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Sunday, Novemer 30, 2008 at 956pm
F-locked portion of entry

Things are pretty much set-up / ready for Mr. Puppy's arrival. Hubby relocated the cat's dishes onto the counter and, since kitty is getting older and doesn't jump so well any more, built a ramp for access to the food. The cat is not sure what to make of the ramp yet (big surprise). During Xmas break I'll have to pick up a dog license. In my municipality, a dog doesn't have to be licensed until it's six months old but after March the cost of the license increases fifteen dollars (holy crap!).

Our regular vet, who Mr. Kitty had to see on Saturday, all but begged me to bring Mr. Puppy in when we get him. She loves puppies and knows how much we've been looking forward to getting the little guy. Even if the breeder wasn't crazy about this vet, after everything she did before and after Miss Minx Kitty died (rest in peace, my love) I doubt I'd switch. It's a nice bonus that the two women know each other professionally and appear to respect each other as well.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 949pm
Fics read 11/23 - 11/28

Harry Potter - (The) Price of Valor  by WeasleyWench
  With LJ down for maintenance, I cruised a link I was saving for later. Out of sheer self-torment, I searched for DM/HP not expecting to find much readable or believable stories. For the most part, I was spot-on. Until this story. This story deserves its own pedestal, a section of fan-fic classification all its own, the biggest and best award... get the impression I like it? 'Like' is not strong enough - I'll sing praises for this wonderfully intricate, well thought out, beautifully executed and totally captivating piece of work. This is the standard against which all DM/HD fan-fic should be judged.

Set seven years past the final battle, Harry and Draco are put together in a not at all unbelievable senario. Harry learns some impulse control, Draco learns how to love. Really, I cannot adequately summarize this story so here's the author's words - "What happens when someone you hate needs you more than anything else? When it's life or death, either battle to the end, or die trying." One note to Ginny fans - you may not be all that happy with her in this story. Though she's not exactly nice in this story, she's not bashed and I found her 'actions' very believable and in-character.

Harry Potter - Right Away  by midnightblue88
Harry Potter - Tall, Skinny Redheads  by goneoffthelump
Harry Potter - Mirrors  by shocolate
Harry Potter - (The) Thing is, Ron...  by Satindolls (aka tqpannie)
Harry Potter - In Which Ron is Rather Slow  by Chillie
Harry Potter - All His Saints  by Setissma
Harry Potter - Be-loved and Be-elved  by fireelemental79
Harry Potter - Into This Night I Wander  by geekwriter
Harry Potter - Lines  by kaalee
Harry Potter - Frost  by LardenceLover
Harry Potter - Curiouser and Curiouser  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Smut_69  by kerryblaze
Harry Potter - Becoming Real  by Irana Potter-Snape
Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 216pm
*snicker* I figured out why HP/RW appeals so much - I have a thing (rather large thing actually) for tall, slender, red-haired men. Why I didn't see the connection sooner is beyond me.

And though I despise Xmas, I find myself searching for the shmoopy holiday type of fic. Ick, hope that passes quickly.

F-locked portion
Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 943pm
Fics read 11/15 - 11/21

Harry Potter - Turning Back The Clock  by Mad Martha
Harry Potter - Tough Love  by solstice_muse
Harry Potter - (A) Moment of Clarity  by satindolls
Harry Potter - Through The Storm  by star54kar
Harry Potter - (The) Considerate Flatmate  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - Consequences  by MidnightBlue88
Harry Potter - Ice Lolly  by Trubbleclef
Harry Potter - Innocent Beginnings  MorteGami
Harry Potter - At Night  by faynia
Harry Potter - Yellow Pages  by softly_sweetly
Harry Potter - Christmas Wishes  by Satindolls
Harry Potter - (A) Big Bed  by Maple_Mahogany
Harry Potter - Yule Tied  by solstice_muse
Harry Potter - Snow in the Moonlight  by trubbleclef
Harry Potter - There's Us  by callie_828
  ANGST ALERT! Wow, seriously. Bring tissues, lots of them, and keep them close by.

Harry Potter - Pants on Fire(whiskey)  by goneoffthelump
Harry Potter - In Mr. Weasley's Shed  by domerupert
Harry Potter - Comfort  by corvidae9
Harry Potter - What's This About Me and a Broomstick?  by marginaliana
Harry Potter - Dear Ron...Dear Harry...  by Madam Minnie and Satindolls
Harry Potter - Homework  by mme_rosmerta
Harry Potter - A Tale of Two Pretties  shocolate
Harry Potter - Body Heat  by TattooedSiren
Harry Potter - Dessert  Plumeria/aome
Harry Potter - Go-Between  by silvernatasha
Harry Potter - Pirates  by simons_flower
unday, November 23, 2008 at 925pm
F-locked entry

Tags: dogs
Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 1042pm
F-locked entry

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Friday, November 14, 2008 at 1019pm
Fics read 11/08 - 11/14

Harry Potter - Porn Night  by who_la_hoop
Harry Potter - Pocket Items  by SlantedKnitting
Harry Potter - Call It Affinity by sveinity Part 1  Part 2
Harry Potter -
Settling After a Fall  by hesychasm
Harry Potter - Six Words  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - Answers  by Crystelle
Harry Potter - Synergy  by kerryblaze (trio)
Harry Potter - Long, Hot and Slow  by shocfix/elladora_k
Harry Potter - (The) Thing That Misbehaved  by netbyrd
Harry Potter - More Than Not Enough  by Lasciate
Harry Potter - Tipping Point  by innibis
Harry Potter - Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit  by shocfix
  There is now a certain type of fruit I will NEVER be able to look at without smirking and recalling this delicious piece of smut.

Harry Potter - Pyramid  by emiime
  This one's a Charlie/George (not my usual pairing, and incest as well) but it's so beautiful and painful and a hundred other -ful's that is must be read

Harry Potter - In Chocolate Veritas  by memorycharm
Harry Potter - Letting in the Light  by auntbijou
Harry Potter - Everything Starts as Somebody's Daydream  by kerryblaze
Harry Potter - (The) Adventures of Scarhead and Weasel  by softly_sweetly
  Fifty drabble-ish sized stories make up this series. Fun, sweet, hilarious, fluffy at times and damn hot at others. And a secondary pairing that's interesting, not totally unbelievable and worth search for more of.

Harry Potter - Tea and Empathy  by rickey_a
  Interesting take on what happens during/just after the final battle.

Harry Potter - Uncut  by rosina_alcona
Harry Potter - Because I Loved You  by callie_828
Harry Potter - (A) Trail of Persimmon  by thrihyrne
Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 935pm
F-locked entry

Tags: family
Monday, November 10, 2008 at 935pm
Sunday was puppy-visit day. They are all sooooo cute, I'd loved to have taken 'em all home. Of the three boys, we don't know which we'll get as MandA (Lola's owners) will probably wait until the eight-week mark to pick the one they want. I, of course, ended our visit partial to the one dog hubby said no to - the smallest (runt) of the girl-pups. Pictures are posted, under an f-locked entry.

Dunno what my web hosting company has been doing, but they managed to screw up the Coppermine gallery I use (and installed through their 'Site Software' option). I last uploaded through CMine in September and not accessed it since - either via web or FTP. And since CMine resides in a subdomain, it's not possible to access it (to change/screw it up) by mistake either.

Had to file a help ticket when, to my surprise, CMine was no longer even listed under Site Software. The only type of software listed was 'Blogs', showing one blog-type (Wordpress) when there used to at least one other. Previously, there were at least two photo gallery items, a couple shopping-cart-thingy's and quite a few other software types. As of last night they were gone. And Fantastico was also empty. My queries regarding the missing software have, so far, gone unanswered.

And that is... well, not acceptable. Coupled with numerous outages (not little ones either, one was nine hours) it's doubtful I'll keep this hosting service come renewal time. The hosting company the office uses hasn't had one outage since it changed hosting earlier this year. Host-Tracker is the service I use to monitor up-time.

For reference (mine mainly, since I can't see anyone else being interested in this data)...
  • Oct 29-08 Failure("Domain lookup failure:www.personalescapes.com Exception:Not_found") Downtime total 59 min(s) 44 sec(s)

  • Oct 13-08 Failure("Domain lookup failure:www.personalescapes.com Exception:Not_found") Downtime total 9 hour(s) 38 min(s) 3 sec(s)

  • Sep 26-08 Failure("Domain lookup failure:www.personalescapes.com Exception:Not_found") Downtime total 58 min(s) 41 sec(s)

  • Sep 18-08 Failure("Domain lookup failure:www.personalescapes.com Exception:Not_found") Downtime total 44 min(s) 56 sec(s)

  • Aug 26-08 Failure("Domain lookup failure:www.personalescapes.com Exception:Not_found") Downtime total 45 min(s) 31 sec(s)

  • Aug 23-08 Failure("Domain lookup failure:www.personalescapes.com Exception:Not_found") Downtime total 2 hour(s) 50 min(s) 46 sec(s)

  • Jun 5-08 Http error:Http_client.Bad_message("Unknown reason (e.g. unexpected eof, timeout)") Downtime total 37 min(s) 15 sec(s)

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Friday, November 7, 2008 at 1003pm
Fics read 11/03 - 11/07

Sentinel - (A) Fair Distance - Ball and Chain Part 5  by Laurie aka laurie_ky on lj
Harry Potter - Changes  by KAC Smith
Harry Potter - Harry's Box  by KAC Smith
Harry Potter - Second Chances  by araindog
Harry Potter - October (prologue)  by serene_cj (tbc)
Harry Potter - Who Does It Take?  by derryere
Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 903pm
Squirmy had a most excellent Halloween and got enough candy to rot teeth well into next year. He had a blast and so did SiL, and MiL really enjoyed watching her grandson having fun.

The dog show, that hubby had been anxiously awaiting, was on Sunday. He managed to find a collar, couple leashes and the training bumpers he's been looking for. No idea how much it all was and I don't want to know!

Took BiL's eldest son with us and he was as good as gold; he and Squirmy had a great time together. The two boys loved the agility show and Pug-Chuckwagon race the best (of course!). They also got to see and pat a lot of dogs which made both boys very happy.

(Continued in f-locked entry)

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