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Friday, October 31, 2008 at 1054pm
Fics read 10/25 - 10/31

I think I need a twelve-step program.

Harry Potter - Ron's Really Bad Idea  by Jeannie
Harry Potter - (A) Midsummer Night's Swim  by Jeannie
Harry Potter - Solace  by Jeannie
Harry Potter - One Winter's Night  by Jeannie
Harry Potter - (The) Second Hand Unwinds  by midnightblue88 and goneoffthelump
Harry Potter - Harry and Ron Move Out  by Jeannie
   No kleenex needed... unless you laugh so hard you cry. I've wondered about the Floos and their instant-no-warning arrival methods *snicker*.

Harry Potter - Longing 'Verse  by iamshadow
Harry Potter - (The) Joy of Flat Hunting  by aniwde
Harry Potter - Untitled Series by shocfix
  The Green Fairy
  Telling Hermione
  All Things Being Equal
  Tellin' Molly
Harry Potter - Reach me  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Testing  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Arse 'Verse  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Second Chance  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Godric's Hollow  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Catalyst  by aniwde
Harry Potter - (A) Nod is as Good as a Wink... Or Maybe Not  by Matroushka aka Aniwde
Harry Potter - Future Lost  by wolfiekins
Harry Potter - Epiphany  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Smutlets  by shocfix
Harry Potter - (The) Other Woman  by ursulaurquhart (shocfix?)
Harry Potter - Candy  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Sibling Stuff  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Missing Him  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Above All, I Believe In Love  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Sugar Quills  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Seventy Days  by tatiiedsiren (trio)
Harry Potter - Momentous  by la_dissonance
Harry Potter - Wear and Tear  by shocolate
Harry Potter - Unexpected Discoveries  by queenb23more
Harry Potter - Ronís Legendary Charisma  by shocfix and jonquileadbettr
Harry Potter - Guilt Free Access  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Men Have Needs  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Ronís Problem  by shocolate
Harry Potter - (The) Real Thing nbsp;by shocolate
Harry Potter - I'll never have Hermione for Breakfast  by shocolate
Harry Potter - (The) Seeker  by shocfix
Monday, October 27, 2008 at 1253pm
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Friday, October 24, 2008 at 823pm
Fics read 10/19 - 10/24

Harry Potter - (A) Lacking of Foresight  by keelywolfe
Harry Potter - Power of Love  by Magic of Isis
Numb3rs - All Love's Lemmas Prove  by rubynye
Numb3rs - Finity  by rubynye
Numb3rs - 8.64 x 10^4  by rubynye
Harry Potter - What Dreams May Come by reni_days Part 1   Part 2
Harry Potter - The Bathtub's Archipelago  by Setissma
Harry Potter - Frog Launching  by Maple and Mahogany
Harry Potter - Night Watch  by Emma Grant
Harry Potter - Nothing Left Between and Pants at Romance  by Rickey_A
Harry Potter - Every Night The Same  by Rickey_A
Harry Potter - More Than Friends  by Rickey_A
  Sweet angst, sweet romance, delicious loving and it made me cry more than once. A beautiful story that tugs at the heartstrings. (Anything by this author is more than simply a good read.)

Harry Potter - (A) Private Celebration  by Rickey_A
Harry Potter - While Making Other Plans  by Rickey_A
Harry Potter - Across the Line  by kerryblaze
Harry Potter - Wonderland  by wolfiekins
Harry Potter - Credulous Hearts  by k
Harry Potter - Exorcism  by Cluegirl
Harry Potter - Close Enough  by Helen
Harry Potter - Walk on the Wild Side  by shocfix
Harry Potter - Water  by shocfix
Harry Potter - My Own Private Wivenhoe  by solstice_muse
Harry Potter - Solstice  by solstice_muse
Harry Potter - Jigsaw Falling Into Place  by solstice_muse
Harry Potter - Troubled for You  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - (The) Housewarming Gift  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - Summer Solace  by Magic of Isis
Harry Potter - How Lucky Can You Get?  by Magic of Isis
October 22, 2008 at 852pm
Took Squirmy and Devil-child to Science World on Saturday. Squirmy had a ball, thorouly enjoying holding a T-Rex tooth, touching Dinosaur eggs and seeing, first-hand, a real Tricerotops skull. The best part, for Squirmy, was the interactive section; playing with the water-bridge/current thing, the shadow room, lifting a hippo (fulcrum/lever things) and making weird sounds by interrupting various light beams.

Once we were home, SiL and hubby came over to store the tent-trailer in the garage. My God! That thing is massive! It didn't look THAT big when it was outside in their driveway, but stick the sucker inside... it fits, just barely, inside our garage.

The puppies were born October thirteenth - three males, three females - and everyone is doing fine. Hubby is... well, excited really doesn't do his mood justice. And, lord help me, he's also talking about getting one of the females too. But unless hubby has learned how to fart hundred dollar bills, I don't think a second dog will be happening any time soon.

Oh, and Devil-child has loaned me her Harry Potter books.

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Friday, October 17, 2008 at 941pm
Fics read 10/13 - 10/17

Harry Potter - Reflected  by goneoffthelump
House - Love the One You're With  by californiaquail part 21-22
Harry Potter - Blame it on the Polyjuice
Harry Potter - Apart Together  by Maple and Mahogany
Harry Potter - Splish Splash  by solstice_muse
Harry Potter - It was a dark and stormy night  by Dream_wia_Dream
Harry Potter - (The) Best of my Love  by kerryblaze
Harry Potter - That's My Boy  by maple_mahogany
Harry Potter - Lightning  by simons_flower
Harry Potter - Harry Potter's Bloke  by shocolate
Harry Potter - Theodocia  by shocolate
Harry Potter - Doesn't Anything Else Writhe?  by shocolate
Harry Potter - Stay  by dream_wia_dream
Harry Potter - Unlovable  by asnowyowl
Harry Potter - Coming Apart at the Seams  by Flora Hart
Harry Potter - Out of Anger  by callie_828
Harry Potter - Finding the Seeker  by hedwigs_bane
Harry Potter - Perspective  by innibis
Harry Potter - Give A Little Whistle  by reni_days
Harry Potter - Why Harry Loves Seamus  by trubbleclef
Harry Potter - Why Is Ron So Damn Moody?  by SlantedKnitting
Harry Potter - Same Time Next Year  by satindolls
Harry Potter - Bittersweet Symphony  by wolfiekins
Harry Potter - Now and Always  by pez_gurl
Harry Potter - (The) Favor  by Sabine
Harry Potter - Tutelage  by Phoenixhymn
Harry Potter - (The) Summer Rain  by abigail89
Harry Potter - Power and Passion  by abigail89
Harry Potter - Unity in the Community  by solstice_muse
Harry Potter - Rubric Moments  by iamshadow
Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 842pm
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Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 950pm
Holy crap! Working by committee is unbelievably time consuming/wasteful. I sent a look-over/menu clarification message on Sunday to the rep., who then forwarded it to the committee members (and the president who, I'm learning, knows jack-shit about web-related stuff) and I've yet to hear back. Having never taken a project of this size (site-wise or people-wise) I've no idea if this is normal or not. One thing I do know, it's annoying.

I have found more R/H than I thought possible, all of it (so far) good. And I'll probably rot in hell for reading devouring it. Maybe it's a good thing the web project has stalled right now; doing a lot of reading at night.

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Friday, October 10, 2008 at 935pm
Fics read 10/06 - 10/10

Harry Potter - Practice  by serene_cj
Harry Potter - (The) Thrill of the Chase and Other Illuminating Concepts  by tout_a_coup
Harry Potter - (The) Chess Master  by satindolls
Harry Potter - Let Me Show You  by auntee_mame
Harry Potter - Pickled Egg  by shocolate
Harry Potter - Stolen Days  by solstice_muse
Harry Potter - Naughts & Crosses  by kaalee
Harry Potter - Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches  by rickey_a
Harry Potter - Translation of Light  by aniwde (pt20, tbc)
Harry Potter - Just Like That  by aniwde
Harry Potter - Patience  by aniwde
Harry Potter - Untitled  by Lasciate
Harry Potter - T'was the Day Before Christmas  by aniwde
Harry Potter - (The) Immortal Game  by gibson_fic
Sunday, October 5, 2008 at 949pm
I think me and hubby are enjoying the Harry Potter movies more than Squirmy. This weekend's HP movie was Goblet of Fire and it was... interesting. I absolutely have to get the books to fill in the damn blank places the movies are leaving. Oh, the movies are very enjoyable fare, but I know there's details and explanations they just can't cover in the time allotted. Like the DeathEater things - those I've gotta find out more about.

And... because I'm obviously insane, screwed up, or plain sick, I'd rather like to read HP fanfic (oh gods, save my soul!). The Cat was into Snape/Harry but... no, there isn't enough brain bleach in the world to entice me to read those. Draco/Harry is, to me, so bloody implausible (unless Draco is raping Harry, and I avoid rape fics like the plague). Frankly, I'd like to kick Draco in the happy-sack and beat the shit outta him. I hope I'm not the only one who cheered (yes, stood up, punched my fist in the air and CHEERED!) when Hermione got the little blond shit in Prisoner.

So the sad truth on the HP fanfic front is... I'd like to find some Ron/Harry (either way is fine with me) or Ron/Hermione. I seem to recall the latter being a popular 'ship (can't help but bump into HP fanfic once in a while), but I don't recall seeing any of the former. Mind you, I wasn't looking for it either. Wonder how much dreck I'll find on this hunt...

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Sunday, October 5, 2008 at 917pm
Fics read 9/29 - 10/04

Sentinel - Past the Guilt  by Lyn
Sentinel - Homeward Bound  by Alyjude
Sentinel - Hour of Lead  by Lyn
Sentinel - Fear of Flying  by Lanning Cook
Sentinel - (The) Braid  by akablonded
Sentinel - Storm Signs  by Legion
  Crossover with Quantum Leap. Having encountered one too many poorly written/characterized crossovers, I'm very wary of the genre.

  Legion is one of my favorite TS writers; her words, and the scenes she weaves with them, leave me spinning, smiling, weeping and laughing. So for someone leary of crossovers, one written by a favorite author is a probably a good place to start. Also, QL holds a very special place in my heart.

  This story is... well, it'll blow your mind and make perfect sense while doing it. On the QL side of things, this story is a perfect epilogue to the last ever episode, explaining things left to viewers imaginations, weaving past/present/future together very nicely and logically. On the TS side of the story, given the characters of Jim and Blair, their trials and tribulations in this story could easily be canon.

So bring nourishment (and kleenex) and prepare yourself for an incredible read.

Sentinel - Eye of the Storm  by Legion
  Crossover with Quantum Leap; sequel to Storm Signs.

  The details, the reason/plotting/concepts/theory behind the details... geez louise! "Incredible" is not adequate enough; not sure any word I can think of would describe this story.