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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 950pm
Squirmy has lost his first tooth! "Excited" does not cover Squirmy's mood, not by half. He had to tell all his stuffies about it, show them the tooth and explain what the Tooth Fairy is. It took longer than normal to get to bed tonight... and I ran out of different voices *grin*. When he did finally get tucked in, I didn't think Squirmy would fall asleep for a bit but he was out like a light. Helped that I told him, much like Santa, the Tooth Fairy won't come if you're awake. I'll probably go to hell for that, too.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 1015pm
Fics read 3/24 - 3/29

Harry Potter - Revelation (companion piece to Walking the Line)  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Hot Chocolate  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Morning After  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Jealousy  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Room for Two  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - (A) House with a White Picket Fence and (A) House with a Blue Door  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Something New  by SilentAuror (gw/lj - companion piece to White Picket Fence)
Harry Potter - Good Things and Better Things  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Things That Seem  by Maeglin Yedi
Harry Potter - Secrets  by Vorabiza
  It took awhile for me to hunker down and read this fic past chapter two; Harry, Draco and a baby... not a favorite scenario in my book. But this came recommended by someone else, so... Ya, worth the read. Good level of snark, pretty good at staying in-character, nice action and well thought out.

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Friday, March 27, 2009 at 206pm
Cruising different areas of a certain site, scanning for "something new", I can't help but wander into the computer areas (not the for-sale one though; it's dangerous!).

A recent post - a request for someone to "hack" her boyfriend's computer 'cause [she] thinks he's cheating on [her] - was too funny, and soon removed. Wasn't the first type of this post, probably won't be the last.

The one later in the afternoon... I really want to answer this cheap-ass moron with some serious smack-down. "I am seeking a computer hardware specialist who can install a new powersupply for my computer. I am seeking someone who has hardware experience A+ trained. I am a student and can only afford to pay $30.00 flat rate. My computer is one year old, quad core, and the power supply fan though working was making a lot of noise. e-mail me back with your credentials and if you are interested in helping me out."

What-the-hell?? A+ trained (I presumed certification required too) to swap out a power supply? And paying only $30? HAHAHAHAHA!

In other news...

TheDog is in a stealing phase - if he can get it, it's his! One plastic container well-chewed, one hot-pad torn in half, my dishrags are fun to gnaw on, and goddess help any piece of paper left within reach. There was a bit of stuffie-stealing the other day when Squirmy forgot to close his door. Amazingly, TheDog did no damage to them; he simply wanted a bigger collection and lined a half-dozen of Squirmy's stuffies up with his own.

Squrimy's class pictures are today; why they weren't done back in October when individual pics were, I've no idea. Squirmy is in the afternoon Kinder class. So WHY FUCK(!!) are the class pictures being done in the morning?? The morning Kinder, and other grades, and "panorama" shot(s) are all being done in the morning (before ten-thirty), then recess, afternoon Kinder class pics right after that. How bloody dumb is this!? SiL is off today (thank the gods, thanks scheduling, THANK YOU SiL!) so she can pick Squirmy up at daycare, take him for the pic, and return him to daycare. If SiL couldn't do it, Squirmy wouldn't be in the class photo; neither would the other boy from daycare that's in Squirmy's class. The logic, planning, thought-process... whatever(!) fails here.

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Monday, March 23, 2009 at 950pm
Geez louise, I need more hours in a day. This is gonna be a long post - catching up on a few weeks worth of crap...

Finally finished formatting and converting the first batch of documents for the web job. At an average of ten per hour (sometimes less depending on the size and graphical elements) it took around twenty-one hours to complete. With the approximately seventy to ninety minutes I have to myself at night, it's taken a goodly long time to do it all. The second batch of documents should take around the same time frame *groan*. The second batch took two-plus hours to sort. Seven sections averaging forty documents each, all the originals stuffed in the same massive directory, some with names so close they couldn't be easily distinguished... christ on a cracker! Hopefully be finished by the weekend, but I'm not holding my breath.

Squrimy's onSquirmy was on Spring Break and the daycare hashad some great stuff going this week. Jammies & Ice Cream Sundae Day, Bowling and Pizza, seeing a play at the local theater, and Martial Arts and McDonalds. Not a cheap week, but Squirmy had a blast. He left todayFriday for the Island with SiL and family for the weekend. Mucho tears and "I'll miss you" every second breath, but he'll havehe had fun. Amoung other things, he planted a patio vegetable garden so, in August, he can pick, and eat, carrots he planted. Sounded like Auntie-SiL spoiled her nephew, but that's what nephews are for, right?

With a weekend alone, hubby and I are going out for dinner Saturday. Maybe. Whatever bug Squirmy has been working on (nice cough, runny nose) he's shared with Daddy (who added aches to the mix) and now with Mommy (who added scratchy throat). Dinner out is entirely hanging on how human the two of us feel tomorrow. Our first night alone started well (*snerk*). Hubby was still in bed when I packed it in; he should have been up and in the shower by that time. He looked like Death should have been waiting outside the bedroom door. As it was, he suffered a case of EFP. Just one, but it was enough when joined with all the other aches, pains and overall feeling of crap. When hubby voluntarily says he's calling in sick, I know he's seriously not feeling remotely human.

We did do dinner out (hubby refused to give that up) and by that point hubby had perked up a fair bit. But that wasn't to last (of course not!). Sunday, I could see he still wasn't himself and he wasn't nearly as perky as Saturday evening. Today, he hardly got out of bed. I was home today as Squirmy had a dentist appointment and I had to get him to and from Kindergarten. Hubby arose (briefly) around noonish looking, once again, like Death was standing by. Chills and hots still present, EFP is gone, but he can't stay awake any more than three hours. Needless to say, he voluntarily called in sick again.

Squirmy's dentist appointment was more than I bargained for. I knew the top two molars were going to need help, probably stainless caps. The level of decay wasn't a surprise, given the malformation of those two teeth and the bitch of a time I've had keeping them cleaned and flossed. I wasn't prepared for news the bottom two also have problems - decay starting in between the molars. I thought I'd been doing a good job flossing between them but obviously not. Have to call the pediatric dentist on Friday (allow time for the x-rays and record to arrive) then make a consultation appointment. This is not going to be fun or cheap - thank the gods hubbys dental plan will cover some of it. Just have to find out which days Big-D cannot do and schedule around those.

Forgot Trafalga's birthday yet again. I don't know what it is with birthdays, but I just can't remember them. It's been this way as long as I can remember and it doesn't matter if they're written down or not.

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Friday, March 20, 2009 at 125pm
Fics read 3/02 - 3/20

Harry Potter - Boodwaggles  by f13tch3r
Harry Potter - (The) Art of Prosthesis  by joeyjames (het, f/g/h)
Harry Potter - Breaking the Silence  by k8Matty
Harry Potter - Experimenting  by k8Matty
Harry Potter - Birthday Celebrations  by k8Matty
Harry Potter - Checking It Twice  by Emma Grant
Harry Potter - Temptation  by Inell (het, f/g/hr)
Harry Potter - (A) Little Problem of Virginity  by Beren (aka Didi)
Harry Potter - Obsession and Consequence  by Beren (aka Didi)
Harry Potter - Irresisible Poison  by Rhysenn
Harry Potter - Breakfast In Bed  by Anj
Harry Potter - Draco in Darkness  by Debbie
Harry Potter - Playing With Fire  by Aidan Lynch
Harry Potter - What Love Is  by November Snowflake
Harry Potter - Desires What Is Understood  by Ivy Blossom
Harry Potter - Graffiti and Insomnia  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - In The Dark and The Trap  by SilentAuror
Harry Potter - Walking the Line  by SilentAuror

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Monday, March 9, 2009 at 1032am
Welcome to the LM where, in the second week of March, we're dealing with a snow storm. Depending where one is in the LM, there's anywhere from just under and inch to just over two inches of the white stuff. A certain little boy and his dog are happy, their father is not... and I'm hiding!

The dog continues to grow and can now reach mid-way on the counter. To prevent "snacking", the cupboards were cleaned out (first time in ten years) and most everything on the counter was relocated into the reclaimed space. Also screwed a hook into the side of the upper cupboard by the sink to save the tea towels from being nibbled on.

Did manage to clear the card table in the 'puter room (reclaiming floor space, hooray!), but that was it for that room. Still have to figure out where/how I'm going to hook up Blackie... without blowing up the circuit box. I've had three machines plugged into the circuit before and I've picked up a new surge bar, so I'm hoping there won't be a problem. Also not holding my breath.

And if, for some reason, I can't figure out why Blackie died, then the spare 'puter downstairs (nicknamed "Summer" since that's the only time it gets used) is being turned into an iPod tester. If I can get rid Main, then that whole desk (and electrical outlet) can be reclaimed. Of course, I'll need to relocate Main somewhere since I still need a WinCrap box for site/code testing and other little things. Plus, that 'puter has a one-sixty gig hard drive containing a lot of files that need archiving. As does the external drive. Need more than twenty-four hours in a day.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009 at 440pm
Fics read 2/23 - 2/27

Harry Potter - Disappearing Act  by hpuckle
Harry Potter - Plate Removal  by solstice_muse
Harry Potter - and every breath's a moment  by epicflailer
Harry Potter - It's All About Sex  by iamshadow
Harry Potter - (A) Matter of Pride  by Jeannie (goneoffthelump)
Harry Potter - Chocolate self-saucing pudding  by redsnake05
Harry Potter - Redeem Me  by Samayel
Harry Potter - Charmed Wool  by winnett

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