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Friday, February 29, 2008 at 318pm
Fics Read - 2/25 - 2/29

Sentinel - Like a Lover  by Deana C Jamroz
Sentinel - Pulp Friction  by Bone
Sentinel - Quiet Desperation  by Arianna
Sentinel - Lasting Imprint  by Fluterbev
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Sentinel - Best Laid Plans  by alyjude
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PotC - Making Amends ch9  by Liriel
Sentinel - All But the Hearth  by Sorka
Sentinel - Ring Around the Moon  by LilyK
Sentinel - Fireants  by JoeyRZ
Sentinel - Confiscated  by Shedoc
Friday, February 29, 2008 at 313pm
PE is now at its new host-home. I like the new Cpanel version this host is running and, in general, things seem a lot clearer and easier. Hopefully this host will be better than the last.

With PE moved, I think it's time to re-evaluate and re-do the site. I've ignored some parts of it for far too long and lost interest in other parts. I already know what the first thing to work on is - the photo gallery. *sigh*

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Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 145pm
Okay, look - I have been booking things the way you see them because (and this may be hard to grasp) - because you told me to! Sweet mother of god! Yes, you do not need so much time blocked for X-procedure, but Lab-boy does... and that's who you told me to book for. After the 'talk' about how things were to be booked, I wrote it down so there would be no confusion.

I understand that, now, I should be booking one way for you and another for Lab-boy. However, "if it's X, book this way for me and this way for Lab-boy" is confusing and, somewhat inconsistent - not so much for me, but for anyone else BUT me trying to book appointments. Which is why you'll be doing yellow-type work out of the second room, too. There's no reason why you can't and this way the schedule can show exactly the timing you want it to show and this can be communicated in a straight forward manner. Suck it up, big boy.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008 at 355pm
Thanks to an absolutely great and detailed how-to, I know Ubuntu can (most likely) handle my iPod Nano (3rd gen)... just not my version of Ubuntu. I'm still running Dapper on Ubbie and don't plan on updating until Heron comes out later this spring. But at least there is a very distinct possibility that I will be able to move one more application off Windows, thus becoming closer to a Linux take-over.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008 at 1050pm
As I type this, I'm listen to music playing on Ubbie but located on Ubbie2 (ya, sooooo inventive *snort*). In other words - I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MOUNT A DRIVE! No, not like that - I draw the line at sex with computer parts, thank you very much.

This time, I'm writing everything down in as much detail as possible. The cryptic little notes I made and figured I'd remember the details for... forget it. Thank the gods I saved the bookmarks, but if Ubbie crashes outright then I won't have those next time. So detailed notes it is.

With Ubbie2, I tried PCLinuxOS but just couldn't make a go of it. The small differences were too confusing, especially when it came to setting up Samba. And there's not much around for HowTo's or community support. So, I tried installing Ubuntu 7.10. LiveCD would make like it was loading, but what appeared on the screen was completed shit - horizontal lines and a multiplied image that was barely readable. Has to be a driver issue as the video card is in working order but I got no response from the forum(s). Ubbie2 is sporting 6.06 LTS and since I really don't plan on doing much more with him than music and some storage, he'll probably stay with that version.

Now I have to move Ubbie2 to into his permanent spot and figure out the tangle of wires... yuck!

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Friday, February 22, 2008 at 246pm
Fics read - 2/18 - 2/22

Sentinel - Time in a Bottle  by Lyn
Sentinel - Communication   by Dolimir
Sentinel - Conjugations  by Legion
Sentinel - To the Mountaintop  by JC
Friday, February 22, 2008 at 211pm
Ubbie lives! *crackle of thunder and lightning* MUAHAHAHA! He's not only running smoothly, with all the extras installed, but I also figured out how to alter permissions the correct way.

Installed PCLinuxOS (Gnome) on the other new-used system, but I don't think it's going to remain. With the Gnome interface, things are just familiar enough to work my way through, but there's a level of interface unfamiliarity that causing confusion.

I came across a small blurb - on a board, forum, site ?? - that I have to go find again - Direct X 9c working on Linux. Oh.My.God. If that's true... *drools*

If you use MS Vista, are thinking of using Vista, or know someone using it, READ THIS NOW! When is an update designed to improve security and reliability (and introduce new stuff) not a good idea? When it breaks the damn protection you're using! But, because the broken programs are not MS's products, I doubt they really give a rat's ass and will push the piece-of-crap update out anyway. Bullshit like this is why I'm trying my damnedest to totally move away from MS products.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 313pm
Yesterday's re-installation of Ubuntu while I was at work failed. Froze is probably more accurate. Rebooted, tried again (it installed), ran the updates... which only partially installed and made the system wildly unstable.

Thinking the new used HDD's might be the issue, grabbed a known good drive and tried that. Same result. Swapped the IDE cable, stuck one of the original drives back in, went into BIOS... which showed the drive as a slave. Compared jumper settings to setting diagram on the HDD, set right. Grabbed the other drive (second new-used drive), configured jumpers to match the diagram, connected it. BIOS still shows as slave. At that point, I really wanted to pick everything up and toss it off the porch.

Sanity prevailed though, and I tried the drive manufacturer's web site. That little diagram on the drives that shows how to set the jumpers for Master or Slave? Completely and totally fucking WRONG! In fact, not even minutely close to the required configuration!

Re-installation went smooth, updates ran no problem and the system appears stable. It's actually a good thing I pooched the SUDO since I think a couple issues I had the first time around were related to misconfigured drives - GIMP getting stuck on the xsane plug-ins, for example, when it hadn't done so before and didn't do again after the latest reinstall.

On the eye-side of things, the inflammation and irritation has cleared up and I'm to ease of the TobraDex. Interestingly, the corticosteroid, dexamethasone, can cause pressure changes (glaucoma) if used for an extended period of time. "Extended period" is not defined, of course. Final results appear to be - problem(s) caused by the Rosacea, cannot be 'cured' but can be managed with warm compresses, lid scrubs and use of ocular lubricant(s) as needed.
Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at 929am
In Linux, SUDO is a very powerful superuser command. And when you pooch SUDO permissions, you are well and truly fucked.

Last night, after installing/configuring certain things, I was suddenly getting this message in terminal - "sudo: must be setuid root" - and Synaptic would no longer run. Now at some point I had to 'give myself rights' in the /usr/bin/ directory and I think I reset the entire fucking directory instead of the single thing I wanted. ARGGGGG!!!

So this morning, while I'm at work, Ubuntu is reinstalling itself. You can bet I will be paying very close attention to what I alter tonight.

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Monday, February 18, 2008 at 235pm
Ubuntu installed slick-as-snot on Ubbie's new drives - so damn sweet. Only took two tries to correctly partition the drives which is a major improvement over the first time out with Ubuntu. Now comes the fun part - installing and configuring all the little extras I've grown to love.

As I didn't want to hose the old Ubbie drive, I simply left it disconnected during the rebuild. The thought being I could simply hook it up as primary drive, keep the new slaved drive (became the /home partition) hooked up and transfer bits across to it. Nice in theory, not even close to reality.

First attempt, with FDD cable unhooked since it was in the way, GRUB Error 15. Hook up FDD cable. Second attempt, GRUB Error 5. Okay, boot from LiveCD and do a grab 'n' toss. LiveCD says "fuck you". Remove cable from slaved drive... oh look, GRUB loads... and then X crashes. Not unexpected since I changed the video card. Recover from that but now how do I transfer the files I want to keep? MainXP is off and doesn't have any room anyway (another story) and the other machines are short space too. No choice but to upload to PE's unused space then download to the new drives once they're hooked up again.

Decided to put Ubuntu 7.10 on the kids old machine (renamed Ubbie2 for now). In hardware terms, I don't think it's as 'modern' as Ubbie but I'm curious how a new software version does on older hardware. Of course, finding info on the board was a challenge. There's no manual for the mobo (of course not, why would anyone keep that stupid thing!) and the online hunting game is so much fun - NOT! Think I found the correct manual (two different version numbers and I can't see the version number on the board without stripping everything off it) so at least I can get the correct mem mods in and, maybe, hook up a case fan. I'd like to try a BIOS update, but without the correct version number it's not a good idea to risk it

Over on MainXP it seems I'm down to a gig-and-a-half of space. It's a one hundred and sixty fucking gig drive! Geez Louise on a broom! And there's not a single 'large' directory I can point a finger at. Once Ubbie is back up there's gonna be some serious archiving taking place (need some transfer room first).

I'm now on TobraDex for my eyes (primarily left, but the right one is showing signs of going the way of its companion). It actually offers some relief for the gritty, burning, scratchy feeling constantly present. Short-lived relief, but I'll take it. Also taken to wearing my sunglasses instead of regular glasses. The constant irritation has made me so photophobic it's painful.

A thought, uplifting and scary at the same time, I keep having is at least I know where to go if I end up losing the eye. Things really shouldn't deteriorate to that point, but I can't stop my fears from opening that door. Plus, it's where I work *grimace*.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 927pm
Writing this on the Main XP computer tonight. Ubbie is undergoing some upgrades - two new HDD's, one for program and swap, and the other for all user files. It should give a bit more room overall and correct the complete pooching I made of the CUPS files. Also reverted back to the old GeForce graphics card; the ATI card had to be 'reset' each and every bloody time a reboot occurred.

The kids old machine has also been reconfigured and cleaned. Gods! It's a wonder the poor thing ran at all it was so dirty inside. If it boots (no idea yet) I'm thinking of Ubuntu on it as well and then putting all the music on it. That will, of course, mean some more complicated futzing with Samba but that's the whole point.

My eye still sucks. Kept it patched for most of Saturday hoping it would help. It didn't. I'll give it until Tuesday and then see if I can get into see the Doc again.

Getting around with one eye is interesting. Some problems with depth perception, but not nearly as much as I expected and this certainly gives me a great patient-perspective!

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Friday, February 15, 2008 at 825pm
Fics read 2/11 - 2/15

Sentinel - True Confessions  by T. Botta
Sentinel - Call Him a Dog  by Lanning Cook
Sentinel - Whine Wine  by Deana C Jamroz (akablonded)
House - Two Peas in a Pod, or Why Cuddy Hated Being on Crutches (het)  by severuslovesme
Sentinel - (The) Gift  by arrow00
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Friday, February 15, 2008 at 317pm
Since Tuesday, the only thing to offer some kind of relief to my eye is the thick, non-water-based gels Hypotears Ointment or Lacrilube. I'm getting used to seeing the world through a blurry filter. Don't much care for it, but it beats the crap out of the constant pain, though today the pain is back despite all the grease in my eye. This weekend I'm going to patch the eye.

Lab-boy is going away for a week and he may come home to a dead brother. Geez louise! The man is almost utterly useless! It seems like he doesn't pay attention to anything.

Patient comes in - says he's in for an adjustment right on the schedule. Lab-boy will be doing the primary work; Space-man is handed and eye, told to cast it. Cast is finished (Lab-boy even set the timer so Space-man wouldn't forget it - a cast takes about six to eight minutes), however Lab-boy is across the hall. What does Space-man do? Puts the cast on the counter, goes back to reading his magazine. The <device> needs to be cut down before it can be worked on! Boss-man can do that so it's ready to go when Lab-boy returns to from the biffy. Space-man's response - "Oh, didn't know what was happening with it. I though Lab-boy was doing it." Yes, the color work, but the cutting down can be done by Boss-man!!

The lab is also supposed to be cleaned Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That lasted all of a week, maybe two. Space-man is supposed to be working on other work-related things. Instead, he's gone back to reading every magazine in the office. Boss-man, who should be monitoring and overseeing, plops himself in front of his computer and that's it. And I have to remind Space-man, nearly every night, to make sure the cabinet is locked and make sure the water is off. The couple times over the last two weeks I haven't reminded him, one or the other hasn't been done. Is it any wonder Lab-boy is so fucking frustrated?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 926am
During the wee small hours of the morning, a taco place a block-and-a-half down the street from my office decided to go BOOM! No one hurt, so the reports say, and let's hope that doesn't change.

Pictures, shamelessly stolen from the News 1130 website -

The full story is here.

Needless to say, getting to work was interesting this morning. Bus service to the general area is all but non-existant and who knows if it will be back by going home time. It's rather eerie to not see any buses on Broadway.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 330pm
It is not, according to my eye doc, conjunctivitis I've got. Thank the heavens! Or not. Conjunctivitis could be cured; what I have cannot be cured only managed. The severe dry-eye and irritation goes along with the cystic acne and rosacea I have. Oh joy. So it's a warm compress on the eye(s) once or twice a day, the Hypotears at night and Liquigel (or other artificial tears) during the day. Still thinking about the punctal plugs...

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Monday, February 11, 2008 at 841am
After a week of what I thought was my chronic dry-eye syndrome upping the ante on me, I've discovered I have a raging case of conjunctivitis (pink eye). The OTC remedy has until Wednesday to do it's thing and if it doesn't I have to bite the bullet and see the Doc downstairs. And given the highly contagious nature of pink eye, I'm going through hand soap and sanitizer like there's no tomorrow.

My Dad asked me "how difficult is it to make a web site?" Knowing my Dad's computer skills as I do, what else could I tell him but "for you, very". Turns out his Legion had a web site but doesn't any more. The fella who was taking care of it voluntarily doesn't have the time or money to keep it going. He said it took two hundred and fifty a month to operate the site. That cost is possible, I suppose, but for a simple info site, not fucking likely. I told Dad that's ridiculous and either the fella quoted a wrong price or there's something else going on he hasn't admitted to. Dad's going to talk to the executive next meeting as I said I'd take it on free of charge and all the Legion would have to pay for is name registration and hosting space.

In the "kids are cute" category, we have Squirmy. He's become "fashion-boy" - what is that, you ask? Squirmy strips down to his underwear then does a "sexy" dance. Where the hell this came from I've no idea. He gave Aunty SiL a demonstration on Saturday, complete with a lap-dance. *rolls eyes* dear god, I'm raising a stripper!

Good ol' Mick Jagger doesn't always enunciate his words and kids routinely make funny substitutions of words. This adds up to a new version of "Get Off My Cloud", specifically - "Hey you, get offa my COW". It was ten minutes before my laughter stopped.

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Friday, February 8, 2008 at 956pm
Fics read 2/04 - 2/08

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008 at 242pm
Tis time for Squirmy to be registered for Kindergarten (where the hell did that time go???). So why, in this day and age where everything and its dog is available online somewhere, did I have to fill in the registration forms at the bloody school!? Two forms, that's all, and they could have easily been made into either fill-and-print .pdf's or simple text files to download and fill in by hand. The actual filling-of-the-forms could have been done at home (where I have such things as Squirmy's Care Card number and Daycare address) and brought, with the required documents, to the school. Inefficient, totally inefficient, and deserving of a letter the school board.

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Monday, February 4, 2008 at 258pm
It's official, I am turning into my MiL. For the last week I've been watching the BBC News and Business Report at night, while crocheting (MiL knits, but the concept is the same). Wonder what other 'MiL-ness' is creeping into my life...

Paraphrasing someone in a tech post on how to make Vista run faster - "Remove Vista, install Ubuntu. Machine will run much faster." *snort* oh ya!

There are two puter cans open on the floor of my 'puter room. I can't decide what to with them - XP or Ubuntu. One only has two-fifty-six of memory, the other probably five hundred (and, of course, the mem mods are of different types and cannot be combined). Also got a load of Matrox graphics cards (thanks MrFixIt) and three used hard drives from another source so I don't really know what to do with everything. Memory is the only thing I'm low on right now (none of it, even BU's, is interchangeable) so a kick-ass machine is not possible without spending money I don't have at present.

I could load up one of the new machines with hard drives and turn it into the music/storage machine. Putting XP on it would be easiest (except for the call-in activation crap) or I could try Ubuntu server which would definitely be more of a challenge. Problem is, by the time I get home, do dinner and get Squirmy to bed, I've got no "I dare you to challenge me" blood left. Ah well, I'll get off my lazy ass and figure something out... eventually.

Perusing the newspaper on Friday I discovered a fella I went to high school with has been found guilty of voyeurism. Nearly fell outta the chair laughing.

On the work front - more changes to the DB.

I admit I'm lazy and wherever possible will try to find the easiest way to do something or expend a bit of energy to make something easier to do down the road. As a result, the reminder letters can now be done directly from the DB instead of the previously 'involved' process. Sometimes, I bloody amaze myself.

These changes do, unfortunately, mean the manual has to be updated. There are not enough swear words in any language to express my 'delight' in updating the fucking manual.

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Friday, February 1, 2008 at 117pm
Fics read 1/28 - 2/01

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