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Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 945pm
Here I sit, in my high-back chair, with a bag of frozen peas on my upper back and neck. I screwed something up, probably when I was sleeping Saturday night / Sunday morning. The usual screw up, where one or other shoulder locks up, is either the upper rib and/or a cervical vertebrae (C2 or 3). This time it's "the spine" (Chiro's words, didn't ask him to elaborate as I was too busy taking the first pain-free deep breath I'd had in two days).

I couldn't work Wednesday'; when it took twenty minutes for a ten minute (or less) shower, I knew I'd never survive the trip into the office, nevermind sitting in a chair, working on the computer for seven hours. Called the Chiro as soon as the office opened, got in at nine-thirty and was back home by ten-thirty with the frozen peas on me. Fifteen minutes on, off for sixty minutes. Repeat (and repeat, and repeat...). Saw Chiro again after work today (had to go in - month end, database work to be finished) and he managed to get another spot or two. Next appointment is Saturday, then not sure if I can go a week or if it'll take another mid-week treatment.

(continued in f-locked portion.

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Friday, April 24, 2009 at 856pm
Fics read 4/14 - 4/24

Harry Potter - (The) Years that Walk Between  by Femme
Harry Potter - Eclipse  by PhoenixSong
Harry Potter - Beyond the Lethe  by zionsstarfish
Harry Potter - (The) Danger in the Shadows  by softly_sweetly

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Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 1137am
The "issues" between my mother and me are IN NO WAY comparable to the "issues" with your fuck-tard son. This is an office, a certain level of professionalism is required and expected. Not communicating patient or scheduling information... not professional.

There is something you could do about it, so stop with that fucking useless excuse. You're just too damn wimpy to take the step. Fuck this and all the bullshit.

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Monday, April 13, 2009 at 834pm
With a "pop" and a puff of magic smoke, Ubbie's power supply died. After dissecting the unit ('cause I'm nosey) I'm surprised it hadn't happened before; the amount of dust in the p/s was unreal. Actually, the amount of dust in the rest of the 'puter was equally as unreal. If Trafalga ever saw that, I'd get the lecture of a lifetime... and then some!

Rearranged/cleaned the home office. Not fully nor completely, but there is room to move. The addition of an old microwave cabinet (that's also doubled as a fish tank cabinet) allowed a lot of loose bits to be contained, which opened up a shelf on the utility stand for two boxes of 'puter parts. I can now get at the bookshelf which currently houses a fair bit of crapola. And somewhere in the office is my little 'puter-sized flashlight... haven't unearthed it yet.

Dragged Blackie out and hooked him up and there's two things that might be a problem: a "degraded" drive on the raid and a dead power supply fan. I've never played with a Raid Array, but a "degraded" drive doesn't sound like a good thing. If it means data is lost, so be it. All that was really on the drives were music files. The lack of working fan in the power supply might be causing the unit to overheat just enough to impair function but not enough to outright kill the unit. Put an e-mail into Tra to find out how best to proceed and what he recommends for replacing the power supply.

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Friday, Aprill 10, 2009 at 945pm
Fics read 3/30 - 4/09

Harry Potter - One Night at the Ministry  by Maeglin Yedi
Harry Potter - Bite Me, Hate Memes  by pir8fancier
  This author is one I loved in the PotC universe. That I just now found out she (I'm assuming) also writes HP... *falls over dead*. She has a way with words, can build a damn-fine mental picture and has a good grasp of the characters. This - "by following the orders of the most terrifyingly insane person he'd ever laid eyes on (which Draco considered irrefutable evidence of his father's personal slide into craziness because who in their right mind takes orders from a man who neglected to glamour himself a nose)..." - is just one of many "spit-liquid-on-the-monitor" moments. Read this fic!

Harry Potter - (A) Very Long Misadventure  by Ociwen
Harry Potter - Empty Spaces   by Ociwen
Harry Potter - Unintended  by furiosity
Harry Potter - Make Your Penis Huge!  by mahaliem
Harry Potter - Where Draco is a Statue  by simmyschtuff
Harry Potter - Draco Under Glass  by pushdragon
Harry Potter - (A) Mouthful of Fresh Water  by waterbird

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Friday, April 10, 2009 at 936pm
Big-D was in Monday to do the month-end accounting. Despite not having done it in five years, she did pretty damn good. Overall, Big-D can do the work, handle the paperwork, etc... except she doesn't want to be in the office from eight until four. She has things to do and, as well she knows, there's not a whole lot to do most of the time.

We, Big-D and me, have talked/discussed ways of changing things. Going to a four-day week, splitting the week between the two of us (if I could find a part-time job with specific days guaranteed), or adjusting the office hours. Of course, the change that I'd like best is not going to happen and I don't have any expectations that it ever would. Big-D says she discussed "things" with Boss-man, but he doesn't take to change well (if at all).

Hubby has bacterial pneumonia. That doesn't, of course, stop him from going into work. He did stay home from Confirmation class without being nagged (or beaten about the head). At least the last few days of work have been slow on the graveyard shift so hubby's been able to rest.

When you cannot stop buying scratch-and-win tickets, or pull-tabs, do you have a problem? I'm not talking one or two tickets here... try twenty, thirty, forty or more. More than once a week. Vicious' hubby doesn't think he has a problem; Vicious and I say differently. Bankruptcy is growing closer for this retard.

Don't know what I've done to my wrist, but I've had to keep it braced (practically immobile) for nearly a month now. It was feeling good enough to go without the brace Monday to Wednesday, but Wednesday evening I did something and knocked my wrist right back into the brace again. The pain is sharper this time, too. Going to hit a couple places around home area to find a different, second brace; the one I have needs washing and I just can't go unsupported right now.

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Friday, April 3, 2009 at 934pm
Dear god... if I lived closer to Trafalga, I'd be beating him to a bloody pulp right now. LISTEN TO ME, YOU IDIOT MAN! Just because you couldn't get the damn program to work, doesn't mean that it doesn't work! I got it to work, I LOGGED IN AS YOU! The fucking thing WORKS! You did something WRONG! Honest to pete! Get over your "it doesn't work with Linux" crap. I heard enough of that bullshit when you got the Mac.

Why do nearly all job ads specify/require MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) usage? Specific accounting packages I can understand, but MS Office? I don't understand.

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