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Monday, July 27, 2009 at 1119am
HAHAHAHAHA - this is good. Experience required, typing of 80 wpm, shorthand 80 wpm, second language, proficient with MS Office... and all for eight dollars an hour! Wow, bet they get a ton of responses to that ad! Hell, there's an ad for distributing flyers that pays more!

TheDog had another show this weekend. Being the only Flat-Coat, he won his category and breed. In group and puppy-group he didn't do as well, didn't even make the cut. But it was more good practice for both hubby and TheDog, something both of them need.

The show was an outdoors (as they all seem to be this time of year) but, thankfully, the ring TheDog was to be in was near some of the very few trees. This meant me and Squirmy didn't broil as much as we thought we would. About half way through, clouds started rolling in and the temperature became quite pleasant. However, clouds (big dark things) and warm weather are not a really good combination. By the time we got home, deposited TheDog, met SiL and MrFixIt for dinner and ate, the dark clouds had turned black and air had grown thick. Lightening could be seen far off as we drove home. Squirmy and I hunkered down on the porch to watch the developing thundering and lightning storm... until the heavens opened up. The rain fell so hard and fast, the gutters didn't stand a chance of keeping up. Next door had a waterfall on their porch the likes of which I haven't seen in years.

The end result, though, was muggy and sticky. Inside the house today has been unbearable, even with everything opened up. Hubby had another show this morning and he said it was worse there than it was at home. Thank the gods there were groceries and errands to run because the car has a/c. With a couple fans, at least downstairs is inhabitable. Squirmy is sleeping in the guest room tonight as he'd probably slow-roast in his bedroom. The weather is not expected to improve (cool, in this case) this week. At least I'll be on the WCE both ways for most of the week - air conditioning rules!

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Friday, July 24, 2009 at 815pm
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Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 854pm
TheDog had two shows on the weekend. He took second place in the Puppy Sweepstakes and fourth place in the Open category and actually beat his 'cousin' (who is two years old) one time. There are another two shows this upcoming weekend, but this time he's the only one of his breed entered.

The "choosing of a lake" is still going on. With the fires around the Kelowna area, the men have decided it might be a good idea to pick a lake (or two) that isn't so close to the fire area. Still a possibility the alternate area could sprout a forest fire, or Forestry could just close off the forests period.

The heat has broken... for the moment. High temps are expected again, according to Weather Canada, by the weekend. If it gets hot enough, Squirmy will want his Slip 'n' Slide brought out again. But it's gotta be quite hot for that as the hose water is cold. The pool is another story, since it warms up nicely.

Getting the pool and bringing it home last weekend was a riot. Hubby used the SUV for the dog show (dog, crate, assorted stuff) leaving me with my little Blueberry (yes, that is her name according to Squirmy). The pool I wanted to get was sold out so of the two alternates (the only other models in my budget) Squirmy decided (after ten minutes of decision time) we'd get the one with baby dinosaurs on it. It's a deep, sixty-inch, sturdy pool and it was questionable if I could even get it in Blueberry. Well, by moving his car seat, moving the passenger seat as far forward as possible, stuffing the hatch area cover in the front and basically folding the pool in half, it went in... barely. Squirmy thought the whole procedure was a riot, I was thankful it was a short drive home.

Squirmy is all excited about hosting his very first sleep-over. After much "mommy, can I"'s, a friend from daycare is coming over next Friday. Final arrangements are still to be ironed out, but this kid is a sweetie and I adore him. Unfortunately, hubby is working that night so hopefully I can the noise to a dull roar and he'll take my advice and sleep in the guest room.

To most of the "employers" looking to hire office staff lately, I say this - You cheap bastards, I hope you get what you pay for!

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Monday, July 20, 2009 at 126pm
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 857pm
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 219pm
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Monday, July 13, 2009 at 852pm
Fics read 7/06 - 7/12

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 821am
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Saturday, July 4, 2009 at 809am
Fics read 6/19 - 7/03

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 937pm
After 20+ years, I finally have my own car. Hooray (!), tinged with a load of panic.

After seven years, ol' Chilli needed replacing. She'd been a great vehicle - carting Squirmy (and more recently, TheDog), suffered stuffing to the gills for camping and fishing trips, travelled roads that made the fillings in our teeth nearly fall out - but her time of being relatively inexpensive to maintain has been drawing to close for some time.

Hubby has been researching new vehicles for months (actually started last year!) and narrowed down our choices to three to replace Chilli. Well, two solid choices and one 'if we have to consider...'. Originally it was just going to be the one vehicle, as it had been since we married. However, as our lives and doings have changed a bit over the years (dog shows, kid stuff, possible new job) a second vehicle began to make a bit more sense. And since hubby has something against used vehicles ("you don't know how they were really treated" and "the two most important people in my life are NOT driving in something used and potentially unsafe") the second vehicle had to meet his safety and quality standards. Hubby came up with three possibilities for my car.

Sunday and Monday were test drive days. I have never been a fan of that aspect of vehicle shopping as, for one thing, hubby and I have different driving styles and apparently I make him nervous. Much like he makes me, but I've learned how to hide it and shut the fuck up. Squirmy was a jewel, even offering his opinion on what he thought of each vehicle. Originally, we were not going to take Squirmy along for this portion, but DevilChild has got herself a full-time job and couldn't babysit.

We tested five vehicles (one was knocked out before we even began), and one of mine was immediately eliminated (didn't drive as nice, didn't come with some things I consider 'basic'). It was a relatively difficult decision with Chilli's replacement, but it came down to the comfort of the third row, overall ride comfort and - though hubby probably won't admit it - a sunroof. My car was easier; since they both drove/rode pretty much the same, it came down to the 'cheapness' of the interior and hatchback versus trunk. The trunk, while it could probably hold a shit-ton of stuff, was so deep I would have had to climb inside to get at the stuff. For a short person, that's a bit of a pain (literally!).

Since I've never learned to fart hundred dollar bills, financing was required. Hubby and the salesman went back and forth and I've got to give the guys a round of applause for all the give and take that went on. I was actually glad Squirmy was with us so I could leave the negotiation stuff to hubby; it gives me hives. In the end, we will be paying about forty dollars more a month than what we wanted but, as hubby said, we won't get a better deal and we could live with the extra. Hubby sees the long range picture, all I see is the total debt printed on the papers. I had the same reaction when we took out the mortgage to buy the house. We opted for bank financing as the interest rate we were offered rocks - basically zero percent over seven years for mine and two-point-nine for hubby's - the Bank of Dad couldn't touch that.

So Tuesday was a very expensive day - signing our lives away (or so it felt to me) for new cars, insuring said cars (a touch more for hubby's, full year on mine) and paying the property taxes. There are still little things to pick up like a new Soggy Dog seat cover for hubby's car, a Club for mine and Aux/USB connectors for hubby. Once those are purchased, there is a moratorium on any non-survival spending as our bank account now looks like crap.

For a change, I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow - I've had five, expensive days off and I need something else to busy myself with. Here's hoping I'm remembering right and TheIdiot is booked out and that a new job is on the near horizon.

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