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November 28, 2007 at 316pm
The printer/program thing is driving me nuts. I can get one three-page report to print (provided I've waved the chicken and mumbled the right incantations), but only once. Try for a second one and everything blows up. Half-way to solved, though, so that's a big improvement.

Boss-man got Suse installed and working, eventually. Ten-point-three would see the LAN, but it acted like there was a wall between the computer and the Internet. Reinstalled the OS, using ten-point-one, and everything worked.

Well, not quite everything; no printers as of yet. No brand drivers for Linux (big surprise - NOT) and the Canon MF is classed as a paperweight by OpenPrinting.org. The Minolta might work with Linux; sent Boss-man some links, but he has to play around with that.

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Friday, November 23, 2007 at 924pm
All the toys arrived this week... and then the fun began.

Boss-man's new puter didn't have ps/2 connections, only USB. A shock, but not a problem - go buy an adapter. Except the KVM is so old, the adapter won't work with it. Buy an new KVM (not 'til Thursday though since we were damn busy this week) and I was greeted this morning with "the video doesn't work on the old machine. We need a DVI adapter". No, I thought, let's troubleshoot first. Turned out the video on port one is crap, but ports two to four are fine.

NAS drive was fairly easy to set up and is working great. The 'back up' software it came with refused to install, so that'll be looked at once the primary issue has been dealt with.

The primary issue is the Print Server and the database program. If the print job is a single-page report there's no problem. A multipage report is a different matter, as in spools until the program crashes, knocks the printer offline and frustrates the hell outta me.

Tried hard coding the desired printer into the print command and ran though the printer/print server installation again. Got the multipage report to print once, and never again. Until I can get this printing issue solved, the printer can't go on the printer server, much to Boss-man's displeasure.

To round out the week, the main printer sounded like it was dying (stuck toner cartridge) and the main 'puter had a bit of a spazz attack, nearly giving me a heart attack. Oh, and I forgot - my nice ergo keyboard died (work one) so I had to haul one of my spares to work. The spare at work is a non-ergo and sucks eggs - thanks, I'll supply my own.

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Friday, November 23, 2007 at 828pm
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Friday, November 16, 2007 at 330pm
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Friday, November 16, 2007 at 324pm
Just because someone who wears a <device> says he has never lost/had it fall out/removed said <device> and has had it replaced once in forty years, does not make it the fucking gospel with regards to <device>!!!! Once upon a time, it was thought that <devices> didn't need to be replaced (except under rare circumstances). It's since been learned (often the hard way) that old <devices> cause irritation, encourage bacterial growth, and a host of other small complications that can result in scar tissue forming and completely contract the socket. So when you need information regarding your car do you ask your grocer? After all, he drives a car and should, therefore, know all about it.

Once again, people don't bother reading. I know you're a senior, but if you found the spot on the paper that says it's eighty-plus dollars for insured shipping then you can find the spot that says it's thirteen something for shipping without insurance. Mearly move your eyes upwards, it's not that difficult and it's the same form as last year. Hell, both areas are clearly defined and each have a good sized, bolded heading.

I love spending Boss-man's money. Adding another box to his room means we need another cable dropped in. No sweat, but the current router won't take another cable. Sweet, as I've been wanting to upgrade it anyway. And it would be really nice to talk directly to the printer(s) (Boss-man has to run through my 'puter), so either find a print-server that'll handle two printers or get two print-servers. However, I need a direct connection to the Multifunction (scanner doesn't work across network) and the Pharm 'puter has to have a direct LPT1 connection (can't network print and is on a separate network anyway). Not like it's a big deal if he can't talk to one printer. To round out the order - a NAS drive. Very sweet! All the new toys should arrive next week... *drool*

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 316pm
Why would we - a medical device manufacturer/provider - have forms for you to claim lost wages from WCB?

Do people listen, at all, to messages? Our company name is said first thing on our voice-mail - "Thank you for calling <company name>". Sorry, Mr. Jack Rider from Central Display, but you dialed a wrong number and, had you listened to the voice-mail you'd know that. Idiot.

People apparently don't read either. Our letter states, in underlined text so it stands out, 'Please contact us for instructions before sending your <device>'. The sentence isn't there for a way to use up ink or fluff-out the letter, it has a purpose. Oh, you didn't think you had to call? No problem, but I'm not returning your <device> until I get the required paperwork completed and returned to me. You don't have e-mail or access to a fax? Guess it's gonna be done via snail-mail then. Sorry it takes so long, but had you contacted us before sending your <device>, then you wouldn't be without it for a week or more. Suck it up and accept that you fucked up.

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Friday, November 9, 2007 at 955pm
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Friday, November 9, 2007 at 1215pm
Looks like Boss-man's 'puter will be visiting the land of Nuke 'n' Pave. Scans are coming up clean, but it won't take any MS updates and I've no idea why. Thought Norton Protect might be interferring (despise Norton products as, in the last six years, I've yet to see one not royally fuck a system) but he removed it this morning and the problem(s) still exist. So Boss-man is busy burning off everything he wants to keep.

And this just in... a Linux box for regular, day-to-day use (e-mail, surfing, etc) and a Windows box for the graphical work (Photoshop CS won't run on Linux, at least the version(s) we have here). Off I go 'puter shopping again - *drool*.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007 at 1119am
Used Boss-man's machine to burn a slipstream disc, brought it home and the sucker worked! XP with SP2 (and all associated updates) is now installed on the kids new 'puter.

Now comes the job of installing other software and locking it down. Can't decide about a firewall, especially since last time I put one on the kids 'Allow'ed everything and anything. Running the kids in Limited mode should help a bit (at least with drive-by crap) and an AV and Spy-ware scanner should also keep things to a minimum. Some things, like the wireless card and the printer, I can't install until the 'puter in their house. However, that'll give me something to do at Xmas dinner instead of making small talk (or political, current affairs, etc. talk).

MrFixIt gets a big 'thank you, I luvs you'. In cleaning out his locker at work, he discovered a two-port KVM and a nearly-new ergo keyboard, neither of which he has any use for. I, however, can put them both to good use! Integrating these might be the incentive to dig out the home office again.

For my birthday, I have only one request (apart from ignoring it completely, something my family won't do) - a Valley Bakery cake, the vanilla buttercream one. I haven't gotten my cake for about 3 years. This year, screw y'all (family), I'm buying my own! Just have to decide how much of a piggie I am - do I get the six-by-six or the eight-by-eight?

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Sunday, November 4, 2007 at 929pm
Picked up the kids new computer yesterday. Put a drive in, figuring on doing a wipe/install, but get a blue screen while XP is doing its initial thing. One possible explanation is not enough room on the drive; no prob, haven't tested the sucker yet anyway. Find tech tools for a Seagate drive, create a CD, run advanced check. Froze at eight-percent complete, with twelve errors showing before the freeze. Okay, toast that drive, but where to get another since the object is to keep the price down.

Spares I have boxed up are small - three gig tops - and the only other drives are in the old server. Really don't need forty gig in that (especially since it's only used for scanning and torrents) so it can donate a drive to the kids. Only getting hardware out of the old server requires much patience and a bloody act of god! I've never seen a case crammed so tight!

Eventually got one drive out (and didn't destroy the old server or fry anything) and stuffed it in the kids new machine. Fire up with XP Home in the drive... and get the same damn message. Since I know the drive is good the problem has to be with the new hardware. Look up the error involving pci.sys and discover the probs could be because the copy of XP doesn't have SP2. Suggested solution is to make a 'slip stream' disc. Never heard of this before, but what the hell. Unfortunately, hell is present as making the fucking thing is detailed and, apparently, has to be done via an administrator account (nice of the article to mention that - NOT). Waiting for the burn to finish...

Right, first shot at a bootable slip stream CD didn't go. Second burn now in progress...

And that doesn't work either. Nero Express apparently won't do what is needed; Nero Burning ROM is necessary and, frankly, I'm not forking out the bucks for it (damn thing is only twenty dollars cheaper than buying a new copy of XP with SP2). I think Boss-man has a copy of Roxio *shudder* that will do the job and I'll check the torrents for a full version of Nero 6. For pain-in-the-ass factor, this is rating a ten-plus.

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Friday, November 2, 2007 at 1002pm
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Friday, November 2, 2007 at 257pm
His Squirmy-ness had a successful, and plentiful, Halloween. It was made even more fun by the accompanying favorite Auntie, cousin and small dog. Squirmy sooooo wants a dog.

There wasn't as many kids this year, something I've heard from nearly everyone I've spoken with, and those that were out were primarily the little ones. Hardly saw any of the older (ten to twelve) kids I've seen in years past. There was one group of older kids - a loverly group - being total fucktards and shooting fireworks at people. One little guy (around three) was hit in the ear and had to go to the hospital. Dunno what the end result was, but I really hope some (if not all) of those assholes were charged with something.

The big kids are getting a hybrid computer for Xmas - half new, half recycled. Got the price down to a very workable under three hundred (case/ps, mobo, cpu, ram) that will be split with Grandpa and Grandma and I'll cannibalize the remaining parts (cd/dvd, hdd, fdd) from their old 'puter and my stash. Hopefully should have the new parts next week.

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