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Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 958pm
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Sunday, May 25, 2008 at 938pm
The precious little brown dog with the red collar has gone from being MIA to being officially declared GONE. I've torn the house apart, hubby's done the same to the car, but there's no sign of the dog. The most likely place to have lost him is at the pet store where Squirmy got Squeeker. A call there yielded nothing. There have been a few tears (Mommy too) but I noticed Squirmy didn't ask to take anyone grocery shopping today. There is a chance, a bloody slim one, that the dog is still in the house. I thought I'd seen him since Squeeker came home, but no idea if my memory is accurate or not. I've hunted for that dog so often, and found him in some of the most bizarre places that I could be right. But don't hold your breath.

Squeeker is on a diet. I've been over-feeding the poor guy and now he's got a weight problem. Not so bad he can't run on his wheel (though you can see him puffing) or climb to the l-d-l, but hubby would like to avoid another exploding mouse.

There is now room to move in the family room downstairs. Two hundred pounds - on the nose - was loaded into the trailer and hauled to the dump. The old couch, two chairs, carpet and under-pad, old VCR (electronic recyc won't take it), painted boards from the porch, and a bag of assorted crap. Hubby figures there's one more 'garbage' load and I know there's one recyc load.

With the big crap removed, now I can start cleaning both the family room and the guest bedroom (that one gets priority). The under-window bench seating hubby plans to fill with the camping stuff we won't need during a power outage. This will free up much space in hubby's office and then can start reorganizing his crap. The plan, once the family has been cleaned and the camping stuff stored, is to make it a place where Squirmy can set up his trains, or build things and not have to worry about having to destroy and put away each week. I've got a small TV (courtesy of Mom who replaced hers) and I can drop an RJ45 cable into the room easy enough. This way, my living room won't always look like a bomb went off.

Picked up the 'puter parts *big grin*. I love the new USB external. Replaced the memory in the last 'puter I got from MrFixIt (256 and XP do NOT go together), fired it up, plugged in the drive and boom(!!) away to the races. We both want the music files on the drive but, and I don't know if MrFixIt realized this or not, they're in iPod format. Converting them all, one directory at a time, before moving the files onto the USB drive. Bit of a pain in the ass, but I don't want music files in iPod format. Haven't yet tried the drive on Ubbie but, if there are any issues, they should be minor and fixable.

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Friday, May 23, 2008 at 816pm
Did a lot of thinking after Boss-man had a chat with me Wednesday, so today I had a chat with him. Hopefully, my words gave him a few things to think of and will help clear up the major miscommunication issues that are running rampant at the office. He also knows I have been giving fairly serious thought to leaving.

What neither he or I can do anything about is Lab-boy's childish, immature attitude. At some point, I apparently cut him off, or snapped at him, or something, hence the very professional 'silent treatment' I'm getting now. I'd like to tell him to "grow the fuck up". This kind of childish behavior has no place in an office setting, especially when business needs to be conducted. What is this kid gonna do when he's out on his own and his assistant/receptionist snarks at him? Will any sour word, bad-day-curtness be perceived as a personal attack? Seriously kid, grow up.

(how is it that LJ flags 'miscommunication' as being misspelled? An LJ offers no suggestions to correct it? Stupid LJ)

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 1054am
Frankly, I don't care why Lab-Boy doesn't speak to me nor does it bother me. My mother dished out the silent treatment like potatoes at a Sunday dinner; getting the same treatment from anyone else doesn't faze me one bit. What do you want me to do about the situation? The sweet, sucky routine? Apologize for something I don't know about? *hysterical laughter* I refused to do that shit at home and I absolutely refuse to do it at work. Lab-Boy has a problem/issue, he can confront or discuss it with me.

I am not taking full responsibility for not invoicing a patient yesterday. YOU put the patient in the room, started work, didn't say a fucking thing to me about what was being done or gave me her chart. Unfortunately, I was busy working with the database and wasn't tracking your progress. Since YOU weren't with the patient the entire time, could you not have clued-in the chart was still sitting on the lab counter? Could you not have brought it out? Could you not have picked up the phone and buzzed me to come get it? FOAD.

According to you, I'm being "almost curt" with you. I suppose I am sometimes, especially when you're asking stupid questions about stuff I've been dealing with for years, interrupting my flow, contradicting your own instructions to me or standing at the desk yammering at me about non-work things when I'm obviously working on something. Think almost any one might be a bit 'curt' in those instances.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 939am
No, I didn't say anything about moving the cabinet, just that the box and plant should be removed before the drilling starts. Ya know, in case the vibrations jar the heavy plant off and onto the installer's head. I, of course, was mistaken. So why then did the installer remove the plant before he started drilling?? Another tick added to the 'screw it' list.

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Monday, May 19, 2008 at 958pm
Whenever MandD turn on their 'puter, they're to turn on a little fan that blows into it. Why? Why the hell not. According to the BIOS, the internal case temp and CPU temp were within norms, there was no build-up of crud anywhere and the mem tested fine. So the issue is, most likely, a general airflow issue (under a desk, wedged in a corner with no airflow possible) or the PSU is going. PSU replacing is... well, I'm a lazy bitch. And a bit of a cheap bitch. I'd have to use my only spare P4 PSU and I'd probably catch grief if I presented Dad with a bill ("the machine is barely two years old, etc.).

Hubby decided the mouse was bored and needed more to do (oh, please, don't ask. I'm upping his medication soon.). Since add-on's can be purchased for Squeeker's cage, off to the pet store when Squirmy and Mommy. The mouse now has a loop-d-loop (with lookout) and a tube to crawl up to the l-d-l. Those were the only add-on's in stock, which sucks since the tubes came in packs of three and without end plugs, the other tubes are useless. Plus, had I engaged my brain, I would have got a new cage instead since the tube-pack and l-d-l were just five dollars less than a new, tricked out cage.

Shopping with Vicious Sunday was successful. Didn't find everything I wanted, but I do now have a working summer wardrobe. Sizing sucks; every manufacturer must use a different scale for sizing. A large percentage of the medium-sized blouses were fitting like smalls. And pants, holy crap. I've got one pair of pants the next size up from what I normally wear, one from the proper size and one from the next size down. Jeans, I'm betting, would have been a bloody all day event!

Did not fit a dump run in this weekend, primarily because hubby and MrFixIt were busy building an enclosure for the trailer. For a thing who's basic design was done with Squirmy's Lego, it looks marvelous and well put together. A couple trim pieces and paint are, I think, all that's left to do. Which is good, because I absolutely need a dump run next weekend.

Met with the dog breeder hubby's decided upon, and met with her six full grown dogs. Beautiful animals, friendly, curious and don't smell 'doggy' (hey, for me the smell is a major factor). Despite the fact he was licked to death, Squirmy loved the dogs. Hubby did too and would have taken all six home if he could have figured a way to sneak them out. The only downside was the breeder (who's also a vet, a high score in hubby's book) isn't planning a breeding until late this year or early next year. I think all of had our hearts set on this year, but that's unlikely if hubby wants to go with this breeder. He's going to check around and see if there's any other flat-coat breeders in the province.

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Friday, May 16, 2008 at 846pm
Fics read 5/12 - 5/16

CSI - Mastery by morgan_cian
  Part 21
   AU in a big way and a slave-fic... and Greg is not the slave. When the author says, "the only thing from CSI will be the character names", she means it, but very worthwhile reading.

House - Joking  by Nemesis
  House tries to pass off a surprise kiss (in a hospital hallway) as a joke.

House - Pinned  beren_sama
  Is House teasing Wilson at an annual charity event?

House - Hug-a-Jew Day  by causticchick
  Who knew there is an official day designated Hug-a-Jew Day? Wilson certainly didn't.

House - Discovery  by nakeno and recrudescence
  House gets more than he bargains for when he searches for Wilson's porn stash
Friday, May 16, 2008 at 844pm
Hubby got finally got word when his official, formal training is to take place. Two weeks, split up, in Winnipeg, the first one the full week Trafalga is visiting. Of course. I expect I'll know the way to the airport really really well by the end of June. Have to remember to get hubby's cell for Tra to use, since hubby won't have any use for it.

Dad says his computer is still randomly freezing. <insert loud cussing sounds> After the electronic recycling depot trip tomorrow, Squirmy and I will swing by the house and I'll try installing an extra case fan. If that doesn't work, a new PSU. And if that doesn't work... fuck, I dunno. Wave a chicken? Perform some voodoo ritual? Sacrifice a small animal? I'd like to see them with two computers - one for e-mail, games, browsing and one just for record keeping and other non-Net stuff. I've got the spare parts, just need a 2-port KVM, but dunno if I could convince the parental-units to do it.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 950pm
I guess when a cat is properly motivated, he can make jumps he has, in the past, had some difficulty making. Dear kitty has discovered Squeeker and can leap, unassisted, onto the chest-of-drawers. We thought he might be using the small chair Squirmy uses to watch Squeeker, but tonight we saw for ourselves that the cat gets up all by himself in one leap. I'm glad the one door to the cage is difficult to open.

With hubby working nights, I often have company at some point during the night. I don't mind, and it means he wakes up when my alarm goes off (this is great on the mornings I take Squirmy to school). However, sleeping next to his small majesty isn't always easy. Hubby has long spoken (with rolling eyes) how much and how loudly Squirmy snores; it's to the point hubby leaves the bed if Squirmy's there and he starts up. Lemme tell ya, hubby is right - the kid can snore like a damn freight train. Add to that teeth grinding, a trait inherited from mommy. Honestly, I don't know how hubby has stood my teeth grinding all these years!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2008 at 907am
Guess what - I don't read minds. I'm sure that comes as a huge surprise, but there you have it.

Since it was five minutes to the scheduled time for the patient, I put him in the room. You say you "appreciate the effort to keep us on time" (or words to those effect) but the blank is still in the cooker? I'd know this how? Most of the time, I'm not given any indication when y'all are ready or not. I've had patients sitting in the waiting room while one (sometimes both) of you are sitting on your ass. Well, guess I'll let patients sit then until I'm told to put them in. Gonna be interesting since one you has decided I'm not to be spoken to.

Further, how am I supposed to know Patient X needed more paint work? If that had been communicated to me, Patient X would not have been scheduled on top of another painting session. Yup, gonna be a busy morning for you; not my concern in the least.

ETA 1002am
Yes, if the patient is going to be thirty to forty-five minutes late, you probably won't be able to finish today. Why are you telling me what I'm aware of? I saw no point getting into the whole can't-finish/reschedule thing with patient when she called to say she was stuck in traffic. Fuck that - you can get into it with the patient. I've been given the impression - by both you and your son - I am to accommodate all patients whenever possible. One of you two can deal with the explanation of why the work can't be completed today and the need to come back.

ETA 124pm
How am I being 'leathery'? I don't know where the boys have gone, if they're gone, or are coming back. If they're not in the office and their jackets are gone from the closet, it's pretty good odds they have left for lunch. Why don't I know? Well, (a) the one boy says absolutely nothing, (not even 'going for lunch') when he leaves and (b) if I'm looking at the computer or desk doing work, all I see is a peripheral blur and hear the ding of the door.

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Monday, May 12, 2008 at 302pm
Squirmy has decided on a bowling birthday party and four kids (one of which will be his cousin). Since hubby isn't going fishing this year (hooray!) he'll get to help out. The birthday boy needs to decide on his cake decoration so I can order said cake. Pirate, skeleton, animal, cartoon... ice cream, cake... Squirmy's got until Saturday and then Mommy decides.

Got rid of all the small clothes Friday night. The wife of one of Squirmy's teachers is expecting and they were more than happy to take the clothes, despite not knowing what sex the baby will be. The spare bedroom is now a little bit clearer and the goal this week is to finish it and get a load ready for the dump on Sunday.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

In place of grocery shopping, we had lunch with hubby's Granny and (first time ever!) his Mother (aka MiL). Nothing fancy, just a simple cold lunch and one guess who the center of attention was.

On the way home, hubby stopped at a pet store he rarely gets to but he knows to have good fish stock and some rarer items. Squirmy and I went in to kill time and amuse ourselves in the reptile area. Snakes, spiders, lizards and... scorpions. Care to guess which one of these delightful creatures Squirmy wanted? Exit stage right to the rest of the pet store. Where he proceeded to find the lone bunny and guinea pigs ("aw, look, mommy, the bunny is all by himself"). And across the aisle, an indoor koi pond (with floating plastic duckies!) and birds (in cages) and rats (also in cages) and... mice (lots in the cage). "Look, mommy, the mousies are sooooo cute." *rolls eyes*

Yes, Squirmy picked the one 'pet' Mommy would have a hard time saying "no" too. I did the wuss thing and left the decision up to Daddy. Who said okay, but Mommy has to explain the facts of life about having a mouse in the house along with a cat. Long and short of it is, Squirmy understands kitties like to chase/eat mousies; he cannot get mad at kitty because it's what kitties do; Squeeker (lord yes, that is the name for the mouse) is up high enough that kitty shouldn't be able to get mousie. Squirmy also got the cleaning and feeding speech (Daddy will be watching the feeding end of things since I over-fed and blew up the last mouse in my care).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The day started off too early - earlier than normal chiro and I wanted coffee! - but was filled with fun.

May Day celebration in the area and Dad was marching in the Lower Mainland Colour Party. Had to go see 'the old guy' all duded up in his marching clothes and since the parade starts by Squirmy's 'big kid' school (and ends within spitting distance of the house) there was no excuse not to visit with Dad.

After a lunch of fries for Squirmy, we killed a couple hours at home (mommy needed a nap and more coffee) waiting for hubby to arise from bed (stupid shift-work) and it was off to the mini-fair ground the city sets up for May Day's. To say Squirmy had massive amounts of fun would be a severe understatement. He's now tall enough to go on the bigger rides (minimum forty-two inches) and he took full advantage of the fact. Tilt-a-Whirl with Mommy, Octopus with Daddy, the Scrambler with Mommy (never again!) and something new called a Kite Flyer all by himself. And, of course, Squirmy hit the kiddie Roller Coaster. Not as many times as last year (then, we had to pry himout with a crowbar) but thank goodness it started raining or he would have been on that ride for a lot longer.

From the rides it was off to 'the place with the booze drinks' (neither Mommy or Daddy felt like cooking) and from there grocery shopping. Shopping in the early evening is almost as good as early morning; slightly less selection, but no crowds whatsoever.

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Friday, May 9, 2008 at 811pm
Fics read 5/05 - 5/09

CSI - Mastery by morgan_cian
  Part 18
  Part 19
  Part 20
   AU in a big way and a slave-fic... and Greg is not the slave. When the author says, "the only thing from CSI will be the character names", she means it, but very worthwhile reading.

Sentinel - Right Memory  by Mab
  Jim is drugged, a memory he can't fully recall is niggling at him and Blair won't tell him or help him remember it.

Sentinel - Baby Steps  by Rae
  Good things happen one little step at a time.

Sentinel - (The) Sounds of Silence  by Rebel Melinda
  The loss of a certain sound drives Jim nuts but makes him realize a very important fact.

Sentinel - (It's) Raining Sentinels  by Miraden
  Blair hits a club to indulge a fantasy he can't at home... or can he.

Sentinel - For Blair  by Jane Davitt
  It's Blair's first birthday since drowning. Sweet, sappy and melty.

Sentinel - All Surface, No Feeling  by Annie
  Jim loves Blair. Blair says he'll never care for Jim that way. The question is, why?

House - Of Night and Light and the Half-Light  by Melody Clark
  Wilson's been resisting House for years. House finds out.

Sentinel - Hello Dolly  by Kerensa
  Jim's pissed Blair has a secret admirer. Jim thinks someone is out to get him, but it's Blair's getting caught in the crossfire. Will they survive? Will they admit their mutual attraction?

House - Progressive (One Thing That Stays Mine)  by rangergirl
  Just why doesn't House like to share Wilson?

House - Turning the Tables  by Topaz Eyes
  "... the pizza, and beer, and Sondheim. Are you--are you wooing me?" House? Wooing Wilson? Perish the thought!

House - Looking Right Past  by Topaz Eyes
  Light angst with a side of realization and softly written sex. The type of story to put a smile on your face.

House - Wilson's Balcony  Teyla
  How private is the balcony outside Wilson's office?

House - One Step Closer Away by GLady Part 1 and Part 2
  Wilson loves House. House is straight. Oh, the angst.

House - Evasion  by Nemesis
  Wilson drops subtle hints, House appears to miss them.
Friday, May 9, 2008 at 1123am
Ya know, not caring about certain things is quite... freeing. I can honestly say, I don't care, don't give a rat's ass about 'certain things' outside my immediate scope. I'm counting the days until hubby's position is confirmed... just counting the days...

The big May Day parade and fair is this weekend. Dad's marching in the parade and Squirmy is dyyyyying to hit the rides. One guess what the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Squirmy I can stuff into rain pants and jacket, Dad I can't *sigh*.

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Monday, May 5, 2008 at 953pm
Forgot House started up again last week. What do I do when I miss a show? Hit the torrents, what else! Except TorrentSpy is gone (BOO!); thank the gods MiniNova is still around. Download and transferfed onto the stick, then transferfed to MN (the LAN is being fussy at the moment; gotta futz with Ubbie's firewall again) and the ep is converting for the Nano as I type this. In a day or two I'll grab tonight's ep.

Have to go to Squirmy's 'big kid' school tomorrow for Parent Orientation. This means Squirmy and I can sleep in a whole extra forty-five minutes. I'll drop his majesty at daycare, walk over to the school for the hour-long orientation (seriously? an hour?) then bus into work. Which reminds me, I need to check the schedules...

There is an ongoing problem with the main file in this section. The access levels keep changing and I don't know why. Must investigate this...

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Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 947pm
The first load of crap is gone! Hubby didn't sleep much or well (shit, he was up with Squirmy and me and grocery shopping was done, including unloading, by eleven) so only one dump-run was possible. More would be possible, but I'd have to drive the truck with trailer attached (quite possible) and then back into the space at the dump (absolutely not possible). So one load a Sunday is fine with me. Next week is the couch and chair; the old table hubby says hang onto until we've got the room set up and see if it's needed or not.

I have a box fetish. Doesn't matter what size the box is, I want it. You never know when you might need a box to store or ship something. Eventually though, enough becomes enough. Most of my boxes have been stored in the garage, most nestled inside another, all safe and cozy. I haven't touched any of them in over three years. Do I want the boxes? Yes. Will I use them? Fat fraking chance. It's now possible to move in the garage, though movement is still a touch limited. Helluva lot better than it was a few hours ago!

Not many bites on the kid stuff I posted. So I've got an e-mail into my Sis regarding shelters, et al that could use kid stuff. If anyone will know where to donate stuff to, Sis will. I'd like to see the stuff sell since Squirmy gets half the cash in his bank account and other in his Thomas bank for the marble-elevator-thing. *sigh* oh well, the way it goes I guess.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 1003pm
Finished going through the spare bedroom downstairs. All Squirmy's stuff has been photographed, boxed and posted on CL and UV. If the stuff isn't gone in two weeks, it's going to wherever will accept donations.

Sunday, rain or shine, is dump day. There's at least one load in the garage (my money is on two/two-and-a-half) and probably the same in the family room. I WANT SPACE TO MOVE, DAMMIT! Patience, it will happen... things will be cleared out... *deep breath* I'd just like to get at my books without having to be a contortionist.

How desperate is Squirmy to stay up "a little later" past his bed time? So desperate he'll help clean the living room, putting toys and other things in their proper places. Sweet!

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Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 926pm
Fics read 4/28 - 5/02

NCIS - Tony's Little Obsession  by CJ aka WritinginCT
  Tony is obsessed with Gibbs' tongue.

CSI - Mastery by morgan_cian
  Part 8
  Part 9
  Part 10
  Part 11
  Part 12
  Part 13
  Part 14
  Part 15
  Part 16
  Part 17 (tbc)
   AU in a big way and a slave-fic... and Greg is not the slave. When the author says, "the only thing from CSI will be the character names", she means it, but very worthwhile reading.
Thursday, May 1, 2008 at 1157am
Squirmy's camera has batteries and the betting window is open as to how long they'll last before needing recharging. The kid has been going nuts, taking pictures of his stuffed animals, cartoons on TV, the cat... anything he can. The card in the camera doesn't hold much, only around a dozen pictures, so Squirmy now has his own directory on Ubbie for his pictures.

The plan, eventually, is to make the newest computer Squirmy's and put all his stuff on it so he can play to his heart's content. He can have Kitty and Slice wallpaper! Won't that just thrill him to bits. Unfortunately, Squirmy's computer will have to be XP (maybe dual boot, dunno yet) and that means I'll have to call India for activation (oh gods, pass the rum now!)

I think I've figure out a new configuration for the 'puter room at home. The current 'music repository' machine will be removed, held as a spare, and the scanner 'puter (and scanner) will move over to the vacated slot. This will free table and floor space at Ubbie's location, making room for the good speakers and the external USB drive on the table and space for Squirmy's chair (his 'puter is beside Ubbie). Giving serious thought to moving the china cabinet into the dining room and reclaim even more space. MN, the WinDoze box, will stay where he is (dammit!) since I still need it for TV watching and iPod filling.

Of course I need the USB drive and new memory first. Know where I'm getting them (along with a couple other little things), just need the money and bit of room to shift things around - both will take some shuffling!

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