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Friday, August 29, 2008 at 803pm
Fics read 8/25 - 8/29

Sentinel - Limbo  by Julad
Sentinel - Nefarious Device  by basingstoke
Numb3rs - Bogey  by Dira Sudis
Numb3rs - Close to Perfect  by ceares
Numb3rs - Vacation  by penguingal
NCIS - Running  by Nixa Jane
NCIS - Upon Waking  by Sori
CSI - All He Needs  by kennedy_unknown
Sentinel - Ball and Chain Part 3
Sentinel - Goin' Down  by Rebel Melinda
Sentinel - Rhythm of the Night  by Ankaree
Sentinel - Home Coming  by Ice Bear
Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 911pm
I miss my boy and the house is too damn quiet. Squirmy is having fun with iL's though. Picnics, beach time, picking blackberries, chasing chickens, patting goats... ya, he's having a blast. Apart from some tears when mommy and daddy left Sunday, Squirmy's only had one other small crying session.

Got word today that we could have our dog by Xmas. One of the bitches went into heat and our breeder will know in about two weeks if there's a pregnancy or not. This is a little early - hubby was expecting this in about March/April - but hubby's not about to complain. He's so excited, he's practically vibrating.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 107pm
Oh.My.God... I am sooooo bored. How bored? I've started cruising CL for amateur web jobs. *wills time to move faster*

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Monday, August 25, 2008 at 254pm
Squirmy is off visiting the iL's! Except for some stuffed animals that didn't make the short-list, the bed is surprisingly roomy, even with hubby in it! Squirmy being gone hasn't quite hit home (some disorientation this morning since my schedule includes dressing/feeding him) but I expect things will be really off tonight and thereafter until his Squirmy-ness returns.

We stayed overnight at the iL's Saturday and I forgot to bring my eye-gel. Much like the time camping, I was a bit uncomfortable but not as irritated or pained as normal. The difference, both times, was lack of computer use. Even a two-hour reading marathon last night didn't cause the same level of problems an hour on the computer does. Interesting...

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Monday, August 25, 2008 at 952am
F-locked post
Friday, August 22, 2008 at 818pm
Fics read 8/18 - 8/22

Numb3rs - R is for Resist  by spikedluv
Numb3rs - Always  by spikedluv
Numb3rs - Cradle of Love  by Buffy
Numb3rs - G is For Gamble  by Audra Rose
  Delicious Ian/Don/Charlie threesome that will melt your brain.

Numb3rs - Last One to Know  by Spikedluv
Numb3rs - Lead Me Not  by Spikedluv
Numb3rs - Mathmatical Madness  by Perpetual Motion
Numb3rs - Pieces  by Prentice
Numb3rs - Sometimes When We Touch  by Spikedluv
Numb3rs - (The) First Step is the Hardest  by Spikedluv
Numb3rs - Undercurrents  by spikedluv
Numb3rs - Resolutions  by spikedluv
Numb3rs - Temporary Reassignment  by penguingal and schnaucl
Numb3rs - Dumbstruck  by Dira Sudis
Numb3rs - (The) Perfect Bed  by Titti
Numb3rs - Two Worlds  by Penguingal
Numb3rs - Lust and Resentment  by Penguingal
Numb3rs - (A) Safe Haven  by Titti
Numb3rs - Perfect  by Spikedluv
Numb3rs - Hurt  by Traeh Angel
Numb3rs - Temptation and Resolution  by penguingal and schnaucl
Numb3rs - Breaking Point by penguingal and schnaucl Part 1 and Part 2
Numb3rs - Curves and Shadow  by emmademarais
Numb3rs - Negotiations and Love Songs  by penguingal and schnaucl
Numb3rs - Home Remedy  by penguingal
Sentinel - Truly, Madly, Deeply  by Audra Rose
NCIS - Breaking Habit  by kaylashay81
NCIS - measure out your life with coffee spoons  by chatona
Numb3rs - Dirty Laundry  by Dira Sudis
Numb3rs - Elevator Conversations  by Corona
Numb3rs - True Blue  by callmeang
Sentinel - Making Contact  by Sara
Sentinel - Conan the Destroyer  by Sara
Wednesday, August 20, 2008 at 327pm
Dear man this morning - screw you. Had you been half-way polite I probably would have moved, but you weren't so I didn't. Also, it should have been pretty damn obvious I could not hear you, at all. Headphones on, staring intently at a small screen... ya, totally no clue you were even speaking. Either be polite about it, complain to the staff, or call By-Law enforcement/the police.

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Friday, August 15, 2008 at 928pm
Squirmy has been home from school since Wednesday with "exploding, farting poo". Fortunately, DevilChild was able to babysit. Unfortunately, she's come down with EFP (DC, I am sooooo sorry!). I did have to leave work an hour earlier so DC could get to her part-time job, but since it wasn't busy at my office this week I can't see how it would have posed any problem.

Hot again around here and it's killing me. Isn't Canada supposed to be the land of ice and snow? So bring it on already!!

Watching the Olympics whenever I can; the water sports and gymnastics are my faves. It's disappointing that Canada hasn't won a single medal yet, but here's hoping we bring home at least one bronze.

Must remember to go a-hunting for when the new TV season starts and what new shows are coming on. I really hope there's something interesting for a change - and that it's on at a workable time.

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Friday, August 15, 2008 at 815pm
Fics read 8/11 - 8/15

Numb3rs - Giving Up the Fight  by LeiaDianaMinerva
Numb3rs - Fluid Dynamics  by swordstorm
Numb3rs - (A) Sure Bet  by serotonin_storm
House - (The) Experiment  by serotonin_storm
House - (The) Last Piece of Pie and What Came of the Whipped Cream  by serotonin_storm
Numb3rs - Inevitable  by kiwi_from_hell
Numb3rs - (The) Mathematics of a Curveball  by oddegg
Numb3rs - Intermittent Silence  by neur0vanity
Numb3rs - Mindful, Mindless  by emmademarais
Numb3rs - Dinner and Desert  by emmademarais
Numb3rs - (The) Pull of Sleep  by emmademarais
Numb3rs - What About Fun?  by neur0vanity
Numb3rs - (A) Better Man by neur0vanity Pts 1-10 Pts 11-20
Numb3rs - Commonalities  by callmeang
Numb3rs - Mimosas and Aspirin  by jaredsexual
Numb3rs - (A) Perfectly Natural Physiological Response  by cpwatcher
Numb3rs - This Ain't Romance, Sugar  by neur0vanity
Numb3rs - Parallel Connections Over Symmetric Spaces  by Dale Edmonds
  Incredible roller-coaster-ride of a story. It's long, involved and so worth reading over and over.

Numb3rs - Secrets  by Lady Ra
  "You make me lose control. You touch me and I, I think things I shouldn't think and want things I shouldn't want." This story, this author, had already sucked me in when this line appeared in her story; it pushed me over the edge into 'gurgling like an idiot' territory. Ah, forbidden love and it's accompanying angst, how I adore thee... especially when it's so well written.

Numb3rs - (The) Simple Moments  by Titti
Numb3rs - Vignettes and Thoughts upon a Life Unplanned but Well Loved  by Lady Gray
  A series of short stories chronicling the relation between Charlie and Colby. Easily believable in both plot and characters.

Numb3rs - Broken Hearts Mended  by penguingal and schnaucl
Numb3rs - Sweet Delicious  by __dtrain
Numb3rs - D like Decoy  by scots_rock
Numb3rs - F is for Frisk  by astarte_egypt
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 854pm
Instead of simply updating the master p/w list (once it was found since it was well hidden once again) I went through the damn thing. Yaoi and fanfiction forums not touched in over a year - gone. Places like Facebook, Habbo, Blogger, etc, that I joined not because I had any desire to but because a couple friends said I should - wiped clear and deactivated. There was even an indication of a MySpace account, but didn't look like I'd actually done anything about that. Pondering doing the same to more sites; the p/w list is still three pages long and that's just plain stupid.

Another stupid thing is the amount of paper and discs floating around the home office. I thought I just whittled these piles down? Does this crap breed at night? And where the hell are my House discs?? *growls*

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Friday, August 1, 2008 at 821pm
Fics read 7/28 - 8/01

Numb3rs - Last Call  by emmademarais
Numb3rs - Wet
Numb3rs - (A) Working Relationship  by callmeang
Numb3rs - Red  by Spikedluv
  5 short interconnected drabbles. Can't honestly say I've read anything by this author that I haven't liked.

Numb3rs - Fragmentation  by callmeang
  Don has to view his relationship with Charlie in pieces.

Senses series by callmeang
Numb3rs - Turning the Tables  by amoral_angel
  Charlie plays pranks on his brother. The pranks alone are enough reason to read this story.

Numb3rs - Hunger for the Great Light  by jaredsexual
Numb3rs - nobody move, nobody get hurt  by mojokid
  The crime scene should have been deserted, but returning criminals trap Charlie and Don in a closet. The slightest noise could mean discovery and death.

Numb3rs - (A) Body in Motion  by oddegg
  For each fandom, there's always a fav-type of story/concept/plot (in addition to the general appealing qualities). This fic satisfies almost every aspect and hits damn near every one of my buttons.

Numb3rs - Shades of You  by neur0vanity
Numb3rs - Will You Remember Me  by spikedluv
Numb3rs - Crossing the Line  by Dira Sudis
Numb3rs - Smoke and Mirrors  by Audra Rose
Numb3rs - Kitchen Interlude  by castalie
Numb3rs - Second Chance  by castalie
Sentinel - Part of the Sizzle  by castalie
  In nearly every story, a reader (probably the writer, too) will have a favorite line. This one - "I guess it comes down to this," he said, using his beer to emphasize his choice. "Am I going to do the laundry. Or will I do you?" - is mine.

Numb3rs - Remote  by Spikedluv
Numb3rs - Kept Waiting  by Spikedluv
Numb3rs - Mersenne Primes  by the xyboombang
Friday, August 1, 2008 at 801pm
The spot we camped at last year is not where we're going this year. The area has been heavily logged, due to the Pine Beetle, and all the fall hasn't been cleared out. So the 'old guys' have decided on a different area. There is, according to the younger old-guy, a number of lakes and sites in close proximity to each other so if the one we want isn't available, it's only a short hop to the next.

(previously f-locked portion)

Big-D will be filling in at the office while I'm gone. Hopefully, she'll use some of the non-busy time to read the damn manual so she'll know how to things when she has to. What was the fucking point of making the manual and updating it if she doesn't read it? Were it me, either filling-in or starting a new job, I'd read through a manual to get an idea on how to do things, how programs function. Doesn't that just make fracking sense???

The week after, Boss-Man is away so it's just Lab-Boy doing work. And since he's still acting like a small child, this could be interesting or very, very stupid. Some days, I want to laugh in his face at how he's behaving.

Have to start gathering the bits for camping - perishables (Sunday), charge camera batteries, clothes, boots, check hubby has actually put all the hooks and shit on the trailer... *grumbles*

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