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Monday, December 31, 2007 at 234pm
The time is 1137 and I have processed all the photos on Ubbie! Now there's just the newer ones left on the camera and a few I need to swipe from hubby's camera.


If the service works after you restarted it, perhaps that was the issue? Though I didn't say in my reply (really, what would be the damn point since users lie about not changing anything) three different computers with three different OS's could not connect to the FTP server. Their settings have not been altered since the day they first connected to the FTP server. Since my FTP programs could connect to other FTP sites just fine, was pretty damn obvious where the problem lay.

As for the 'complete error message', that was it - "connection refused". Seriously, the only other words were "connection failed ftp.[xxx].com"

I believe my contract is up in March/April (note to self - look into this by the end of the week) and I will not be renewing with my current host. I've already pulled the office site from these turkeys and mine is going too.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007 at 1030pm
urvived Xmas with my brain intact. Didn't survive with as much money left as I would have liked.

Couple grocery bills way higher than normal, but expected due to the extras purchased for dinners, baking and treats (coffee cream is yum!). Booze takes away some money, but what I bought will last all year (or more) given the amount I actually drink. 'Santa' went a little nuts, due in part to forgetting what was already stashed, but made a small boy very happy.

In the midst of 'the season of extras' came the need for new tires. I do not know if we got any kind of deal from my uncle (nor do I care that much) but he picked the best tires for our vehicle and our usage - well worth the money according to him.

Since the car got a present, it was only fair the house did too. The 'boot/shoe box' has been replaced by a table-type thing with basket drawers. No more rooting through the box for footwear, hanging hats on the banister post, or wondering where the heck the other glove went to. And no more 'where is my purse/bag' either; the top is for those things and they must be put there religiously.

After much searching and sticker-shock, hubby and I finally found an electric blanket. I'm sorry, but nearly two hundred dollars for a dual control blanket is just too stupid. More so when the same brand (Sunbeam), though possibly not the same model, can be found at Walmart for ninety dollars LESS! And I've never been able to go into Walmart for just one thing, never. We're well stocked up on fruit cups, socks and underwear, cornflakes and soap again.

Mommy and Squirmy days are nearly at an end, and I've hardly suffered any brain death. I've built a pirate ship, a mini castle, raced cars, and built all sorts of Lego things. It's been really fun this year and I almost wish it was longer, but just a little.

Haven't processed any pictures since around August and the backlog is incredible. Getting caught up by the end of the year is my project. I might make it, if I get back to work instead of cruising LJ!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007 at 924pm
Hubby has a wonderful Xmas cold and looks like death warmed over. But that didn't stop him from making two types of stuffing, a chocolate mousse loaf with raspberry sauce, a double batch of custard and cook dinner. Tomorrow he's being picked up at six-thirty to stuff, sew and cook the Turducken. What the hell is that, you ask? Check it out here. My Sis and her hubby are not know for traditional Xmas dinners; this will probably be closest we've gotten to anything traditional in years. It'll either be great, or thirty people will be barfing in buckets Xmas Day.

As for me, bathroom and kitchen have been cleaned, cookies baked, gifts wrapped and grocery shopping done. Tomorrow is the lemon pies, vacuuming and setting the table for Xmas breakfast. The trifle I'll assemble Xmas morning only because it's better if freshly made.

Since getting into the kitchen while hubby was working in it was damn near impossible, Squirmy and I spent time on the computers. He on PBS Kids and me on LJ, discovering new laughs. My latest find is Weeping Cock, a collection of some of the worst written sex-scenes around - amateur and professional. At one point, I fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. Really, this community is a must read.

To everyone on and off my flist, have a happy and safe Xmas.

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Friday, December 21, 2007 at 924pm
Fics read 12/17 - 12/21

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at 1037pm
So there will be no family brunch on the twenty-sixth. Apparently BiL's older son has a soccer practice on Boxing Day. Who the hell has soccer practice on Boxing Day?? But, hey, now we don't have to visit the HoO and that's probably a good thing.

Vicious is home sick, poor thing, and there's not a heckuva lot happening at work today. In other words, I'm a tad bored. Maybe I'll play around with the DB, see what I can tweak...

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Monday, December 17, 2007 at 341pm
I might actually get on the damn 'puters at home this week. Been working on a blanket for Squirmy - he wanted his own Xmas blankie - so doing 'puter and crocheting work was not going to happen. Blankie is done, wrapped and now it's the 'puter's turn. Specifically, the one for the big kids; preloading as much software as I can and making sure it all functions.

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Monday, December 17, 2007 at 129pm
(Forgot to post this Friday)...

I hate (is there a stronger word?) Telus. Voice-mail was 'upgraded' without notice. Gee, thanks, you fucken morons. Of course, the 'new and improved' system is not as straight forward, nor is the online manual correct (Scheduled Greetings is option 6 not 5). Called them, get their fucken IVR system and then some script-monkey on the help desk. That should be the no-help desk; at least I got the repair number out of the monkey. To the gent on the repair line, thank you! You were a joy to deal with and it tickled me pink to hear you say how annoying the set-up is. Since the repair tech couldn't get the new system to accept a non-hourly time, I've got a repair ticket and a generic greeting on the voice mail.

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Friday, December 14, 2007 at 958pm
Fics read 12/10 - 12/14

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Monday, December 10, 2007 at 812am
Fics read 11/26 - 12/07

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at 246pm
When I answer the phone at work, the opening greeting is "Good morning, <company name>" (or Good afternoon depending on the time of day). The company name is clearly stated, not mumbled or rushed through. So why would someone think they have a wrong number when they've received the same greeting twice in a row, checked the internet for our number and had someone else call and verify the company name/number?

This entry in techsupport is just... WOW, really WOW. Firm support for the must-be-licenced-to-own-a-computer-and-to-breed.

Squirmy is loving sci-fi. At this point, the story-lines are lost on him but the alien characters and fight scenes (lasers and spaceships rule!) are totally captivating him. The Time Machine is great for the Morlocks and his latest 'love' is Star Wars. Lasers, robots (as all mechanical people-like are called), spaceships galore and really cool looking aliens... Squirmy is one happy kid right now.

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Monday, December 3, 2007 at 1021am
Why can't people resize their pictures before e-mailing them? Good grief, man, if the picture won't fit on my damn screen how the hell am I supposed to see it?!

When I have to say "pardon me" or "would you please repeat that" numerous times in a very short conversation, perhaps that should be a sign to speak slower and stop using the damn speaker phone! Geez louise, I could barely understand what you were saying and in a couple instances I have no idea what you gibbled out.

You know it's a really crappy weather time when, as of 10:19am, only three of seventy-three highway cams are working.

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