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Friday, January 30, 2009 at 221pm
Fics read 1/17 - 1/30

Harry Potter - Better Than Revenge  by Celandine Brandybuck
Harry Potter - (A) Question of Time  by Celandine Brandybuck
Harry Potter - In/Sight  by Celandine Brandybuck
Harry Potter - Tomorrow series by November Snowflake
  Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
Harry Potter - Transfigurations  by Resonant
  It's always interesting to come across a writer you adore from another fandom. Such is the case with Resonant; her Sentinel stories are wonderful.

Not sure when she wrote this HP fic (after Book 1? Book 2?), but for a well-versed (even a partially-versed) HP fan some things (wrong names, events, etc) may be too much to bear. Nevertheless, Resonant has a way of telling a story that is interesting, beautiful and emotional. There's also some glorious artwork to go along with it.

Harry Potter - Of This, I Am Sure  by jamie2109
Harry Potter - Of Paradise and Perfection  by Alaana Fair
Harry Potter - (The) Debt  by iscaris
Harry Potter - (The) Mirror Never Lies  rhysenn
Harry Potter - second of our reign  by wax jism
Harry Potter - Lustre  by Julad and Calico
Harry Potter - Oh, What The Hell  by Icarus
Harry Potter - Submission  by Abaddon
Harry Potter - Choices  by satindolls
Harry Potter - The Morning After  by Matty (aka aniwde)
Harry Potter - Devour  by Hysterical Hystorian
Harry Potter - Every Woman's Fantasy Come True  by Hysterical Hystorian
Harry Potter - Summer Rain  by Hysterical Hystorian
Harry Potter - (The) Right Weasley  by Hysterical Hystorian
Harry Potter - (A) Lesson in Courage  by tqpannie
Harry Potter - All I Want For Christmas Is You  by tqpannie
Harry Potter - Amortentia  by tqpannie
Harry Potter - Blue Christmas  by screaminglungs
Harry Potter - (A) Home of Their Own  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - Trio Tribute  by mapleandmahogany
Harry Potter - The Trick of Love  by Redblaze
Harry Potter - Silent Whispers  by cf33
Harry Potter - Three's A Crowd  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - Any Port in a Storm  by sabine91175

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Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 144pm
If I could afford it and if I wasn't such an anti-social bitch, I'd be home-schooling Squirmy. Gods!

All the Kinder-kids take a turn at being "Scientist of the Week". Squirmy's turn, according to the pathetic calendar-type thing that's sent home each month, is this Thursday. The child is supposed to pick an experiment from the booklet sent home, practice it, then perform it on their assigned day. The booklet will be sent home the week before.

No booklet received last Thursday, Friday was a Pro-D day, no booklet received Monday. E-mailed the teacher - calling the school is almost fraking useless - and got this response:

As I have been away recently, I will postpone [Squirmy]'s science experiment presentation until next week, but I will send the suggested experiments home with him tomorrow when I get back to school (Wednesday). He can perform his experiment on Feb.5.

It is very, very doubtful I would have heard about the date change if I hadn't emailed the teacher. Also, this teacher is away a lot.

[edit to add prior to posting] Received the booklet, looked at the 'experiments' and... jezzu!

While there's some pretty cool experiments, most of them are supply-heavy. For example: five to seven glasses of water, varying levels of water in each, wet your finger and run it along the rim, note the tone differences. Great experiment for kids, but the parent has to help their child set it up. In this day and age, when most families have BOTH parents working... you know where I'm going with this. Utterly fucking stupid! Hubby suggested the Mentos in a bottle of Coke (if you've never done or seen this one, try it outside). I'll be looking for something a little less messy. [edit] Static electricity and balloons it is.

And what is with the 'report every bump and bruise' thing. The incident in December and then this one a couple weeks ago -

Hubby picked up Squirmy from school (Daycare closed, power outage) and he'd got his finger - just the tip - caught in a door. No broken skin, no bones broken, could move it just fine, put pressure on it fine. Teacher advised Squirmy should probably see his doctor, get an x-ray, yadda yadda yadda. Hubby checked his boy out, said he's fine and the teacher was quite concerned hubby wasn't going to take his child to the doctor. The fact hubby is (though his ticket isn't current at the present time) a Level III First Aid Attendant and had taught Level III for years apparently meant nothing; in short, hubby didn't know what he was doing. Never mind, also, that Squirmy's auntie is a Critical Care Nurse and his uncle is a Paramedic. But Squirmy should have still be taken to see the doctor. *snort* No need to wonder why our medical system is overloaded with attitudes like that.

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Monday, January 26, 2009 at 841pm
F-locked post

Tags: family, squirmy, weather, work
Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 551pm
Fics read 1/11 - 1/16

Harry Potter - Adagio in G Minor  by furiosity
Harry Potter - Collateral Damage  by furiosity
Harry Potter - All I Have Left  by furiosity
Harry Potter - Never End Till We're Dust  by furiosity
Harry Potter - Reprieve  by furiosity
Harry Potter - Aftermath  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - Connect The Freckles  by vlredreign
Harry Potter - Best Friends  by Kayla
Harry Potter - Birthday Boys  by luvscharie (F/H/G het and slash)
Harry Potter - Beautiful World  by Cinnamon

  Holy hell, this fic... dammit! It's rare, these days, to encounter a fic that really, really affects me. This story is beautiful, thoughtful, has wonderful characterizations, paints wonderful pictures-in-the-mind... and if you're not blubbering like a baby at the end, there's something wrong with you. "Deeply emotional" and "heart-wrenching" do not do this story justice, but my brain is a soggy mess after reading it. Grab the kleenex, a couple boxes at least. (Harry/Draco, if it matters)

Harry Potter - (A) Kiss for Thanks  by maple_mahogany
Harry Potter - What Dreams May Come  by earth_dragon
Harry Potter - Helping Hands  by silvernatasha
Harry Potter - Two Playboys on the Pitch  by Professor McKitten
Harry Potter - (The) Good Parts  by kaalee
Harry Potter - Reconciliation  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - (A) Little Something Between Friends  by simons_flower
Harry Potter - All It Takes  by cf33
Harry Potter - Best Man  by netbyrd
Harry Potter - How the Wizarding World Wanks  by dream-wia-dream
Harry Potter - It's All In How You Get There  by delicatetruth
Harry Potter - Measuring  by shocolate
Harry Potter - Poised on the Rim  by shocolate
Harry Potter - Saving Harry Thing  by sarka
Harry Potter - Pop Quiz  by Aja
Harry Potter - Arcadia / Gloria  by Abaddon
Harry Potter - Closure  by Juxian Tang
Harry Potter - Harry Potter and the Magic of Mistletoe  by November Snowflake
Harry Potter - (The) Way of the World  by zionsstarfish
Harry Potter - (The) Goodness of Their Hearts  by Taratext

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 815pm
F-locked post

Tags: work, web work
Friday, January 9, 2009 at 918pm
I suppose, since it took nearly three months to confirm the contract, I shouldn't be surprised that the web project has stalled... or possibly died. If I'm not given info/data, I can't do any work. Sure, I could finish up the one library listing but what's the point right now? I've asked three times for the text for the blank areas and... nothing. At least with monthly invoicing I've been paid for the work done so far.

Slowly catching up on this season of NCIS and House. Unfortunately, the motion of the bus has been putting me to sleep and coming home in the evening, I'm either so tired I drift off or Vicious and I are catching up on the idiocy at her office.

May have to break down and see the doctor soon. Something sinus-y has been going on for weeks and lately it's been affecting my sleep. And Squirmy needs his booster shots soon (!!). Tried doing it in December at the local clinic, but dear Squirmy decided to spike a fever that day so I couldn't take him.

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Friday, January 9, 2009 at 841pm
Fics read 1/05 - 1/09

Harry Potter - Blame It on the Rain  by sesptwd
Harry Potter - "I Could Never Hate You, Ron"  by Jenn (aka whatitistoburn1)
Harry Potter - Heat Wave  by Allika
NCIS - Recoil's Fallout  by CJ aka WritinginCT (het, T/Z)
Harry Potter - (The) Night Ron Weasley Lost His Mind  by Jenn (whatitistoburn1)
Harry Potter - Don't Apologise  by irishphoenix711
Harry Potter - Spies Like Us  by tqpannie
Harry Potter - You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This  by araythea
Harry Potter - Wrong  by tattooedsiren
Harry Potter - afternoon delight  by kaalee
Harry Potter - Awakening  by kaalee
Harry Potter - A Weasley Family Christmas Tradition  by earth_dragon

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Monday, January 5, 2009 at 842pm
The laundry and family rooms have been cleaned out and both have been dog-proofed. At least, I think they have - won't know for sure until Mr Puppy goes downstairs. I was going to tackle upstairs (except for my office) but there wasn't enough time along with everything else that had to be done. Did briefly attempt my office; managed to get rid of seven things, not that one could tell.

Found a program for Linux that's supposed to convert .avi to a format usable on the Nano (.m4v, I think). Tried 'converting' a vid, transferred it to XPMain but the damn thing wouldn't go onto the Nano. No idea why - no error messages, no nuthin! Have to play around some more.

Now that I've got a real USB hub, and got the stuff that doesn't need a direct connection stuck on the hub, I tried hooking the Nano to Ubbie. If all I need to do is transfer music then Amarok will do the job. Video, however... None of the programs I currently have will even show the video options on the damn Nano. Crap. I really want to dump the Windoze box.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 418pm
Fics read 12/21 - 1/04

Harry Potter - Dukedom Large Enough  by Alysian_Fields
  An after-war story with Draco as the new Hogwarts librarian. This Draco is probably the most insecure I've seen that is actually believable. His back-story is well thought out and reasoned, leaving little doubt as to why Draco is as withdrawn as he's written in this story. The only flaw I found (and it's probably just my personal ick-meter) is the level of sappiness; it's a bit too high for my taste.
Harry Potter - (A) Beautiful Lie  by Abremaline
Harry Potter - (A) Reckless Frame of Mind  by: Lomonaaeren
  Hard work, damned good and involved work, went into this story. A post-war AU where Harry has become the victim of a nasty curse (that is nothing short of fascinating!) and Draco his assigned Healer. Not just a regular Healer, but a highly specialized field that Draco helped create. At the risk of giving a bit of the story away, the descriptions of souls and their cores is so vivid and enchanting it's like really being able to see them.
Harry Potter - (A) Determined Frame of Mind  by: Lomonaaeren
  Sequel to A Reckless Frame of Mind. Worthy and praiseful follow-up to the original story and worth reading again and again.
Harry Potter - Survivor's Joy  by Lomonaaeren
Harry Potter - The Fortunate Fall  by Lomonaaeren
Harry Potter - To Touch a Unicorn  by Lomonaaeren
Harry Potter - He Was He and I Was Bunny  by Bryoney Brynn
Harry Potter - Desperately Seeking Someone  by Alaana Fair
Harry Potter - Getting There  by rickey_a
Harry Potter - Bed & Late Night Snack  by Stray
Harry Potter - (The) Way to Thomason Foss  by furiosity
Harry Potter - From the Brink of Twilight  by furiosity

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Friday, January 2, 2009 at 943pm
Another Xmas season done and buried - thank the gods.

Xmas morning was fun. Santa, as usual, brought Squirmy carrots. Which Mr. Puppy promptly ate one of. Tied for best present from Santa was the Wii and... a Whoopie Cushon. The cheap-ass little thing from a dollar store was such a huge hit, I think Santa will bring one next year.

Squirmy made out like a bandit (again) this year. New clothes, three Transformers, a couple dinosaurs, giant pirate ship poster to color and numerous other small items I can't remember. Yeah, the kid did good.

Hubby has probably worked enough overtime to pay for the Wii. I honestly do not know how the hell he does it. I tried to keep kid and dog occupied and quiet-ish to let hubby get sleep, but it wasn't easy to do. Normally, I'd have stuffed Mr. Puppy in the kitchen and have packed Squirmy off somewhere. Due to the road conditions, and my woefully inadequate skills, I wasn't able to do that until New Year's Eve. Backing out of our driveway was a task made slightly easier by hubby parking the car on the partially shoveled area. I never would have gotten the sucker out if he parked all the way in. The mall parking lot was well-plowed as I'd hoped it would be.

We hit the mall for two to three computer-related things. I did eventually get them, but the store was at the opposite end of the mall and I had to pass by two kids clothing places that were having incredible sales. When Please Mum and Kids Place are having fifty to seventy percent off sales, one does not pass them by. And when Zellers has a forty-percent off sale on kids outerwear, you don't pass that by either. Six new shirts, two pairs of pants, gloves and a pair of snow pants later, Squirmy and me finally made it to Future Shop. Of course the three things I needed (wanted?) turned into more. Shit, when Predator and Predator vs Alien are on sale (massively so!) and Squirmy sees them, there is no passing by... especially because I love 'em too.

We were going to head over to the iL's today when hubby got off work, however MiL came over our way instead. She's on the short-list for shoulder replacement surgery and this was the only guaranteed-not-to-happen week she was clear to get over and visit everyone. And for an added bonus, MiL ended up rescuing a poor little Shih Tsu dog. Ever since the "Guinea Pig on steroids" passed away over a year ago, FiL has wanted another dog. He and Devil-child came across this free dog on Craigs List and MiL went to see it when she came over. Barney, as he's been so named, is not exactly what FiL had in mind but, as SiL and MiL explained, there was no way on God's Green Earth they could leave the poor fella where he was. Basically, Barney was rescued from starving to death. Calling Barney emaciated and dehydrated really doesn't go far enough. FiL came over, picked up Barney and he's much, much, better - proper amount of food, water and most importantly, love.

As for the snow... it's melted a bit, turned to ice a bit, fallen more (fucking hell!) and is generally being a right royal pain-in-the-ass. At least the roads are being plowed around here; neighbour told me one of the other municipalities wasn't as efficient and it was downright suicidal to hit a side street there. I have to get out today to get Mr. Puppy his license and get my train ticket for Monday so of course it's bloody snowing. It'll probably turn to rain by the time I'm ready to leave, thus making my walk (no point driving, where the hell would I park?) a fracking joy.

The new year started out <sarcasm> nice </sarcasm> - due to an ongoing sinus thing, couldn't sleep, pulled a muscle coughing so hard and a lens fell out of my glasses. The latter was the only thing I could do anything about/fix. So, here's hoping everyone else had a better start to the New Year and many wishes for a great 2009!

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