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Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 1054pm
At the ancient age of five and seventeen days, Squirmy had his first hospital visit. Not in an ambulance (thank the gods) but it was serious enough. He fell about three or four feet onto a driveway and landed on his head. The trees at the side must have broken his fall a bit 'cause all he ended up with was a mild concussion and a honking hematoma. As the accident happened at SiL's and I suspect she's gonna carry a barge-load of guilt but it was an accident plain and simple (you hear me SiL? ACCIDENT! Not your fault!). A couple hours and a nap later, Squirmy was up and acting like himself but I'll still keep watch on him through the night.

It was stupid-hot today (and supposed to be tomorrow too) and I'm really glad we got the downstairs room cleaned out. Upstairs was unbearable but downstairs was, literally, a cool haven. Spent a large chunk of the day downstairs watching movies, playing with trains and working on a new web project. Five minutes upstairs doing any of that would have killed me. If my choice is the heat or the rain, sorry but I'll take the rain.

The new web project is a biggie. Not in terms of designing it (getting much better with CSS layouts and stuff) but organizing all the crap presently on it. There is a lot of info (a lot!) that is presented poorly (as in "AGH! My eyes!), mish-mashed together and generally makes no flow-sense (thus rendering the site all but useless). If the previous webmaster were still alive, I'd whomp him upside the head with a brick. At least this isn't pro-bono work!

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Saturday, June 28, 2008 at 1113pm
Fics read 6/21 - 6/27

Kindred Spirits by moonglow11066   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4
   Very slight crossover with Due South. Takes place after the dissertation fiasco and before Blair joins the Academy. Blair has a date; Jim is jealous.

Sentinel - Still Quite a Pair  by Orion aka Jules
  Written to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Sentinel, this is a sweet and caring fic that doesn't hurt the teeth but does put a loverly (and maybe a little watery) smile on your face.

Sentinel - True Feelings &nsbp;by Orion aka Jules
  It's amazing what a little absence and a threat-to-your-life can make you realize.

CSI - Mastery by morgan_cian
  Part 26 (tbc)
   AU in a big way and a slave-fic... and Greg is not the slave. When the author says, "the only thing from CSI will be the character names", she means it, but very worthwhile reading.

House - Afterimage  by bammel
  Set post-season 4, House slides into deep guilt. Though there's no slashy elements to this fic, it is still an absolute must-read.

Sentinel - (A) Helping Hand  by Mostcrazylady
  An AU where Blair stands to inherit a fortune if he can survive to his next birthday.

Sentinel - Timing and Conviction  by Micah
  Blair decides to "go back to [his] original attraction" and Jim is none to pleased to be left off Blair's list. Written in a humorous angst style that's a delight to read.

Sentinel - Sunday Morning  by Maaaaa
  A sweet and sexy slice-of-life story.
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 931pm
After three days away, things weren't too screwed up at the office. Couple minor errors, but nothing that wasn't fixable. Best part of being back - the little twit is away this week.

Found the missing House eps! Burning off all the files for storage then I can reclaim space on MN. This time around, the discs are verifying. Since the brand of new discs is Verbatim, the problem before must have been with the Memorex discs. There's a shit-load of other stuff that has to be archived... once I've gone through and organized it, of course. I'm such a pack-rat.

The Keflex (or cephalexin as it's called on the bottle) has given me a loverly side-effect of "feminine itching". Fucking joy. Gonna pick up some Monistat and see if that helps things. At least it's an OTC product now, thank the gods.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 954pm
Tra should be almost home by now. While having him visit was nice, twelve days solid was starting to a tad long. There really wasn't any down-time and spending extra time at home ('cause Squirmy spiked a loverly fever at school) didn't help. All told, though, I enjoyed having Tra around in person and he really needed a vacation from all the crap at home.

Squirmy's replacement stuffed dog arrived last week. Rather than hide it, said stuffed dog was given to Squirmy and told it was <other dog's> brother. Old-dog was to stay in the house at all times but new-dog could go out if needed. Squirmy thought about it for a few minutes and decided both dogs would stay in the house, 'cause if the new-dog went missing he'd really miss him.

Ubbie's acting up after a core upgrade. The prob seems to be USB-related, specifically the Seagate since it's NTFS formatted. My goal over the next couple weeks is to install Hardy on the machine downstairs and see how it works (or doesn't, as the case may be). I know there's NTFS handling files, but Ubbie is still running Dapper and won't take a lot of the upgrade stuff. Also with Hardy, the Nano should work fully so I've gotta get going on Hardy pronto.

Went to clear room on MN (3G left on a 160G drive equals, "shit"). Discovered I'm missing three episodes from season three of House (fuck!). Trying to download them, but not getting far. There's a stack of discs (when is there not!) on my desk that might have the eps, but I'm not hold my breath. Probably come across a few more 'unfinished' things which delay a burn-off until they're completed. Too many large-ish projects and not enough damn time.
Friday, June 20, 2008 at 1234pm
Fics read 6/09 - 6/13

Sentinel - Why We Fight  by PsychGirl
  Blair experiences a 'lightbulb moment'.

Sentinel - Ordained  by alyjude
  Enthralling AU where Blair is renowned jockey and Jim is an action-movie star.

CSI - Mastery by morgan_cian
  Part 22   Part 23   Part 24   Part 25(tbc)
   AU in a big way and a slave-fic... and Greg is not the slave. When the author says, "the only thing from CSI will be the character names", she means it, but very worthwhile reading.

Sentinel - Kodak Moment  by laurie_ky
  Photograhs of Blair cause Jim to see his friend in a new light

Sentinel - (A) Fair Distance by Laurie aka laurie_ky on lj
  Running on Empty

Set after the dissertation disaster, Blair has left Cascade (not under good circumstances either) and is drifting across the country. When Blair is arrested (wrongfully) he finds out Cascade wants to question him regarding a murder and one guess who is sent to question the 'suspect'.
Running on Empty does not end with any kind of closure or warm fuzzies. However the author has already started a sequel (see below) and promises to finish the story. The story touches on some of the more mystical elements of Sentinel/Guide issues and makes a fabulous connection to Native mythologies. Angst abounds (hooray!) but doesn't overwhelm; it fits with the story and the characters perfectly.

Sentinel - Ball and Chain by Laurie aka laurie_ky on lj
  Part 1    Part 2 (tbc)
Continuation of Laurie's Fair Distance series. Jim and Blair are on their way back to Cascade.
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 203pm
Currently, Tra is somewhere downtown, hopefully near a 'baby train' station. He took the WCE TrainBus in and it broke down. I gather they transfered everyone to a regular bus to shuttle them into downtown, but didn't stop at the main station. Gods, what a nightmare!

After taking up cable, running new cable, and trying to make sense of the mounds of 'spaghetti' in my little 'puter room, this little series on Disturbing Wiring really hits home -
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Monday, June 16, 2008 at 1137am
So Tra arrived Thursday. No flight probs and glad to be on the West Coast again. He got to see Squirmy's mini-birthday at school (they do song and cake) and see one of our Emergency Rooms from the inside. Thankfully, it was not Tra or Squirmy who needed the visit. I got bit, on the boob, by a spider the night before. I drained all the crap out but the area was still discolored enough that hubby and the medical in-laws told me to hustle my ass off to the hospital. Blech.

While Tra and I were visiting the hospital, SiL and MrFixIt took Squirmy birthday shopping. He could pick anything he wanted (I hope there was a 'within reason' clause) and he came home with a Nerf gun (eight glow-in-the-dark, suction cup bullets), a shirt set, a pair of pants and a pair of shorts. Does Auntie spoiler nephew? Maybe just a wee bit.

Hubby took off Sunday morning for Winnipeg (back Friday) so I engaged Tra's help with a couple things I'm not permitted to do on my own - fishing cable to downstairs and disconnecting/reconnecting the stereo speakers. The cable drop was actually a piece of cake. The previously drilled hole fit a second cable just fine and it came out downstairs in the central-vac closet right where the large cut-out for the pipe is (score!). At the bottom of the closet, where the hole was drilled for the TV cable to pass through, the hole was just big enough to pass the cable through and then it was a matter of tacking it along until it reached the bench and the 'puter. The stereo was even easier as the secondary wires were easy to disconnect and the speakers a breeze to hook up to the primary wires (Tra did that job so I would be able to honestly tell hubby I did not touch the stereo wiring).

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 1001pm
Squirmy's new 'puter is good to go. Firefox has only two permanent bookmarks accessible, the Start menu has only FF and the two installed games showing (and My Pictures, but I still need to transfer his pictures over) and the desktop shows only the recycle bin. As he gets more familiar/confident/curious I'll add stuff back in. I do need to add a 'drawing' program of some kind, though I'm not hooking Squirmy's 'puter up to the color printer.

Rearranged more of the 'puter room so now Ubbie has the good speakers. The KVM is gone, as is Squirmy's old 'puter but there's still a rat-nest of wires under the table. I found what appears to be a goodly length of RJ-45 hiding in a box, so there might be enough to fish it through the hole in the floor into the family room downstairs and run it all the way to the computer down there. Worst case, I use one of the smaller pieces, hook it into the old hub then string one of the other smaller pieces from the hub to the computer. I know Tra will nag at me about doing it all wireless, but I don't have to spend money if I go the wired way. After the orgy of spending on Sunday, I don't want to buy anything not desperately needed.
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 155pm
Christ-a-stick, man. Shut the fuck up! You are standing at my desk, can you not see that I am busy??

And getting miffed that I didn't tell you right away BigD wasn't coming in is just fucking stupid. The reason for getting miffed? You were trying to plan lunch. BIG FUCKING DEAL! I've been trying to get all the major paperwork and ordering and applications and charts pulled for the next two days because your wife refuses to read the damn manual. I don't want to deal with billing issues and other major crap when I return on Monday. Ya, so very fucking sorry. Why the hell you had to 'plan' I've no idea since you eat lunch out everyday anyway.

BTW, my cell will be 'accidentally' left at home or turned off tomorrow - fuck you both.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008 at 1027pm
Well , you called it right about the dog.

The little-brown-dog-with-the-red-collar was found at five-thirty this morning. Where? Inside hubby's sleeping bag. How the damn dog got in there is anyone's guess, but if hubby hadn't elected to sleep on the couch (rather than dislodge a small boy who'd crept into our bed) then the dog wouldn't have been found until August when we go camping. Needless to say, Squirmy is one very happy little boy.

I love my Visa and the people who staff their center, watching out for fraud on my account. It was an expensive day - hubby got his Father's Day present early, new TV purchased for upstairs and grocery shopping. So Visa called to verify it was really me that made the purchases. Honestly, I don't know why people complain about calls like that since it's for their own protection.

The new TV is an LCD and is really sweet. It just fits in the entertainment unit with a hair's space on each side. The picture for regular TV is not quite as good (which we knew about ahead of time) as the old one (which now resides downstairs) but when playing DVD's... holy jeebers! It's gonna be a joy watching movies on this new beast.

With the moving of the old TV downstairs, I was able to start reconfiguring my 'puter room. The VCR/DVD is downstairs and the scanner moved into its place and hooked into MN. Everything's been configured/reconfigured so the TV on MN works as does the scanner. Ubbie2 was moved downstairs (currently awaiting hook-up and cable drop) and the old Scanner 'puter is in storage. The new 'puter I got from MrFixIt is currently undergoing cleaning and set-up for Squirmy and then Squirmy's old 'puter can go into storage. Once there's room on the table where Ubbie and Squirmy's 'puters are, then I can move the good speakers over and start clearing out the piles of documents scattered around the room.

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Friday, June 6, 2008 at 819pm
Fics read 6/02 - 6/06

NCIS - Irreplaceable  by Nancy
  Tony needs reassurance.

Firefly - Even Prometheus Finally Had A Good Day  by sparky77
  "Changing governments, second chances, pardons, and the research opportunity of a lifetime. He can help people." Sure, but is Simon happy? True and accurate character depictions, wonderful 'visuals' and totally worth reading.

Firefly - Too Gorram Pretty  by sffan
  Porn, of the Jayne/Simon flavor. YUM!

Firefly - Red light special  by kelly_girl
  Simon/Mal porn

Firefly - Wallflower  by kelly_girl
  An RPF staring Nathan and Sean.

Firefly - (The) Long-Delayed Courtship of Doctor Simon Tam  by budclare

  Set well after the movie. It takes Mal fifteen years to realize "he might not lean towards womenfolk quite so heavily as he had thought."

Firefly - (The) Kellerville kidnapping incident  by kelly_girl
  Simon's been kidnapped and it's Mal's turn to rescue him. Nice banter.

Firefly - Untitled  by isilrandir
  Some great lines - "Jayne was not as stupid as Simon gave him credit for" - and well written, semi-plotty Jayne/Simon porn. Bit of a roll reversal as Jayne looks to be the sensitive party ("he was sure that once he gave Simon what he was so desperately looking for, it would be all over between them. It wasn't a possibility that he was willing to consider") instead of Simon.

NCIS - Going Away Present  by kelly_girl
  A post-ep fic for the end of season 5.

Firefly - Mal and Simon and a Shack on Acą Nada  by Dark Emerald
  It's Mal and Simon's turn to be stranded in the "Canadian Shack". Nearly every one of the fandoms I read has ended up in this shack at one time or another.

Firefly - Not Crew  by Juli
  Set post-Serenity, harsh words said to Simon weigh heavily on Mal's mind.

Firefly - Within Reach  by llarus
  Most stories have a scene or line that just pops out and grabs you. In this story, this line - "He could talk to any of the others about politics and science and history, but none of them could make him feel the way this man did. Like he was found." And cuddly Jayne is a delight.

Sentinel - Once More With Feeling  by aimn
  Talking, especially about feelings, isn't Jim's forte. Good thing his spirit-guide gives Jim a not-so-subtle poke.

Sentinel - (The) Man That I Am  by Angel's Kuuipo
  Jim keeps dating one loser after another and Blair can't stand it anymore.

Sentinel - Your Fortune in My Hands  by keefaq
  Blair feels his power as a Guide is growing and changing.

Sentinel - All Hell Breaks Loose  by kungfunurse
  AU fic with an interesting take on Sentinels, Guides and Bonding.

Sentinel - Pandora's Can of Worms
  This time it's Jim that suggests a round of testing when he says, "This aphrodisiac thing, prove it to me." Let the 'fun' begin.

Sentinel - Brothers in Arms  by spikedluv
  AU where Blair is a cop in Narcotics and Jim's his undercover contact.
Friday, June 6, 2008 at 815pm
I'm either a good mommy or a bad parent. Found a 'little-brown-dog-with-red-collar' replacement for Squirmy on Ebay. Thank the goddesses I remembered the 'name' of the damn thing. Had to ask MrFixIt to 'Buy it Now' since I can't seem to resurrect my PayPal account (and that's something I'll be looking into).

And MrFixIt got the dog!! Should be here next week. Be nice if it arrived in time for Squirmy's birthday, but I''m not counting on it.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 1156am
I realize you "have a life", "don't want to work full time", "wanted to look after [grandson] when he's not in school", but there is no way I can guarantee at least a month's notice if/when I leave. A month or more? If I can, sure, but if I can't then I can't.

This job is not hard. Maybe a little complicated at times, but not hard. And if you'd READ the fucking manual and FOLLOW the fucking instructions, then maybe you wouldn't have the trouble you seem to. But since you can't read from the computer screen (issue with tri-focal glasses? not my problem) and I don't write things in a way that you can follow/understand (suggested many times that you (a) read through the manual and ask questions; (b) re-write it so you can follow/understand; or (c) tell me exactly how to write each section so you can follow/understand) then what do you expect me to do? In short, fuck you and you'll have to deal with it somehow.

The small child who works here is still barely speaking to me. Got a few more work-related words out of him today, but only 'cause he had to. Apparently, he hung around Monday to talk to me (*snort*) but not once did he indicate he wanted to. I was done at three-forty-five, so I left. Might have been what was going yesterday too, but I'm not staying past four unless someone is at my feet bleeding to death. It takes and hour to ninety-minutes for me to get home; I'm not losing any time with my family because some immature bozo wants to finally talk. There's been lots of free time during the work day, try using some of that time.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008 at 925pm
Today was, I sincerely hope, the last load of crap to the dump (not counting the recyclables, since we don't have to pay for that).

The guest bedroom has been vacuumed, dusted and all that's left is to strip/wash/remake the bed. There's a stack of boxes where the carpet roll used to reside but, at the moment, there is no other place to put them.

The family room... oh my, the family room is an orgy of SPACE! I'd forgotten how big the room looks when it's not stacked to the bloody ceiling with crap. Dusted off the books on my side, re-stacked them all (no order, just shove 'em on the shelf), cleaned off the piano (after which Squirmy promptly sat at and made his parent's teeth hurt), and cleaned/dusted the bench seat. Actually, the bench seat was done first as hubby wanted to spray it (to kill spiders), get the boards in and caulk them (to prevent any spiders from sneaking into the camping stuff... that is, any who remained after being poisoned).

Hubby's books (and the seriously overloaded and soon-to-collapse bookcase they reside on) will get dusted/neatened next Sunday, along with camping items stuffed in the (spider-free) bench seat, the large table cleared of all remaining crap and the carpet vacuumed. At that point, I can move the VCR/DVD combo downstairs and hook up the (hopefully still working) TV I snagged from Mom.

And once the VCR/DVD combo is gone from my 'puter room, the scanner can be moved over, Squirmy's computer can be replaced with the newer one and Ubbie2 can go downstairs. Probably won't get a cable dropped down there until after Tra's visit. Not that it matters since, at first, the only thing that 'puter will be used for is playing music and now that all the music is on the USB drive, it's just plug, play and groove. Point is (my god, there actually is one!) getting rid/moving equipment in my 'puter room means I can start digging it out. Hooray!

Squeeker the mouse has passed on. He was found quite dead in his food dish. He's been buried under the apple tree so his ghost can have fun running up and down the tree. Squirmy took the news better than either hubby or I expected. In fact, he was outside talking to Squeeker today, telling him he was missed but he should have lots of fun running on the tree and to be careful of the squirrels who also like to run in the tree. 'Scuse me, need to find a kleenex.

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