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Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at 1036
One more sleep until Halloween.

Started poking at the new puters last night. One is so old it's got the old style keyboard connector and ISA slots. Be stripping what parts I can out of it and junking the rest.

The second 'puter, at first glance, appeared to be workable for the kids... until it was connected up. Push the button and the CPU fan spins - and that's it. There is no POSTing, no beeps, no sign of life. Checked the memory was seated properly, no obvious discolorations on the mobo, cables connected properly. I'll swap out the PS (just in case) and if that doesn't work then the problem is most likely a dead CPU or mobo issue, neither of which is worth fixing (if I can even find parts).

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Monday, October 29, 2007 at 315pm
Fixed up (sorta) the kids computer again. Replaced a dead power supply (less oomph than than the dead one, but it's not an issue) and tried cleaning it up. What it needs is another nuke 'n' pave (some deep-seated crap, it's running ME so there's no updates and the A/V won't connect properly) but it's just not worth it. Sis's hubby will be installing a wireless card into the machine so the kids can have 'net access... I wish him luck.

Got two new-to-me 'puters from MrFixIt. He doesn't need them (figures they're probably PIII machines) and I could use a machine for playing with Ubuntu server. Haven't looked at them yet, but they're probably better than the kids current computer. Sis doesn't have the money to get the kids a new computer so I'm thinking one of the machines from MrFixIt might make a good Xmas present. I will need to find a legit copy of XP (Home or Pro, doesn't matter) and that may prove problematic. ATIC has 'em, but they're OEM... which might work okay if the hard drive(s) or memory need an upgrade. Have to pop the cans and poke around.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007 at 907am
Had to kill a some time on Saturday, so we took a tour of the Properties. Hubby and I have very different architectural likes and dislikes - I hate (despise, actually) anything remotely Tudor-ish and he's equally passionate about most things modern. There were some glorious houses (I loved the Japanese-inspired designs) and much dreaming and drooling was done. There is no way we will ever afford anything in that area... which is okay, since there's dick-all for bus service and I wouldn't want to clean one of those monsters.

Squirmy was to run around the Pumpkin Patch wth SiL yesterday, but after all the rain we've had the field was flooded out. Instead, they hit Save-On and probably picked up pumpkins cheaper than if they'd got them from the Patch. His Squirmyness also got a trip to McDonald's and a toy garbage truck. Auntie spoils her nephew!

At work, the boys are all away. This leaves me time to do some clean up and become monumentally bored. And I'm still out-of-wack so sitting at the computer most of today hurts.

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Friday, October 19, 2007 at 303pm
After a trip to the chiro last night, I'm feeling moderately better. Tossed a couple upper ribs out along with C6/7, lord knows how. At least I can breathe, now, without stabbing pains in my shoulder. But after sitting at the computer all day at work, I cannot do it again at home tonight, so there will be no chatting tonight.

Went through the home office a couple weeks back and 'discovered' a shit-load of yarn. Some balls I'd bought with a project in mind, or were extras from a completed project, but there was also a ton of bits (too small for a full project, too much to simply pitch).

So I've modified a baby blanket pattern to use up all the baby yarn (and to make a blankie for Slice and Kitty) and, depending how it turns out, I'll either keep it or it'll be an Xmas present for my youngest niece.

The non-baby yarn posed more of a problem. Could simply granny-square the lot and make another blanket/throw, but how boring. Off to the internet for some ideas... and boy did I get ideas. There shouldn't be a scrap of yarn left if I do it right. And I'll have a couple Xmas gifts out of it too (less shopping, hooray!). Even found some Halloween things to make for Squirmy. The bat turned out not bad and the ghost should be finished tonight (if I still have some polyfill) but I cannot find a skeleton to crochet.

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Friday, October 19, 2007 at 1006am
F-locked post
Friday, October 19, 2007
Fics read 10/15 - 10/19

Sentinel - Breaking Point  by elaine
House - (The) Process in the Weather of the Heart  by Kaye part 1 part 2
House - (A) Certain Dawn  by shutterbug_12
CSI - Slipping Into Love  by MsMaggs
Friday, October 12, 2007 at 907pm
Dear Sir,

While it is sad that your wife has been reduced to a vegetable, I do not need to hear about it in detail. You need a therapist, something I am not, and there are other patients/work/phone calls that I need to attend to.

Dear Public,

I'm not sure what it is in our name that suggests we sell/stock/supply anything other than the product that is in our name. Please engage your brain before dialing a phone.

Dear Bitch,

I did not 'push' you, my bag was banging - and not heavily or hard - into yours. If you want a personal bubble zone, drive a fucking car to work instead of taking the most used bus route.

Dear Bus Driver,

You are driving an articulated bus, not a damn Indy 500 car! Back off the gas, will you?

Dear Boss,

You don't want to paid for your services, fine by me. I won't bother trying to collect any more from patients who stiff you. "It's not worth collecting on a if you lose out on making them a ". Yes, I understand the concept. But where else are they going to go? Across the street? We picked up four from across the street in the last couple months. You know the quality isn't as good over there so do you really think you're gonna lose that much? Fuck it, I don't care any more.

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Friday, October 12, 2007 at 844pm
Fics read 10/09 - 10/12

Original - (A) Heated Approach  by Anna Belle
NCIS - Different  by rebecca
NCIS - (A) Soul Divided in Darkness (pt 6 tbc) nbsp;by CJ aka WritinginCT
NCIS - What Goes Around, Comes Around  by Matt51
NCIS - Waiting series by ksl
  Wait and See
  Watching and Waiting
  No Longer Waiting
Sentinel - Complicated  by Arrow
Sentinel - Permeance  by Polly Bywater
Sentinel - Defining Inaccurate Realities  by Polly Bywater
Sentinel - Crossing Ninevah  by Polly Bywater
Sunday, October 7, 2007 at 1113pm
Blackie is dead. I think it's the power supply, but I don't have a spare to test with So, for the time being, the old 466 is taking over. Really, it's not like I used Blackie for anything more complicated than a holding pen. Trafalga couldn't walk me through server set-up over the phone and I've no desire to figure it out myself.

Because the 466 has to lay on its side (too tall for the space) the CD's aren't reading. Can fudge things a bit using the DVD-rom drive because it has little clippy things, but it's a pain in the ass. All the music is being transferred from Ubbie and once that's done, then I can load up my iPod. Need some music on there since walking and watching video is rather hazardous to my health. As hubby would say... "duh!"

One nice thing about copying files from Ubbie to the 466 is if a file cannot be read, Ubuntu give one the option of skipping the file and continuing on. Unlike WinDoze, which immediately stops all transferring activity. That is a pain in the farking ass, let me tell you! Score another point for Ubuntu Linux.

Hubby spent a large chunk of yesterday loading his iPod (my old one) with his music (which how I discovered Blackie was dead) so he's a happy camper. Since I was a little rough with the earphones he will need a new pair eventually, but for now they'll do.

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Friday, October 5, 2007 at 1031pm
Fics read 10/01 - 10/05

House - Green Looks Good  by triedunture
House - Schism  by t_eyla
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House - Obsession - For Doctors  by Michelle Christian
House - Anything for Charity (aka The Tux Story)  by Michelle Christian
Thursday, October 4, 2007 at 156pm
Since I'm riding the bus more than usual this week (more on that in a minute), I've loaded up the VidNano and I'm having a nice little NCIS-fest to/from work. I really love the VidNano - reallyreallyreally. Every time hubby sees me using it, or loading it, or worshiping it in any way, he gives himself a pat on the back for being so smart and tells me I owe him. Never says what I owe him...

There's tons of stuff I've collected through the years and I just don't have time to watch it all (hell, can barely fit three TV shows and a couple DVD's in during the average week). Now... *drools*. Going to try some subbed anime (Gatchaman would be great in the morning) and see how readable the subs are; the screen is on the small side and reading subs might be seriously pushing things.

And I have to prep the old Nano and install iTunes (ShitTunes) for hubby and connect him to Blackie. I really want a damn NAS drive. All I need is storage, not server shit, and I don't want to learn how to configure/run/troubleshoot a damn server. Not right now at least, maybe in a couple years when I have more than two hours in an evening learning the server stuff will have more appeal.

During an average week, the morning commute is a ride-along with MrFixIt (except Mondays, the lucky bugger has those off). Tuesday should have been a driving day, except MrFixIt took a wee tumble down the stairs... and took out his right ankle. Nothing broken, but very painful - sounds very familiar. If he's a good boy and stays off it/keeps it up, then he might be back to using it on the weekend.

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Monday, October 1, 2007 at 332pm
Ah, glorious Monday, how thee have bit me in the ass. Dunno how, exactly, I did it, but I went down this morning while getting on the bus and took out my right ankle again. Some swelling (looks like an egg stuck to my ankle) and hubby has informed me I will be on the crutches again. I say, screw that. There is no way I am using those implements of torture again.

Squirmy had a birthday party on Saturday, at Crash Crawly's. I did not stay as there are not enough drugs/money/bribes in the world to induce me to endure three hours surrounded by screaming kids.

Hubby hit the mall with Squirmy on Sunday. The 'little toy store' was having a sale so his majesty got two new trains. A trip to Future Shop also netted Squirmy a new movie - Ghost Rider. A 'fire skeleton' is the beat all, end all in Squirmy's world. The kid is totally enthralled with skeletons (and trains).

A video wasn't the only thing purchased at FS. Hubby bought me one of the new iPod Nano's, the ones that play video. As he put it, "you'd look and look and never buy the damn thing". He's right, I probably would not have bought myself one even though I really wanted it.

It took an hour-plus battling iTunes and QuickTime (aka ShitTime) to get them installed. Didn't have a choice since the iTunes I ran for the old Nano wasn't new enough, and the new Nano's are too new for Ubuntu. So after all that, and auto-syncing which was immediately turned off, I tried loading a video onto the device. No go, nadda, screw-off-any-try-again-lady. It took more digging that it should have to find out exactly what bloody format is required for video files on an iPod. So all those videos that I wanted to watch to/from work were not gonna work unless they could be converted.

More digging (my Google-fu was strong!) produced a handy, free, conversion program that worked slick as snot! Converted a couple NCIS vids, plopped 'em on the Nano and had a most enjoyable ride into work this morning. (edit) There may be a slight off-ness between the video and audio syncing, but I'm not sure if that happened in the conversion or if the original has the same issue. Have to check on that.

On a sad note, my last great-aunt passed away on Saturday; she was one hundred-and-one. Rest in peace, Auntie, I love you.

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Monday, October 1, 2007 at 841am
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