and found at an out-of-the-way dollar-type store. I'd tried the three local dollar stores, Walmart, Zellers, local drug stores... every where I could think of that might carry hair sticks. I'd love to find some fancier ones, but where the hell would I even start looking (besides the Internet)?

While hubby went to Island to help transport/move furniture for his folks (and bring Squirmy home), I cleaned out the garage. Cut up all the cardboard (since it's been there forever and a dump run doesn't appear to be happening), reorganized some crap and swept it out (what I could reach). Tidied up the family room too, getting the back 'pile' down to four old things of Squirmy's to be sold/given away.

And, if the puddle on the floor and the unfrozen stuff is any indications, the 'fridge freezer has quit. For the moment, the 'fridge is still cold but I'm not betting on that being the case come morning. For two days I've thought the motor didn't sound right (wrong tone, too clicky, on/off too much) and I was right (ha!). There's a repair guy coming on Wednesday for a 'warrenty' repair (in quotes as the 'fridge is long out of warranty, but there's a part that has to be replaced due to fire hazard) so I'll call Tuesday (curse the long weekend) and see if a repair can be done as well. Crap.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 121pm
F-locked post

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