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Monday, April 28, 2008 at 923am
Cousin, dear (note the sarcasm), fuck you.

First, your attitude that 'there's no support system for Granny while you and your mother are away' is complete and total BULLSHIT. Your two SiL's are going in morning and evening, your cousin (my SiL) is staying at Granny's Saturday and Sunday, and your Aunt (my MiL) is staying there for nearly two weeks until you return from vacation. So where the fuck do you get off saying there's no support system for Granny? You fucking self-conceited douche-bag, GDIF.

Second, go back to grade school and learn basic punctuation and paragraphing. You may be 'gods gift' to nursing, but you fail at something most twelve year-olds have mastered. An ellipse - this thing --> ... - is NOT a replacement for a fucking new paragraph! Holy fucking shit on a stick, woman! I know your keyboard has an Enter/Return key (have yet to see one that doesn't) so open your eyes, find it, AND USE IT! One look at that travesty of an attempt at communication was all I needed before I stuffed the piece of unreadable crap into the trash bin. I seriously debated returning it to you with a note questioning your intelligence; I will if you send me another piece of crap like the last.

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Friday, April 25, 2008 at 934pm
Squirmy is sitting beside me "doing his work". Work consists of quickly typing random letters quickly into a blank document. It's very important 'work' and he's so busy, you know. *snicker*

Hubby's new work schedule means he goes back to bed when we've finished dinner. So he doesn't get lonely, Squirmy has been sending Barker the Dog to bed with his daddy. It's very important to have an animal with you when you sleep.

There's a new dentist in town and he name is Doctor Squirmy. Because of a defect in his teeth, I've got to take extra care with Squirmy's teeth (more so since hubby's dental plan doesn't kick in until October) and that means little mirrors, flashlights, picks and floss. Turn about is fair play and tonight it was mommy's turn to have her teeth worked on. The sharp, real dental pick he was not allowed to use on me for fear of developing a stabbing pain on my gums. Flossing was bad enough since Squirmy kept hitting the same spot over and over - ouch. Really though, Squirmy was pretty gentle and seemed quite pleased with himself.

So our out-of-house stuff tomorrow is to shop for winter jammies for next year (despite the weather here, winter stuff should be on sale now), hit Free Geek, fries for lunch and, if the weather is nice, find a playground for awhile. Gotta find about six hours worth of tasks/entertainment.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 107pm
Fuck you and the "disrespectful of your needs" crap. Except for the last couple years since Squirmy was born, I haven't taken any holidays nor called in sick. The scheduling of holiday time has always been rather relaxed and comes-as-it-comes, so when I get the chance to take some time away with my spouse and child I'll take it, but give you plenty of notice. I consider four months to be plenty of notice. *adds another mark to leaving column*

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Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 1124pm
Blew out a lot of dust/dirt/crap from MandD's computer. Installed PSU is a 400 so that should be sufficient and the CPU temp was well within a normal operating range. If it locks up again, like within the next month, I'll toss another case fan in (provided there's a connection on the mobo for it).

Picked up what I thought was just going to be a used computer from SiL's. Turned out to be - a Deskjet color printer, CD player with decent headphones, cell phone with charger and a digital camera. Holy Crap!

The printer I have no use for - just bought the color laser and I despise ink jet printers - so it's up on Used Vancouver and Craigslist. E-Mailed SiL about the cell phone, but if it was supposed to be in the bin then I'll try selling it for a couple bucks too. The camera and CD player are Squirmy's and is he excited about them. Have to pick up some AA rechargables since the only rechargables we have are AAA (for Squirmy's trains, the ones he doesn't play with very much right now).

As for the computer... it'll be a decent machine, do pretty much everything I'd need it to do, once it gets some memory. Two-hundred-and-fifty-six meg is, frankly, pathetic. XP is... *rolls eyes* dear god, I can make pancakes while this thing brings itself up. The spare RAM I have is useless - adding a sixty-four meg will do jack-shit - and I don't have any of the other type the mobo will take. Basically, I need either two sticks of five-hundred-and-twelve PC133 or PC2100. And good freaking luck finding it - ATIC has a bit of PC2100 but not the one(s) I want, A-Power lists the one(s) I want, but are out of stock, NCIX lists some but what the hell does "Select [computer brand] models only" mean? Does Dell, HP, Apple, Sony all have different RAM modules? NCIX will probably end up being the place to get the RAM, even if I have to order it.

There's a shit-load of music on the HDD too, stuff MrFixIt and I both want. Transferring it through the LAN to a couple of the machines will work, but be bloody time consuming. Plus, to get it to MrFixIt, I'd have to burn it all off anyway. Solution appears to be an external HDD, something I've been considering for a while now anyway. It's such a waste to turn an entire computer on for just the music files; it would be easier if they were on a NAS drive (first choice) or a portable external USB drive (second choice). Think I've found the latter that'll work with Linux and is big enough that I can put more than just the music files on it. Also, I can dump the 'puter and monitor in the back corner and free up some shelf space and electrical sockets (major bonus there!).

I'd like a different desk set up in my 'puter room/office as well. I think I could make an L-shaped unit work, but a conference/meeting type table might also work. I am seriously lacking space right now and there's no usable surface left open. A major clean out is coming...

... and all the 'puter stuff I don't want/can't use is being donated to Free Geek Vancouver. Their mission statement - "Free Geek is a not for profit community organisation that recycles used technology to provide computers, education, internet access and job skills training to those in need, in exchange for community service." is great and something I can totally stand behind. If my old equipment can help someone, fantastic! And it beats simply tossing it in the garbage (okay, official recycling center). This week, I'll go through the 'puter room, garage, family room and my bedroom for all the bits I've stashed away and get it all ready to go. That should be a damn scary pile!

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Friday, April 18, 2008 at 851pm
Trafalga's sister is undergoing dialysis (shit) and being put on the transplant list (double shit). I'm renewing my passport next week, just in case. If things go bad, I'll be the one Trafalga calls.

Took Squirmy to school again today. This could work, quite nicely in fact. Though I don't like sticking the little fella in daycare for over ten hours, there's really not much choice. The only plus is that Squirmy loves his 'school'. I'm betting this is typical, and standard, working-mom guilt.

In an effort to give hubby some peace and quiet Saturday, Squirmy and I are going to the Chiro, Autoplan dealer (need to upgrade the car insurance), Future Shop (need DVD+R discs) and then MandD's. For the latter, I'm taking two spare case fans and the only spare P4 PSU I have. The more I've been reading, the more convinced I am it's either a thermal issue or a PSU issue. It really doesn't sound like a software problem - too random and not always the same program. Could also be memory, so I'll test that too, though last time their computer pulled this shit, the memory was fine. Doesn't mean it couldn't have gone south, but my bet is not on a memory issue. Should also toss a couple other diagnostic programs on the USB stick and take that.

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Friday, April 18, 2008 at 818pm
SW - Running into Old Friends   by RebelMom
   Well written, thought out and 'see-able' story. Hopefully there will be more Luke/Mara interaction in the sequel.

CSI - Mastery by morgan_cian
  Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
  Part 4
  Part 5
  Part 6
  Part 7 (tbc)
   AU in a big way and a slave-fic... and Greg is not the slave. When the author says, "the only thing from CSI will be the character names", she means it, but very worthwhile reading.

CSI - Domesticity  by morgan_cian
   Chores, a meal together and great sex.

Sentinel - (A) New Challenge  by Linda3
   AU where Jim is the unexpected owner of a unique but abused slave-Blair. Interesting twists on Blair's background and the Sentinel/Guide relationship.

Sentinel - Amends  by Rogue
  Nicely written post-TSbyBS angsty Blair.

Sentinel - All Critters Great and Small  by Romslinger
  An AU where Jim's a PI hired by Blair's 'uncle' to find his long-lost nephew. Actually, Blair is in the Witness Protection Program and the 'uncle' is the gangster that wants Blair dead. Influenced by Jim Herriot's "All Creatures" book(s).

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Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 330pm
With hubby not off work until eight and no ride in with MrFixIt, 'twas up to mommy to take Squirmy to school. Despite what her parents have said, I am not making my niece come to the house by six-ten in the morning. Anyway, Squirmy got up with me - hard not to when, having discovered daddy is not home, someone has been sneaking into my bed at night. Showered, dressed, breakfasted and out the door by six-twenty-five; walked to school and ensconsed inside by six-thirty-two; mommy at the bus stop by six-thirty-four. Made the six-forty bus (better than the seven-oh-four train) and was at work by seven-forty-five. Not bad.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 837pm
To ensure I don't get lonely at night, I am given two of Squirmy stuffed animals. Tonight's companions are Pink Bear (my old bear when I was little) and Mr. Squeaks (my old stuffed mouse). Last night, Baby Seal and Lars the Polar Bear were my companions. Wonder who I'll get tomorrow. 259pm

Some where, in the depths of the mess called 'the family room', are my Star Wars books. After watching the movies on the weekend, I have the urge to read them all again. Also have the urge for SW fanfic. Not slash though, amazing as that is. I want content (read as actual story) and my OTP, Luke and Mara. I may, one day, get around to SW slash but I'm still too big an L/M fangirl to veer off that path.

Started putting the new printer to the test by updating Squirmy's photo albums. Haven't printed any pictures for almost a year (holy crap!) - so much for my idea of keeping current. GIMP is continuing to take some getting used to but, sweet mother!, I love it. I'm going to seriously starting looking at a WinDoze version for the office. I know there is a GIMP for Win, but installing it on the 'puter at work could be an 'interesting' endeavor.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008 at 939pm
To the folks who do tech support for a living, my undying gratitute, amazement and blessings. Two short conversations with my father (and sis for a minute or two) left me ready and willing to a) inflict serious hurt; b) change my phone number; and, c) go bug-fuck crazy.

Apparently Dad's 'puter is back to randomly freezing solid. Not when using any particular program, but it seems to mainly occur when they're playing Majong online and it's been going on for a while. Firstly, it is occurring when a particular program is in use - Firefox. Secondly, if it's been happening for a while, why is this the first I'm hearing about it?? *screams and pulls on hair* I think the problem is either thermal or the PSU (not enough power or it's dying) so I'll be spending a couple hours at the house on the weekend. Squirmy will like that; I'll need to be drugged.

The second call of day was regarding the OS and was it Windows 97. *boggles* pardon? A friend sent Dad this attachment and when he tried to open it, something happened, something crashed and an error report thing came up asking if he wanted to send a report and then it said he should consider upgrading since he was running Windows 97. After racking my brain to figure out what the fuck Dad was talking about and what possible program the problem might relate to, I asked Dad if the attachment was a .doc file, since the only thing 97-ish on his 'puter is Word and Excel. Yes, it was a .doc file. And Sis sent a .doc file to Dad for him to print for her and it cause the same problem.

So Sis gets on the phone and says it's the Windows 97 thing, too. Apparently Windows and Word are the same thing (and I assume I should just instantly know what the fuck they're talking about). Wild guess time here, but I think the issue is the .doc file is being created on a new version (I know Sis is running the XP office package) and the saved format cannot be read by Word 97. Sis leapt to this conclusion on her own (and I give her a round of applause for that).

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Friday, April 11, 2008 at 259pm
I can now do almost everything (personal 'puter/file related) off a USB stick. Put PE's site files on it, along with RCL148's, and a portable apps package. The portable apps don't appear to run on Ubbie, but I'll mainly have to work on site files when I'm away from Ubbie and on a WinBox. Now I won't leave a 'footprint' on any machine I work on!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008 at 320pm
Hubby starts work Monday - hooray!! Midnight Monday to midnight Friday (gets off eight am Saturday morning). Rather sucks, but that's life.

With Boss-man and Lab-boy out of the office since Monday, I've caught up on everything, even clearing out crap. I think "the other one" was supposed to be practicing painting but, today at least, it looked like he spent more time reading than painting. Guess he doesn't know or forgot there's a camera in the room *snerk*.

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Monday, April 7, 2008 at 807am
Bought the printer Saturday - just the printer, not the unit with the everything else. Since I'll still have to have a WinDoze machine that means I'll still be able to use the old scanner, so why buy a new scanner? And I've got an old(er) fax machine that I use for copying when needed.

The 3600n is large (well, duh!) and heavy and thus resides on the floor. In terms of resolution for pictures, it's not the greatest but it does the job well enough. And it worked right out of the box - plugged it in, turned it on... BAM! Basic drivers were already in CUPS, though I have been playing around with a newer driver from HP. There's a few quirks and wtf items but, for the most part, any program that I should need to print from I can. The exception being the program I use for HTML editing and that's an issue with the program and not the printer.

Hubby and MrFixIt found themselves a utility trailer. It needs some tarp tie-down hooks added and new wheels, but those are easy to add/replace. Now we can start getting rid of the crap both in the garage and downstairs. Cripes, is there a lot of crap, probably at least three trips to the dump worth. Gonna try, once more, to see if I can give away the better items (couch, chair, etc) but there's a lot not worth jack-squat.

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Friday, April 4, 2008 at 952pm
I need a color printer, laser specifically since (IMO) inkjet sucks. And it has to work with Linux. The already narrow field of color lasers gets narrower adding that criteria. Well, I've found two printers that will do the job for me, both are HP's. One is a straight color laser (with drivers for Linux) and the other is a Multi-function (again, with drivers). Unfortunately, there is (of course) a large price difference. So, I need to figure out just how much use a scanner would actually get.

So, I need to figure out just how much use a scanner would actually get. Based on the use the current scanner gets - not much - the MF unit is probably massive overkill. And I have to keep at least one XP machine up for those few things that won't/can't run on Linux. And the copier function I can duplicate with the fax machine, the fax aspect of the MF unit would rarely (if ever) be used. I think I just talked myself out of it.

My cell phone was barely six days old and I fried the SIM chip. Yup, roasted it good and had to buy a new one. If you play with the security shit and enter the wrong code(s) too many times, the SIM chips fry themselves as a security measure.

The new LTS version of Ubuntu is due out April 24. OhBoyOhBoyOhBoy. I'm gonna watch the forums for comments on upgrading versus new install, but I really don't care which I have to do. With Hardy Heron (gods, the names of these things...) I should be able hook up the Nano with just some minor tweaking.

Cruising around Craigslist - hubby and MrFixIt have been scouring it for utility trailers - and came across a small cache of camping stuff for next to nothing. The hunt for the trailer goes on, but I'm picking up the camping equipment tomorrow.

Bad week for the eyes. Had to use the Tobradex and, due to a good case of photophobia, use my sunglasses pretty much all day. I've been slacking off on taking the Udo's Oil too. Really can't tell if it is making any difference, but it certainly isn't hurting by taking it. Oh, and Squirmy was sent home from school due to pink-eye, so he's on drops for that. I really really really hope he doesn't end up with my eye and skin problems.

And since hubby was home too, he and Squirmy built a bat house. Hubby downloaded the plans, took Squirmy to Home Creepo to buy the wood and paint, then the two of them built it outside. Squirmy got to use (under very close supervision) power tools, hammers, screwdrivers and put the first coat of paint on. Now we need to find a place to put the bat house. Since it needs sun (I assume for the warmth during the day) it'll have to go out the front of the house. Somewhere where the guano won't kill what few plants I have, or hubby's ever so precious grass.

I need to do my taxes this weekend, really I do. All the info should be in one place (for me at least, hubby is on his own) and there's nothing complicated so hopefully I can do them by Sunday night. If there's a decent refund coming back, I might just buy the printer now instead of waiting. Hrm... that's actually a really good incentive to get the taxes done.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 935pm
Once hubby is settled in a new job, no matter where it ends up being, I think it'll be my turn for a new job. After twenty years in the same spot, I've developed some not-so-nice habits and attitudes and, frankly, the commute is really starting to suck donkey balls. An hour-plus to and from on transit (and I wouldn't drive it if I was given a car and free gas) puts me far away from home and Squirmy.

This last year, I've been feeling I'm not spending enough time with Squirmy, missing some stuff with him. If I worked closer to home then I could take Squirmy to school at a reasonable time (if hubby gets the CP job, and I have to take Squirmy to school, he'll have to be there when the place opens at six-thirty) and still get home at a reasonable time.

After looking around the various job sites tonight, I have a feeling I could do better pay-wise too. My current job is a real mash of duties - AP, AR, banking, reconciliations, charting, filing, document creation, equipment maintenance, supply maintaining and ordering, customer service (which I suck at)... and I'm sure I missed a few. Officially, my title is 'Office Manager'. According to Monster.ca Salary Centre, "A typical Office Manager working in [major area], BC earns a median base salary of $58,950, according to our analysis of data reported by corporate HR departments."

For my company, that is probably very much on the high side. But even the low end of the scale - $51,127 - is ten grand more than I make, including bonuses. I'm not complaining about my salary since I get quite a few perks too, but I'd give up the perks if it meant, firstly, working closer to home and secondly, a higher base salary. If, and it's pretty damn big IF I think, I can find something closer to home, I'll have to give it very serious consideration.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 933pm
My eyes are driving me nuts again. Not as bad as before, but annoying nonetheless. I strongly suspect, along with the issues noted previously, that allergies are also involved. Some heavy research tonight has been quite enlightening and given me much to discuss with the Doc on Monday.

Hubby had an interview with CP this morning. It's looking very good. The only drawback is the shift - twelve am to eight am. Getting Squirmy to school will fall to me (oh ya). <edit> Eldest niece will help out by coming here in the morning and walking Squirmy to school before going down the street to the high school. It's not, to me, the ideal solution, but it'll do for the short term. Longer term... well, that's another post.

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