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Friday, August 28, 2009 at 757pm
Fics read 8/18 - 8/28

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Friday, August 28, 2009 at 750pm
The Japanese maple tree in our front yard is hosting a simply 'lovely' nest of critters. Wasps, (still trying to identify what kind) of the Bald-face hornet variety, have created an interesting, and rather large, nest in the tree. Two summers ago, yellow jackets made a ground nest under the tree. That one was pretty easy to get rid of but this one will not be, given the size and height off the ground. Hubby, the one who is rather allergic to bug-bites/stings of all sorts, said to leave the nest, the cold weather will kill them off. Uhuh... the 'cold weather' won't be coming for at least a month, probably more. For the moment, I'll go along with hubby. If the critters turn nasty in the early fall (as some wasps do) I will be calling a professional for removal of the nest. [edit] Okay, this is the coolest web site about the critters, it even gives instructions for preserving the nest after the hornets are gone.

Hubby likes to play on Yahoo!Games. Squirmy saw him playing one of them and wanted to play it. I was asked to set it up on Squirmy's computer. I'd now like to kill hubby. Farm Frenzy is bloody addicting and time consuming; there is no such thing as playing a "quick one"! And that's not the only game, oh no! Ya... must kill hubby.

iL's picked up a new-to-them vehicle. Though FiL really wanted one like ours, its price was just too steep for them. Instead, they've found a used Range Rover that, despite being seven years old, drives like new and has a load of bells and whistles. MrFixIt has seen it (not sure if SiL has) and Squirmy will get to ride in when he goes to the iL's Sunday. Hard to believe that week is almost upon us.

Driving with SiL this morning was interesting; stopped to help with a four-car accident. Despite the damage to the car in the rear position, the driver was relatively unhurt (some pain in the chest area, possibly due to air-bag deployment, other minor sounding issues) and the other drivers were also looking okay (no cuts, scrapes or blood on any). Horrific mess of car bits and fluids on the highway but, ever so thankfully, no body bits/fluids.

As a result of calling 911 on my cell, I couldn't make any calls out from the cell. Annoying, but I figured 911 had probably locked the outgoing calls (in case they needed to contact the cell that called in?) and the lock would be removed once the accident scene had been cleared. Nearly four hours later, however, I still couldn't make outgoing calls. I despise calling Fido CS; not because of the reps, but because trying to get an actual person is like pulling teeth. When I did get a person (finally!), the fix was simple - turn off the phone, wait, turn it back on. Duh. I should have tried that; it's the first thing to try when troubleshooting computer issues. Thank you to the lovely Fido CSR who laughed along with me.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 145pm
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Monday, August 17, 2009 at 935pm
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Monday, August 17, 2009 at 929pm
Hubby came back with three very large salmon. He loved the charter and said he'd do it again without a second thought.

The museum was great! In the special exhibit, Squirmy ooo-ed and ahh-ed over the mummy case and mummy, loved the interactive section... and glossed over the rest. For me, the best pieces were a cool replica of the Rosetta Stone and some Egyptian jewellry. The regular museum stuff really captured Squirmy's attention. A large mammoth; stuffed birds, seals and deer; replica beach and forest scenes; fossils of various types - those were all so cool. The replica mine, logging stuff and boat Squirmy spent the most time in/on. Those really haven't changed much since I was last there, some thirty-odd years ago.

We couldn't do Afternoon Tea at the Empress (booked up), but we did stroll through a bit of the hotel. Grand! I'd like to see it (all of it!) at the beginning of the day instead of the end; everyone was dragging by the time we were done with the museum.

At her summer house, my great-aunt used to have a big jar of ocean-worn glass. I've always remembered that jar and always loved combing a beach for any worn/oddly shaped/hard-to-find color glass. Squirmy decided he's collecting this glass too. On our last trip to the iL's, the record for glass-collected (by Squirmy) was two-hundred-and-eleven pieces. This time - six-hundred-and-fourteen! We've pretty much stripped clean the nearest beach. Since we were in Sidney (running errands), Squirmy and I hit a small strip of beach used for boat launching and tourist-watching. We hit the mother load! We could hardly see the pebbles for all the glass! After five minutes, Squirmy and I both had our pockets absolutely stuffed full of the common colors; white (clear), green and brown. The real treasured colors are blue, red, yellow and purple and they're usually only found in small pieces that have to be dug/sifted for. One guess what we did. Found close to two dozen blue pieces (variety of shades), half-dozen red bits, two yellow pieces and two purples. In worn glass terms, this was a very good vacation!

If FiL had his way, we would have been coming home without our car. FiL's Land Rover is getting on in years and has some pretty serious rust issues. Finding a replacement with the same interior space is proving difficult. The iL's need the space as they do a farmer's market thing every Saturday and the Rover is packed full! There are some very large beasts that would do the job (Yukon and Armada to name a couple), but their price is waaaaay out of the budget and FiL wants new. Our Borrego though... size is right, comfort is right, visual appeal is right, and the price might be workable. FiL also fell in love our GPS device. We ended up buying them one as our gift for their fiftieth anniversary. FiL was having much fun playing with it when we left.

And speaking of the GPS unit, ours took us a cross-country trek from the ferry to the house. I'd never, ever, traveled the route it took us on; part of it, certainly, but the full route was unbelievable. I would never have though about driving through {large, sprawling 'burb name} to hit Highway 1. At any other time of day (read that as 'daytime') traffic would have been horrid.

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Friday, August 7, 2009 at 111pm
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Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 842am
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Saturday, August 1, 2009 at 941pm
Fics read 7/27 - 7/31

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