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Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 852pm
Fics read 5/11 - 5/31

Harry Potter - Beyond Words  by obsessed1
Harry Potter - Vale Sanare  by rurounihime
Harry Potter - Yuletide Treasure  by rurounihime
Harry Potter - Waking in Light  by Amanuensis u/n psa p/w jamessnape
Harry Potter - Electrolite, Avalon and Imitation of Life  by Ashura un psa pw jamessnape
Harry Potter - Hall of Mirrors  by Ella Baneun psa pw jamessnape
Harry Potter - (A) Little Thing  by Emma Grant un psa pw jamessnape
Harry Potter - Best Everything  by tarie
Harry Potter - Before and After Hours  by Tarie (hp/cw)
Harry Potter - Firsts and Seconds  by Tarie
Harry Potter - Scruff  by Moonflower Rose
Harry Potter - Soixante-neuf  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Collection  by tarie
Harry Potter - Left My Heart and Surrender the Grey  by Emma Grant un psa pw jamessnape

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at 858 pm
TheDog had his first official show on the weekend. He didn't get any points (and we didn't expect him to) but he did come home with six ribbons including two first place in the Junior Puppy category, third place in the Puppy Sweepstakes and Reserve Winner in Sunday's show. Hubby had one goal for the show - not to trip each other up and/or break any legs.

MiL is doing good after her surgery. Except for Physio and daily exercises she can't use her arm until August... and FiL is making sure of that. His hovering and "attentiveness" is driving her batty (apparently they've had one good row already) but there's nothing to be done for it. Lord help me if I'm ever in a similar situation; hubby said he'd be the same way.

My sinuses started giving me hell again on Thursday and by Friday they were at full steam. Talked to the ENT nurse I have coffee with this morning. As long as the discharge remains yellow and doesn't turn green, there's not really much that can be done except let things run their course. She did give a sample of a nasal spray to try to open things up and promote draining. Here's hoping it works!

Had another interview after work Monday. The job appears to be pretty much what I'm doing now except with more accounting tasks. The pay is at least what I'm making now (possibly better) and it's so much closer to home. While the location is transit accessible, the time-table sucks so I'd need a car. This idea has been tossed around before, but not seriously until now. The extra payments might be a bit of a push, but I'd make it work if I got this job.

Squirmy had his second of four dental appointments today. The tooth I thought would probably have to be pulled wasn't; it had a root job (dear goddess, soooo much simpler on a baby tooth than the ones I've had on adult teeth) and then the tooth was capped and the other molar had a small filling placed. Just the bottom molars left now and they should both be simple fillings. I'm hoping Squirmy's top adult molars won't have the same malformations but, based on what SiL has told me about hers, I'm not holding my breath.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 849pm
Hozanna, what a few days... point form for ease...

  • BigD came in with TheIdiot; had no idea she was doing that.

  • On the homefront, unplanned spending of money was the name of the game.

    • Year's worth of flea meds for TheDog and examination of funny bumps (bacterial) - about $200

    • Cat's annual shots, etc - $200

    • Bathtub cold-water faucet finally gave way, necessitating a Plumber's bill for $200. He was able to grind of the broken/worn piece, gracing us with (he estimates) six to twelve months before it goes, probably entirely. Those bathroom reno's hubby and I have talked about for the last eight years? There is no choice but to do them now.

  • Laundry and other minor chores

  • Trip to the home improvement stores for a look-see

  • Vicious brought her computer over for disinfection/cleaning

  • Groceries, medium chores, dinner for six

  • SiL and MrFixIt will help (oh gods, thank you), but likely not until after his carpal-tunnel surgery later this year. They said to get all the bits now (tub, doors, cabinets, etc) then everything is ready to go.

  • MiL will not be over in June when hubby goes fishing. Frankly, I'm not surprised. Between dog and kid, there would be too much strain/use for her shoulder.

  • Just minor crap on Vicious' computer but in the three-and-a-half years she's had it, not once has disk clean-up or defragmenter been run. Her hubby, the knower of all things computer in their house, never bothered with those. Vicious was not impressed when I told her.

  • Hubby took TheDog for long walk, Squirmy and I did the vacuuming and dusting.

  • Online hunting for bathroom bits... and some minor differences of opinion with hubby.

Tuesday / Wednesday
  • Squirmy to school, me to dentist (no cavities, yay!)

  • Lunch with Vicious (she worked Saturday so had Tuesday off) then picked upSquirmy

  • Worked on web project, as much was possible as I'm still waiting for information, translation, basic fraking input(!), and further clarification of the 'jumping' problem.

  • Didn't hear a word from the office, but I noticed e-mail was not checked.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 928pm
Fics read 5/02 - 5/10

Harry Potter - Unlimited Partnership  by ricky_a
Harry Potter - (The) Price We Pay for Wings and A Flame Undamped  by Frayach Ni Cuill
Harry Potter - Crup-tion of the Not-So-Innocent  by calanthe_fics
Harry Potter - Homecoming  by novembersnow
Harry Potter - Full Spectrum and Shades of Grey  by Olivia_Lupin
Harry Potter - Last Weekend  by certifieddork
Harry Potter - (A) Beginner's Mistake  by foretinterdite
Harry Potter - All These Words I Don't Just Say  by goneoffthelump
Harry Potter - 59 Days  by goneoffthelump
Harry Potter - (The) Beard  by goneoffthelump
Harry Potter - Positive Reinforcement  by goneoffthelump
Harry Potter - (The) Years Between  by brummell
Harry Potter - (The) Simple Joy of Living  by mahaliem
Harry Potter - (The) Hunger  by Firestorm17

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Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 924pm
Tuesday, Squirmy had the first of four dental appointments to deal with his malformed and rotten teeth. Once the dentist got into the one tooth, he decide there wasn't much hope saving it - too close to the root, too much undercut once the rot was removed, be left too weak to support a cap properly.

Squirmy got to take the tooth home - in a special treasure chest even - for the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy "Counsel" met and decided that a tooth pulled out is worth as much as the first to fall out. Squirmy's reaction, apart from that wonderful glee kids have - was to declare that he can buy our Slurpee's next time.

Vicious' computer has been acting up the last while. Nothing major but she's noticed a definite slowness where there was none before. Her moron hubby's first suggestion/thought was she needs more memory. Don't bother checking anything else out first, let's just spend money we don't have for something that might not be needed. After a quick jaunt through her running processes, it's quite possible she has at least one virus/trojan, possibly two. Either of those would account for the slow down in the last month.

Continued in F-locked entry

Tags: family, Squirmy

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Friday, May 1, 2009 at 935pm
F-locked post

Tags: job hunt
Friday, May 1, 2009 at 932pm
Fics read 4/27 - 5/01

Harry Potter - (The) Business of Saving Souls  by RurouniHime
Harry Potter - Downpour, The Quality of Ice and Still Tender  by RurouniHime
Harry Potter - Meaningful Conversation  by RurouniHine
Harry Potter - (The) Venice Job  by Nishizono Shinji

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