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Wednesday, December 24, 2008 at 928pm
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Twas the night before Xmas... and it is still snowing in the LM. At two o'clock, there was sixteen inches on the back deck and it was still snowing. I've shoveled the walk and part of the driveway six times today; the last two were the worst since the snow was much wetter later in the day. I am soooo glad I've been off work since the nineteenth. Oh, there's more of the white-shit forecast for tonight - five to ten centimeters.

Mr Puppy appears to enjoy the snow, though finding a spot to poop is becoming a challenge. When the snow is up to your chest it's rather hard to squat and snow up the butt-hole is not very comfortable (*snerk* who knew, eh?). Mr Puppy did have fun romping through the backyard with Squirmy. In fact, the dog maneuvered better than the kid.

In between watching movies, playing in the snow, playing games with Mommy (and Daddy for a bit), Squirmy watched the Santa Radar. Wish there'd been something like that when I was growing up!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 455pm
Holy crap, the snow is deep. On top of what was already on the ground (a good two to three inches at least; I suck at estimating though) another fracking foot (at least, probably more) has fallen since last night. The snow stopped falling briefly (an hour, maybe) this morning but apart from that it's been going steady all day. Damn glad I did the grocery shopping yesterday; I wouldn't want to either be a driver or passenger on the road today. Hubby has to head out to work around ten-thirty and I shudder to think what the roads will be like by then. Plows are... somewhere I hope. Haven't seen any sign of them around here yet.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008 at 922pm
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Harry Potter - Out of the Night That Covers Me  by Briseis
  Excellent characterizations and kick-ass plot should put this story on every Harry/Draco must-read list. Neither of the characters is wimpy, emotional (moreso than they're originally written), or feminized; something all too prevelant in this pairing. Pack a lunch 'cause it's impossible to stop reading until the end.

Harry Potter - Precious Gem  by dracoredeemed
Harry Potter - Parity Transformations  by Suki Blue
  Another well-written, in-character Harry/Draco. After failing to kill Dumbledor, Draco went on the run. While he did join the Order and participate in the final battle, life after was hell. Fast-forward seven years, Draco has removed himself from the Wizarding World, living in a small English town... and meets up, quite by accident, with his old enemy and his son.

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  This story should come with a 'sudden shock' warning. Damn, it's good.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 1244pm
Last night was Squirmy's very first school performance. He looked so cute singing Rudolph wearing jingle-bell antlers.

While the kids were waiting, in their classroom, to go on stage, Squirmy bumped his leg hard enough to start crying. I found this out from his teacher though I can't figure out why it was necessary to tell me. No blood, no loss of consciousness, nothing broken or damaged (a bruise is not damage) so... why? It's only been not quite three months since Squirmy entered public school and already I can't believe the differences (read that as idiocy) from when hubby and I attended.

'Cold' does not adequately describe the weather around the LM. Right now, sitting at my desk with three computers blowing hot air, still wearing a sweater and the insul-pants (under the dress pants) I'm three steps above frozen. Won't mention my feet since I can't feel them anyway. The 'heat' in this building is almost non-existent; just enough to keep the chill from the air.

Christ-on-a-cracker! Minus 8 as a high tomorrow? *cries* I'm on the bus, both ways, tomorrow. I wonder if hubby has any hunting-thermals around?

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Monday, December 15, 2008 at 245pm
Mr. Puppy has been with us a week and two days. To say "everyone has been adjusting" would be a massive understatement.

The first two days were accident-city; thank the gods for my little Spot Lifter carpet cleaner. Peeing inside tapered off by around Wednesday, though poopies still occurred until Thursday. Friday and through the weekend there were no accidents. Not all of the problem has been Mr. Puppy. I've never learned to 'read' a dog, learned what the imminent potty signs are; I know them better now.

To help cut down night-time wanderings (which resulted in damp carpet), hubby bought a doggie crate. At night when I go to bed, Mr. Puppy goes (or is placed) in his crate with the door latched. When he needs a trip to the biffy, his whine wakes me (typically around four am, bugger it), we go out and Mr. Puppy goes back in his crate. After three nights of this, back in was accompanied by a few biscuits to keep him quiet and alleviate the worst of the hunger pangs. Sleeping (for all) has been in Squirmy's room - Squirmy in his bed, Mr Puppy in his crate, mommy on the floor. Need I say how much my back absolutely 'loves' me? Tonight, the crate is being moved downstairs (either just inside or just outside the bedroom) and I am sleeping in my damn bed!

MiL was supposed to come see her newest grandchild (yes, that's what Mr Puppy is) but crappy weather (and a forecast for more) made her cancel. While SiL and I didn't get much snow (hell, up the hill at SiL's place they saw nary a flake!), MiL's area got a good four inches and Granny's (where MiL would have ended up today) was a skating rink and MiL's sister snowed in. The LM didn't get the snow the east did but holy hell was it cold! One weather report I saw said, with the forty mile-an-hour winds present, the temp hovered around minus seventeen. I can believe that, no problem!

That said, I love the cold, the snow and winter in general. Shit, when one has this view - Picture 1 and Picture 2 - what's not to love. Sometimes people ask why I've never lived anywhere else; pictures of this Province make them understand.

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Friday, December 5, 2008 at 836pm
Fics read 12/01 - 12/05

Harry Potter - Room Service  by Emma Grant
Harry Potter - (The) Elegant Solution  by magicofisis
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 858am
I'd love to know what the hell is going on lately. I've had people, a lot of them, show up in the office not knowing who they're supposed to be seeing; no name, no proper address, no phone number, nothing. The only 'known' thing is these lost people are not supposed to be seeing us as they've all got two working eyes. Maybe it's just me, but when my doc/dentist/whatever refers me to someone I make damn sure I've got a name.

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