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Friday, June 26, 2009 at 1025pm
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Monday, June 22, 2009 at 925pm
The weekend just past was the Canandian Nationals for TheDog, held in conjunction with the Nanaimo show. For a puppy (eight months) TheDog did well - two second place wins in the Nanaimo show, two third place wins on the National side. Hubby was thrilled as he didn't expect much past fourth, at best, as everyone else was much more experienced.

Squirmy and I attended Saturday (the day of the Nationals end of things) and Squirmy got to pat, hug and kiss more dogs than ever. TheDog's breeder was there with four of her dogs, plus one or two she co-owns. TheDog's brother and mother were both present, too, and in March of this year, TheDog's mother won her Master Hunter certificate.

We stayed with the iL's and hubby made the two hour drive up and back each day (better him than me). MiL is out of the sling and, amazingly enough (insert sarcasm), her arm is weak, tires easily and is sore. There's still a lot of therapy to go through but she's pleased to have the constant pain gone and not popping T3's like candy.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 847pm
Fics read 6/01 - 6/18

Harry Potter - (The) Best Laid Plans  by Frances Potter un psa pw jamessnape
Harry Potter - Another Way Through Time  by Furiosity un psa pw jamessnape
Harry Potter - Lost and Found  by Shaggy
Harry Potter - Knock Before You Enter &nbps;by Jaxmari
Harry Potter - Bittersweet  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Old City Jasmine  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Jack Move  by Furiosity un psa pw jamessnape
Harry Potter - Shattered by Your Smile and Nothing Else Matters  by Furiosity un psa pw jamessnape
Harry Potter - Take What You Can Get  by corvida

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Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 1108pm
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 1116am

So, the web project went 'live', with the understanding that some items are still being added and fleshed out. The contact form was changed and it has a cool 'add-on' that's supposed to do great error handling. Now that the big push is over, I can work on integrating that aspect.

Everyone survived hubby's fishing week. Squirmy was "kidnapped" twice by MrFixIt and forced to eat pizza and ice cream. Such a tragedy!

Squirmy helped me gather up, sort and return all the recycling and I split the "profits" with him. He needed a green money ($20) and a purple one ($10), but not the blue one ($5) since he already had that color. Some of that money (the purple and blue) had to be spent on a book fine. Seems Squirmy forgot to zip-up his bag and a library book fell out... somewhere. By some parents' standards it's probably cruel to make the child pay for the lost book, by our standards it's learning responsibility and consequences for actions.

The small one did well on his birthday. His stuffies got him a full pack of Pokemon cards (they did chores around the house after Squirmy went to sleep), TheDog got Squirmy a toy Knight with horse and different armours and swords, and TheCat presented his boy with a set of forest animals to go with the others from last year. Sis gave him a Pokemon card book and three figures. SiL and family presented their nephew with two pump-action squirt guns. Damn, those suckers have some kinda range!

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June 8, 2009 at 1034am
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