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Friday, February 27, 2009 at 312pm
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Tuesday, February 25, 2009 at 252pm
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Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 924pm
Fics read 2/16 - 2/22

Harry Potter - Nights and Weekends  by maple_mahogany
Harry Potter - Per Solum Lacuna: By Words Alone  by Azhure
Harry Potter - One Million Miles Not Far Enough  by Brighid
Harry Potter - Safe House  by Professor McKitten

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Friday, February 20, 2009 at 904am
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Friday, February 13, 2009 at 839pm
Fics read 2/07 - 2/13

Harry Potter - (The) Key to my Heart  by Sevfan
Harry Potter - Tequila! It makes me happy!  by plotbunniofdoom
Harry Potter - How Something Ridiculous Led to Something Brilliant  star54kar
Harry Potter - Harry Gets Lucky  by SlantedKnitting
Harry Potter - Linger  by susnemuznae
Harry Potter - Surprise Visit  by bryonyfics
Harry Potter - (A) Favour Between Friends  by bryonyfics
Harry Potter - Discovered  by plotbunniofdoom
Harry Potter - Fixations  by tqpannie (aka satindolls)
Harry Potter - Indulgence  by kerryblaze
Harry Potter - Smut..With Harry On Top  by matildabishop
Harry Potter - Curveball and Switch Hit  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - (A) Very Bad Idea  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - Harry's Worst Nightmare  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - Another Bloody Kookaburra  by mrsquizzical
Harry Potter - (The) admirer that wasn’t admirable  by redsnake05
Harry Potter - Like December Snow  by Dementis
Harry Potter - That Day on the Hill  by Mosh
Harry Potter - Ron's Ribbons  by salixbabylon
Harry Potter - What Are Words For?  by salixbabylon
Harry Potter - Muggle Nonsense  by salixbabylon
PotC - An Accord  by Salix
Harry Potter - Get There Faster  by hesychasm
Harry Potter - (A) Question of Family  by ThaliaChaunacy

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Friday, February 13, 2009 at 834pm
Saw SiL's place and, wow!, the main floor (except for the immediate kitchen area) has been gutted. Walls taken out, floor ripped up, new wiring (MrFixIt said he's on his third spool of wire) and lighting. The best is what used to be the front door - it's been replaced by a double slider and flanking floor/ceiling windows. When it all gets done - drywalled, painted, floored, etc - their place will be something else!

Managed to lock Ubbie up, thus earning a mark in the "what do you use for brains" column. Don't try to mass-open a directory of HTML files; the four-hundred-plus attempts at opening each file in its own browser window WILL make your cpu cry.

In an effort to find... christ, just about anything of any importance, in my 'puter room, I snagged one of the large camping bins. Anything that was loose on any flat surface was swept into the bin and sorted from there. It helped a little, but there's still piles of stuff... just now it's sorted *sigh*.

Buried behind a pile of stuff was a 'puter (yes, the home office is that damn bad). I think it's the server (Blackie) Trafalga did up for me a couple years ago. Something happened to it, either PSU or video card I suspect, so I'll crack it open and play with it. If I can get it working again, and after I haul all the files off, I'm thinking of throwing Ubuntu on it and replacing Ubbie with it. If I remember right, Blackie's got a bigger CPU and more RAM than Ubie does. Or, I think there's supposed to be a media center-type distro of Ubuntu. Might be interesting to see what that does. At least with the USB external I can probably stash all the data there while both machines are rebuilt.

And Trafalga just said he's gonna put Ubuntu on one of his machines. About bloody time! Guess this means I can expect tech calls soon!

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Friday, February 6, 2009 at 859pm
Fics read 2/02 - 2/06

Harry Potter - Two Little Boys and a Green-Eyed Monster  by solstice_muse
Harry Potter - (The) Changing Room  by satindolls (aka tqpannie)
Harry Potter - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head  by satindolls (aka tqpannie)
Harry Potter - Everything's Extendable  by earth_dragon
Harry Potter - Hands  by satindolls (aka tqpannie)
Harry Potter - What Happened to the Wandmaker  by mme_rosmerta
Harry Potter - Me, Myself and I  by strickens_girl
Harry Potter - How to catch your man through hard work  by redsnake05
Harry Potter - Immunity in the Darkness  by maple_mahogany
Harry Potter - Frayed Edges  by Dementis
Harry Potter - To Fight And Conquer  by Maayan
Harry Potter - More Than Nothing  by Qestral
Harry Potter - Serpentine  by afterimage84
Harry Potter - (The) Darkest Recesses of the Heart  by auntee_mame
Harry Potter - Hallowe'en  by goneoffthelump

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Monday, February 2, 2009 at 850pm
Fuck Adobe and their bloat-ware pile of crap Acrobat. I've had enough of the work 'puter slowing/freezing when I've gotta read a PDF document, which is often since the Provincial and Federal governments are enamored of the things. Testing out Foxit Reader - so far, so good. What I'd really like is Ubuntu-ize this office!

Are we, or are we not, in the "modern age"? I can understand most public schools not being right up-to-date, but for a great number of years many kids come from a house where their parents work (either both or only in the case of single parent families). Why the hell would a "sign-up for a time" list (for parents to go see their kids' work-to-date) be posted (and only accessible) on the fucking classroom door?! This is something that could be placed on the schools' web site (useless piece of crap that it is; a letter is going to the district board about that!) or a "please select a time" form could be given to the child to return to school (there is, maybe, fifteen kids in Squirmy's class). Tried phoning the teacher to sign-up that way, but the idiot never bothered to return the call. I don't mind making some concessions, but I'm not taking half a day off work simply to write my name on a piece of paper!

MiL and FiL are doing well, all things considered. MiL's still on the wait-list for shoulder-replacement surgery and FiL... poor, FiL. He broke a couple ribs (fell off a chair), has pneumonia (what a joy with broken ribs - NOT), and picked up another cute virus, too. The dog, the little rescued guy, is doing much better than his masters. There's something nasty going on with his eyes though. Looks like he's all but blind in one eye for sure, possibly some vision loss in the other and both are afflicted with 'green-goopies'. Told MiL to insist on getting it cultured when they see the Vet again Thursday.

Squirmy was most excellent, both ways, on the ferry. Understandably, Hubby elected to stay with Mr Puppy until the ferry got underway in case the vibration and noise upset him. I was elected to get food since by the time Hubby made it upstairs, the line up would be horrendous. That meant leaving Squirmy alone at a table (getting a table is worse than the food queue) with paper and crayons. Though I was out of sight (with a mantra of "don't panic" running through my head) Squirmy did swimmingly. Drew some pictures, watched other people and felt like a big boy.

Another sign my Squirmy-boy is growing up - the first loose tooth. Discovered it tonight when he said his teeth hurt. Sure enough, one of the front bottom teeth is wiggly. Squirmy is thrilled and looking forward to a visit from the tooth fairy. What's the going rate for teeth these days?

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