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Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 1022am
Not a good morning so far.
  • overly difficult, for a Tuesday, to get out of bed
  • raining out, couldn't find my umbrella (found Squirmy's though, so at least he could stay dry)
  • forgot my lunch
  • f-locked portion
  • bored beyond belief and it's not even lunch yet

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Sunday, July 27, 2008 at 944pm
Hubby found a new 'asshole' hat (black Fedora). I have a rough idea what he paid for it, but I really don't want that number confirmed.

Since the hat store was spitting distance from an outdoor supplier we like, we now own a coffee pot for camping. Not the Coleman drip one I wanted, but refused to shell out sixty dollars for, but a simple perk pot. Also got marshmallow forks; it's not camping without burnt marshmallows (my fav) and the aroma of marshmallows burning in the fire.

Picked up all the meat we'll need breakfast/dinner in the deep woods (gotta love sales!), got most (if not all) of the dry goods too. Next up is the veggies, but not until the day before.

Squirmy has started showing some interest in Anime. Robotech has been airing every Saturday morning and he's quite enjoying it. I'll try him on BotP next (I think I still have the tapes downstairs.... I bloody better still have them!). I'm pretty sure he could get into StarBlazers as well. Shoot, BotP and StarBlazers are what I started on, lo those many years ago. And I'll have to check my GW discs - can't remember if they have sub AND dub, or just sub. I know all of my commercial Anime tapes (Detonator Orgun was soooo cool) are sub-only. Be a wee bit before Squirmy is ready for those.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 947pm
Fics read 7/20 - 7/25

Sentinel - Spare Tire  by Dawn M Pares
  Blair starts worrying what he'll look like when he's older ("See, in twenty years... when you're still buff... and, and... glorious, *I'll* be this... jowly... little... Jewish guy... with puffy hands and a... and a paunch"). Who knew exercising could be so 'strenuous'?

Sentinel - Four Letter Words  by Julad
  Jim gets to deal with the aftermath of a 'discussion' Blair has with Megan. Displays of 'primal Jim' and fantastic dialogue.

Firefly - Untitled series by ainzfern
  Taking place within the series, this sweet set of stories centers around Jayne and Simon.

Firefly - Stuck On You  by helen_damnation
  Not having read this author before, I don't know if she's written other Firefly fic or not, but in this fic she's done a great job nailing Jayne.

Firefly - Firefly The Series  by thetenthmuse1
  Set after the movie.

House - Pressure Valve  by tasha_elizabeth
  House discovers Wilson has a kink, a need. Sweet and full of things unspoken, rather like the two characters.

Firefly - Companion  by saestina
  The growing relationship between Mal and Simon through Inara's eyes. Sweet/sad and totally believable.

Numb3rs - Absolution, Resolution and Connection to Reality  by Audrarose
  In the aftermath of an event where Charlie could have been killed, Don is really glad his brother is in one piece.

Sentinel - Three Spirals  by fluterbev
  Takes place five years after the dissertation fiasco. Blair's moved to Ireland, though he and Jim still stay in touch. Jim finally comes, over Xmas, to visit but his trip is cut short... but not before he and Blair discover a few things. References to Irish history and lore abound, making for more enjoyable reading (if you're into that kind of stuff) after this wonderful story.

PotC - Rum, Women and Sails  by mamazano
  On a wee break in Tortuga, Jack and Gibbs share their thoughts of rum, women and ships, somehow tying all three together. Excellent 'voices'.

Numb3rs - All Apologies  by Dira Sudis
  Loverly, angsty hurt/comfort. Sometimes, there's things you need, that you know you shouldn't, and you just can't be sorry for needing them.

Numb3rs - Freeze and Break  by Dira Sudis
  "It was real, after all this time, because he'd gotten stupidly drunk and wandered into Charlie's bedroom in the middle of the night." And, thanks to a writer that knows how to write, it's believable.

Numb3rs - What Happens in Vegas  by Dira Sudis
  I really like the WHiVSiV theme/plot/whatever and here it's used very well.

Numb3rs - Hidden Costs  by Sori

Numb3rs - Frictionless  by Julad

Numb3rs - 314 X2R  by Dira Sudis

  Cars, adrenalin and a past. Yum.

Numb3rs - Additive Inverse  by castalie
  Sweet angst and hot smut.

Numb3ers - I Never Walk Alone  by castalie

Numb3rs - Weekend  by castalie

Numb3rs - Part of the Cycle  by castalie

Numb3rs - L is for Lethal  by CPWatcher
  What are the odds of meeting someone you know in a gay sex chat room?

Numb3rs - Watching Charlie  by CPWatcher
  Don sees something he shouldn't

Numb3rs - Once in a Blue Moon  by CPWatcher
  A romantic, incestuous weekend away. Bit schmoopy.

Numb3rs - Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle  by serotonin_storm

Numb3rs - One Week  by kiwi_from_hell

Numb3rs - Cause and Effect  by elfin
  Someone is out to get Don by threatening Charlie

Numb3rs - Home  by elfin
  Charlie's 30th birthday.

Numb3rs - Flurries  by emmademarais

Numb3rs - Across a Crowded Room  by emmademarais

Numb3rs - (The) Art of Subterfuge  by emmademarais

Numb3rs - Coda  by emmademarais

Numb3rs - Bombshell  by emmademarais

Numb3rs - Track 20  by emmademarais

Numb3rs - Almost  by emmademarais

Numb3rs - Conflict and Resolutions  by emmademarais
Wednesday, July 22, 2008 at 859pm
Been doing a fair bit of thinking where I'd like to be in five, ten, fifteen years and what I want to be doing. Ya know, I think I'm ready for a major change. Is becoming a crazy forest woman considered a major change?

Ya know, I think I just figured out a large chunk of the work problem - I'm bored. Used to be, many moons ago now, that I worked the lab and the front office. Haven't worked the lab area since Lab-Boy started 'cause he needed to learn that stuff. So all there is to do is front-desk stuff... and, really, there ain't much of it or much challenge to it. This is not a hard job, but it can be 'involved' when it comes to certain things. I need more to do in a day than run a couple billings, answer four - ten phone calls (one to two of which will be wrong numbers or solicitors). I need... a new job.

After a few years of bumping into fics for the TV series Numb3rs, I've decided to give it a go. There is a high number of my fav authors in other fandoms who also write this one; now I've gotta find where the stories are stashed.

This was a series I wanted to watch when it first came on, but life and other crap conspired against me and I never got the chance. Like Rob Morrow, love David Krumholtz, love crime and mysteries... Ya, really wanted to catch this series. Next best thing - download the eps and watch 'em on the Nano. Got S-one and there's two eps on the Nano waiting for me to finish the season-ender for NCIS.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008 at 1004pm
Squirmy decided, for no apparent reason, to spike a fever today. Got up and seemed fine, but after an hour or so said his tummy hurt and he was tired. He'd been up late-ish the night before and didn't much care for breakfast, so I thought nothing of it. Off to grocery shopping we go and he's asleep in the car before we get to the end of the block. He sat in the grocery buggy, asleep or practically, the whole time and was getting hotter by the minute. Tossed him on the sofa when we got home, where he proceeded to sleep for two-and-a-half hours. Gave him a shot of Advil and he seemed to perk up and cool off... until dinner time. Dosed him again, tossed him in bed early and now, two hours later, he's still hot. No school for Squirmy tomorrow but, thankfully, DevilChild isn't working yet and can stay with her cousin. Mommy should be the one staying with him though.

Am I having a wee bit of guilt? Try a fucking boat-load of it! The motherhood manual failed to mention the load of guilt (along with quite a few other things) that comes with the job.

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Friday, July 18, 2008 at 842pm
Fics read 6/30 - 7/18

Sentinel - Goin' Down Gambling  by Zelempa

NCIS - Voices Carry  by taylorgibbs
  Tony really, really enjoys the sound of Gibbs' voice.

NCIS - Shore Leave  by Kellygirl
  Post S5 and a sequel to Going Away Present. Tony gets unexpected company when he goes on leave. *sigh* If only...

Firefly - Out in the Black Ain't Nothing So Much as Time  by scribblinlenore
  Simon is lead to believe, by who else but Jayne, that Simon has to 'earn' his and River's place on Serenity.

Firefly - Smooth  by scribblinlenore
  There's no such thing as a job going smooth.

Firefly - His Knife, His Gun And His Surgeon  by noandwhere
  No one takes Jayne's doctor.

Firefly - (The)Games We Play series by noandwhere
  With My Little Eye
  Twenty Questions
  Simon Says
  Jayne watches Simon bathe, Simon knows Jayne is there, and Mal is shocked to find out Simon knows Jayne is watching... a good laugh, a fun read, and the possibility of more to come!

Firefly - Snapshots  by noandwhere
  Series of little snippets featuring Mal and Simon

Firefly - Changes and Purposes  by devo79
  "He has a new purpose. Now that River doesn't need him, won't ever need him again, Simon has found a new purpose. Jayne." A sweet recovery story.

Firefly - Part Exchange  by wildannuette
  Jayne's not big on celebrating birthdays. Simon is hiding from his birthday party.

Firefly - (The) Beauty of Nature  by wildannuette
  Set mid-series, before Ariel. It wasn't supposed to become complicated, just simple rutting-on-demand.

Firefly - Deleted Scenes  by wildannuette and kitsunesan
  A series of 'deleted scenes' from the series that form a complete story themselves. Stunning and inspiring, this series (Jayne/Simon all the way) weaves into canon so seamlessly, you'd think these were actual deleted scenes. Jayne/Simon fans cannot by-pass this series.

Firefly - Post Series AU P.1  P.2  by wildannuette and kitsunesan
  Sequel to Deleted Scenes. Not sure if it's been completed or not.

Firefly - Surprising 'verse by ainzfern
  Muses of a Mercenary
  Now You Do
  Simple and Profound
  Little Cat Feet
  Much More Than One Thing
  Blood and Water
  Set post-BDM. A nice mixed-bag of stories make up this series - character study-ish, inner musings, even dealing with family crap.
Friday, July 18, 2008 at 836pm
Squirmy got to see his first non-fish dead thing. The coyote (dunno if that should be single or plural) did not clean-up after his dinner - on my front lawn - Wednesday night. We found the carcass when I took Squirmy to school Thursday morning. He wasn't disgusted or terrified, rather... contemplative and curious. He did think the coyote had bad manners as you always clean up after dinner!

Had hubby dispose of the 'dinner mess' (I had no time) and he got a much better look at what was left. Not a rat, which was my initial guess. Maybe a cat, or small breed dog (something with a short-to-none snout area) he figured. From the fur/hair left on the grass, it wasn't a cat (fur all wrong for any breed of cat I know). Of course, Squirmy was right in beside me, peering down at the fur bits and very seriously offering his opinion(s). Now, I think, he understands why his kitty has to stay inside at night.

Doc visit for me today. The problem the Keflex stirred up? Still present. Going to try the seven-day regimen and if that does not work, then it's pill time. Peachy - not! Discussed the Paxil and the fact I haven't taken any since about mid- to end of May. I'm not exactly happy with myself, but there's been no melt-down(s) so Doc says we'll take it one day at a time. The option to go back on is there, if I think I need it.

Hardy came with a new IM program called Pidgin. Wasn't sure I was going to like it (change and me do not always get along) but I LOVE IT! Gaim, the previous IM on Dapper, would do Yahoo and MSN; Pidgin does too, but it also does Gmail chat. So very sweet.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 502pm
Ubbie is running Hardy now. I think I got everything reinstalled and configured right. Couple different/odd things - like, having to open a Nautilus window to share a folder and an odd Samba message/error that pops up every now and then. Haven't plugged the big USB drive in yet, but it worked on Ubbie2 so there's no reason is shouldn't work on Ubbie.

It has been an absolutely do-nothing weekend. Apart from chiro and hair cut for Squirmy it was too hot and I was already feeling like crap due to a monthly visitor. Could hardly drag up the energy to feed Squirmy and me (hubby off fishing). Energy level is a tad better today, but the heat is sapping it (of course).

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Friday, July 11, 2008
Well, didn't have to add anything extra for Ubbie2 and the big USB drive to achieve two-way communication; damn thing worked right from connection. The only issue is the speed and that can be improved by getting a USB2.0 card installed.

The Nano was not so easy. Hooked it up and the Nano promptly froze solid. Had to power-down completely and that took a bit of work. Could have been because it was hooked up to a USB1.1 port (though that never bothered the old Nano when it was used with Ubbie) and/or I need to set up Ubbie2 before hooking up the Nano.

Investigating an issue I've had right from the beginning with USB keys and permissions. I can read/write to the files on the key, but not change the permissions. So any files I copy off of the key onto the hard drive I have to then alter their permissions so they are usable on the hard drive. Pain in damn ass!
Tuesday, July 9, 2008 at 1017am
Ubbie2 LIVES!!!!

It took two installs to get things right (at the partitioner, one must indicate the old /home directory if one wishes to use it), but Hardy appears to be working just fine. The hardware is older so that's probably a very good reason why there were no driver/hardware issues. There are a few things removed (like the Disks menu option in Administration) and a new stuff added (still playing with things) and a sorta-cool little reminder that I should be using the 'restricted driver' for my video card. Not going to since it's really only needed if I want to take advantage of the 3D effects in such things as gaming. The closest I come to games is solitaire or Squirmy's flash games.

So with Flash, Apache and PHP installed, tonight's job will be Samba (oh, lord help me) and getting Ubbie2 to interact fully with the USB drive; I've read some posts where Hardy can interact with an NTFS drive. Once those two items have been ticked off, the Nano is next!

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Sunday, July 7, 2008 at 915am
Hrm... ethical dilemma time. A web site has what I suspect is copyrighted material on it (someone typed in a book... or twenty). Should that section (and scattered 'links') be included in the re-design? As it is, I have a big problem doing that (ya, me, of all people). Listing the items - okay, including the links - no, not until such time as the 'data' can be confirmed in the public domain. And I'm pretty damn sure there's four items that are still under copyright.

Hardy is now downloaded so now it's time to go through the puter and figure out what the hell the hardware is. And then... I shouldn't be so apprehensive, should I.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008 at 1000pm
So I've got the web job. Sounds like just the creation end of things since they've got a fellow willing to do the maintenance. Awaiting the access info for the hosting account. I know who's hosting it, I just hope it was set up on a Unix account and not a WinShit account. Hopefully the account also has PHP and SSI included. Should have, since pretty much all hosters supply that except for some low budget accounts I've come across.

The house next door was violently broken into Friday morning. Violent as in trashed the window, the frame and went through extended locks. The alarm did it's job and the neighbours didn't lose anything. Dunno whether this is a one-off, something personal, or the state of things to come - this happened at the front of the house (I think) in broad daylight. I must make the time, tomorrow (!!) to go next door and talk to neighbourette. Needless to say, I'm in fucking paranoid mode. I almost wish to be back on the drugs just to help my anxiety level. It's gonna be hell going to work tomorrow.

Broke down and picked up another pocket USB drive (and extension cable). The plan (hahahahaha!) is to use one for webdev stuff and the other for the random shit I seem to collect.

The updated? patched? version of Hardy (8.04.1) is out (and downloading as I type this) so I'll take the plunge on Ubbie2 downstairs. Need to note hardware brand/config first (primarily video card since there's prior issues). This could be... interesting *snort*

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Saturday, July 5, 2008 at 1021pm
FiL called Thursday night, not to shoot-the-shit, but because MrFixIt was away camping and FiL had a 'puter problem. Something about a CMOS setting being wrong, not booting normally... lord only knows since FiL never gives the whole error message or complete details. Got XP to boot but I don't know why or if the problem is actually fixed (CMOS wouldn't save the changed settings? WTF?). Also turns out FiL has been 'resetting' (rebooting) his computer by pressing the button on the front of the machine. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Instructed him on the correct method to reboot and told him never to push that button unless the mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive. The little voice of dread in my head is telling me FiL will be calling again. I hope the voice is wrong.

PHP and SSI cannot be used in the same file. Well... crap. There is a way to the things I want, but it'll take more work and reading than I originally thought. HA! Got it! The principle is the same, but the command is different. Since it amounts to the same thing - *blows raspberry*

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Thursday, July 3, 2008 at 202pm
Holy hell it's barking hot in the office! There's diddly-squat coming from the a/c (nothing new there) so I've got the window open and the desk fan on; my eyes hate the direct breeze but it's the only way I survive in here.

In preparation for that web job (dunno if I've got it yet or not) I've been researching how to make a flat file database. After a few nights of trying to understand MySQL databases (getting nowhere and determining I need a book if I want to learn it) I decided the end result I wanted was very simplistic and doesn't need a powerful back-end like MySQL. A simple delimited text file back-end and a sortable PHP front end will do the job nicely. If they want to keep the same separation of listings (though it would be rather stupid to do so) then there can be unlimited flat-file DB's without running out of database room (most low-cost hosting packages typically offer only 1-3 MySQL DB's per account). The flat-file I found is a breeze to set up and maintain - big pluses!

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